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Harmony Falls Landing, Washington, United States

Mount Saint Helens

Hiking the Summer route up Mount Saint Helens

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Length: 8.3 miles / 13.4 km
Duration: Full day
Overview: All St. Helens trips start out at the Lone Fir Resort the night prior to hiking to pick up the permits. The weather forecast should be checked prior to climbing. It's best to start early morning at the climbers bivouc. The climb rises steadily as you go up in altitude. The wind and the altitude can affect many climbers but as with all physical activity being in shape to attempt this climb is a must. At the summit, you have amazing views as long as there are no clouds. glisading makes the trip much faster coming down as long as there is enough snow. Great trip overall.
recommend climbing in spring or early summer right around the time that the Climbers Bivouc opens.

Tips: plan this trip in advance and bring the correct equipment as another group that day found out the hard way. (lost 2 hikers that were not prepared to spend the night on the mountian) side note. Both were found 5:30am the next morning hungry and cold but safe.
Pictures in this guide taken by: lt1967
Started at Climber's Bivouc at approximately 7:30 am. Reached the summit by 11:00 am, on top for approx. 1 hour, then back down to the trailhead by 3:30 pm. Amazing views, strenuous but worth it.
Visited on Aug 14, 2012

by Lboy on Aug 17, 2012

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