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Boulder, Colorado, United States

Meyers Homestead Trail

This trail is part of the Walker Ranch Open Space area southwest of Boulder, Colorado.

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 5.2 miles / 8.4 km
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly • Dog Friendly
Overview: The Meyers Homestead Trail is located nine miles southwest of Boulder, Colorado. To reach the trail from Boulder, you will drive west on Baseline Road until you get to Chautauqua Park. You will continue on this road, but the name changes to Flagstaff Road and it begins to climb quite steeply. Once you reach the top of Flagstaff Road and begin downhill, start looking for the trailhead on your right.
The trail is part of the Walker Ranch Open Space and is very near the much more difficult trail known as the Walker Ranch Loop Trail.
Meyers Homestead Trail is also known as the Meyers Gulch Trail. It is a fairly short out-and-back trail with lots of great diversions. In the fall, it is a wonderful trail for viewing fall foliage. In the spring and fall, it is not uncommon to see a small herd of elk resting beside the trail.
Another interesting feature of this trail is the historical significance of the Walker and Myers (I'm not sure why the name of the trail is spelled differently than the name of the homesteading family?) families and their contribution to the development of Boulder County. Interpretive signs along the trail point out historical and ecological places of interest.
If you tour this area in the late spring and early summer, you are likely to be greeted by an abundance of colorful wildflowers.

Tips: This is a great trail for families. If you bring children, be sure to grab a "Nature Detectives Club" brochure at the trailhead.
Bring plenty of water and sunscreen. There is not a lot of shade on this trail.
Stay on the trail. This is to protect both the environment and your bike tires.
For your own safety and that of others, please control your speed as you descend the trail.

Points of Interest


Meyers Homestead (Gulch) Trailhead

Meyers Homestead Trails is also known as Meyers Gulch Trail and is located on the Walker Ranch Open Space complex southwest of Boulder, Colorado. To get to the trailhead from Boulder, take Baseline Road west until it turns into Flagstaff Road and begins climbing up the foothills mountains right at Chataqua Park in southwestern Boulder.
Once you reach the highest point on Flagstaff Road, you will begin descending. After a little over a mile, you will see a sign for the Meyer Homestead trailhead on the right side of the road.
There is usual ample parking at the trailhead.
If you have children with you, be sure to pick up the brochure entitled "Nature Detective Club: Meyers Homestead at Walker Ranch." It is an interactive trail brochure that contains six "mystery guides" for trail sleuths.

abandoned sawmill

The Walker and Myers (for some reason the family name & trail name are spelled differently?) families homesteaded this land and built sawmills to harvest timber for their own use and for sale in the Boulder County area. This structure is one of the few that remains from the dozen sawmills that once operated in the Boulder area.

Wildlife Interpretive Sign

An interpretive marker at this location is entitled, "A Place for Wildlife. "
The sign identifies some of the animals that live in this area and explains a little about the local habitat and how wildlife has been affected by the presence of humans.
The trail starts to get a little steeper here. There are a few ruts on the trail and spots of fine sand that might cause problems for bicyclists. Otherwise the trail is not really a technically difficult path, but aerobically challenging in some spots from here to the end.


To the west you will begin to see meadows at this point in the trail. During the fall and spring, this is a good place to view elk when the herds are on the move.
The trail starts to becomes slightly less steep at this point, but it's still a bit of a climb from here to the end.

Boulder Canyon Overlook and end of trail

It is 2.6 miles from the trailhead to here. This area has some nice views and a bench on which to rest your weary bones.
After you've rehydrated, rested, and relaxed, you can head back down the trail for the finish of your 5.2 mile journey.
Remember to keep your speed in check on the way back. Be courteous, kind, and considerate of your fellow trail companions.

aspen grove

In the summer, this spot on the trail provides riders with some much-needed shade; in the autumn, trail-users are treated to a gorgeous blaze of fall colors from the shimmering aspen leaves surrounding them.

Fall colors viewing spot.

This trail is a nice place to view golden aspen trees in the fall.
Remember that because this is a higher altitude than Front Range cities such as Boulder and Denver, the fall colors will probably be on display a little earlier, and the leaves may have fallen from the trees a little earlier also.

moderate trail switchbacks

The trail gets a little bit steeper here, but it's still not too bad. Novice bikers may choose to dismount their bikes at this point and walk them up the trail. On the way back down, be sure to check your speed. If you get going to fast, it is not only dangerous for you, but also for other trail users.
Pictures in this guide taken by: trailsnet, There is a nice parking lot just off Flagstaff Road., a remnant of the old homesteads, Look for elk in spring and fall., aspen grove ahead, The trail gets a little steeper here, but not bad.

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