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Grenade Crossing, Oklahoma, United States

Martha Songbird Nature Trail

A short nature hike dedicated to "Martha" the last known passenger pigeon.

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.8 miles / 1.3 km
Duration: 1 hour or less
Family Friendly • Dog Friendly
Overview: On this short hike on Fort Sill, you can learn to identify some of the local plant life. Along the way you can view signs for the local trees and some of the plant life. Also along the way there are a few educational signs that provide you with background information on how a forest works. How the insects, animals, and plants co-exist to feed one another.

This was not the sight of the last passenger pigeon but it was dedicated in her honor. The trail is only accessible to military personnel and there families. Below is a short description of Martha that last passenger pigeon.

On September 1, 1914, Martha, the last known passenger pigeon, died in the Cincinnati Zoo. Her body was frozen into a block of ice and sent to the Smithsonian Institution, where it was skinned and mounted. Martha was named after Martha Washington and is in the museum's archived collection which is not currently on display. A memorial statue of Martha stands on the grounds of the Cincinnati Zoo.

This is a great hike any time of the year for the whole family. It provides a great way to learn about nature and how to identify the local trees.

Tips: Directions:

Fort Sill is a 'closed' post. In order to gain access you must show a valid military photo Identification Card. If you are driving into Fort Sill you must show proof of your current driver's license, state vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. You must register your vehicle on post as soon as possible after you sign in.

From East I-44, take exit 41 toward Ft. Sill/Key Gate. Turn right onto Sheridan Road and then turn left onto Boundary Road, stay on Boundary Road for .5 miles, next take the 1st left onto Corral Road for .5 miles, finally turn right onto Randolph Road and travel .6 miles.


When travelling down Randolph Road you will see parking on your left. When making your way down to the trail you will not see any signs but it is the only nature trail in the area. You can also continue on Randolph Road until you see a baseball field. There is parking in front of the field and across the street you will see the wooden sign for the nature hike.


-There is a single port-o-potty across from the nature
park, it is in the outfield of the baseball field.
-There is no water on the trail but the commissary is
located one block away, here you can purchase any food
and water that you may want to bring with you.

Points of Interest


Entrance to Nature Trail

This is the main entrance to the Martha Songbird Nature Trail. There is parking across the street near the baseball field.

Poison Ivy Sign

A sign near a poison ivy patch. Use caution as the entire trail contains poison ivy not just this area.

Bur Oak

An old Bur Oak tree.

Bridge Crossing

A bridge in the middle of the trail. There is no water to be crossed but may be useful in the rainy season. To the right of the bridge you can view an ash tree.

Pecan Tree

There are many pecan trees along the path however many of the nuts have already been eaten by the squirrels.

American Elm Tree

An example of an American Elm Tree.

Plaque for the last Messenger Pigeon

This is a faded plaque that explains that "Martha" was the last know messenger pigeon. This nature park is dedicated to Martha's memory.

Old Water Pond

Here is an old water feature. Even though there is no water coming from the fountain, there are two bench seats to rest on nearby.
Pictures in this guide taken by: gbhoskins

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