Trail Map of Mt. Greylock Loop Hike

Climb the highpoint of Massachusetts in this beautiful Loop Hike

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Mt. Greylock Loop Hike
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Moderate: 10.5 miles, Half day
Other Information: Family Friendly
Dog Friendly
Overview: Although there is a road to the top of this state highpoint you wouldn't want to be lazy and actually drive to the top would you? There is a tower at top you can climb up and a summit building to explore. Take your whole family, and a camera.

Tips: Directions:
From I-90 take route 20 east into Massachussettes to Route 7.
get off at I-90, and follow it to 90 West towards Albany until you hit Route 20 East. Take that into Massachusetts until you hit Route 7. Take Route 43 north from 7 or south from Williamstown to Hopper Road which you will take to the trailhead. It is free to park there.
Appalachian Trail Junction
Mt. Greylock Summit
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