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San Bruno, California, United States

Mori Point and Sweeney Ridge Loop

10.8 mile trail near San Bruno, California

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Length: 10.8 miles / 17.4 km
Duration: Full day
Overview: Mori Point and Sweeney Ridge Loop is about 10.8 miles long and located near San Bruno, California. The trail is great for hiking and normally takes 5-6 hours with breaks and photos.

A nice trek along the Ridge and then down to the coast and looping back up to the Ridge.  Awesome views.


Up Sweeney Ridge Tr, R on Mori Ridge Tr, carefully cross Hwy 1, Upper Mori Tr, L on Lishumsha Tr, L on Coastal Tr, L on Bluff Trail, carefully find a way over to Rockaway Beach and cross Hwy 1 at Shell Station. Go L or north along Hwy 1 and locate the trail behind a church parking lot on right. Ascend eastward and pick up unmarked trail to Baquiano Tr, L on Sweeney Ridge Tr. Here lies a couple of markers indicating where the Portola Exhibition discovered San Francisco Bay in 1769. Continue north on Sweeney Ridge Trail which leads to a series of abandoned buildings that were formerly the site of the SF-51C Nike missile control facility. Continue north on trail back to parking.


Hike at your own risk.  We picked a very nice day.  Check the forecast as Pacifica can be foggy and cold relative to the Bay Area. 


Tips: Parking is free at the back of Skyline College in Lot B on the weekends. However, during the week, this lot is used by maintenance workers. Therefore, we parked near the main entrance for $2 and walked through the campus back to trailhead behind Lot B.
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Beautiful hike, great views of Pacifica and surrounding cliffs/hills, then of South San Francisco and the bay on the other side. Took us about 5 hours with a break for lunch.

Several confusing points in the directions, especially coming up unmarked trails from the church parking lot - as long as you head basically uphill and southeast you should hit the main trail eventually. Also, when the directions say "carefully find a way over to Rockaway Beach", they mean "scramble over dunes on unmarked/unmaintained trails". It gets very steep at times, for those who are uncomfortable with heights or scrambling I would recommend heading back out from Mori point to the road, then taking the road over to Rockaway beach, rather than crossing over the dunes.

Visited on Oct 18, 2015

by knix on Oct 19, 2015
A group of 8 of us did this loop today and loved it. It was a moderate all-day hike with a couple strenuous inclines. We got a warm mostly clear day in January and had a great lunch at Mori Point. The unmarked trail after coming through the church parking lot was a bit confusing at times, but if you use your sense of direction and don't veer onto any of the side dirtbike trails, you should be okay. The ascent back up from the beach was surprisingly steep! Our iPhone GPS tracker said we went 12.6 miles and we followed this map exactly. I definitely recommend this hike; it's beautiful!
Visited on Jan 10, 2015

by kcwyckoff on Jan 11, 2015
I stumbled upon Sweeney Ridge after I could not find parking at Mori Point. I parked at Skyline College and ventured off. I lucked out! This trail is so beautiful and just challenging enough. There are several sets of stairs, so that might be a hard for some hikers. But, I enjoyed the ups and downs of the trail. It is mostly exposed, so it gets hot. I was able to let my dog off-leash. She is old and slow, so that's important. I didn't pass many people and those with dogs were mellow. Great hike!
Visited on Apr 01, 2013

by chancerthedog on Jun 02, 2013

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