Trail Map of Lake Perris State Recreation Area

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Lake Perris State Recreation Area
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Overview: Hidden among rock-studded hills, Lake Perris State Recreation Area’s 8,800 acres of broad valley are bounded on three sides by low ridges. The Bernasconi Hills and the Russell, Apuma and Armada Mountains obscure the view of nearby cities. Inland, the San Bernardino, San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains, snow-capped in winter months, stand tall in the distance. This area, with its varied terrain and habitats, is rich in a variety of wildlife.

About 65 miles south of Los Angeles and 11 miles southeast of the city of Riverside, Lake Perris’s clean white beaches, enticing blue waters, and rocky Alessandro Island bring nearly one million visitors each year from surrounding communities.

Activities in this popular park include fishing, water sports, bird watching, hiking, rock climbing, camping, horseback riding, and visiting the Ya’i Heki’ (pronounced yahee ehkey) Regional Indian Museum.

Summers are hot and dry. The hottest months are from June through September, with an average high of 94 degrees in August. From December through April, rainfall averages about 10 inches; the average high temperature is 71 degrees, with a low of 46 degrees at night.

From the Pomona Freeway (60), a few miles east of its intersection with I-215, exit on Moreno Beach Drive and proceed 4 miles to the park. From the parking kiosk, turn into the parking lot of the Regional Indian Museum or the first available parking lot. A visit to the Ya’i Hek’i Regional Indian Museum is a great way to kick off the hike, as the trailhead is located at the western edge of the parking lot.
Ya’I Hek’I Regional Indian Museum
Trailhead for Terri Peak
Geology vista
History vista
Terri Peak
Vegetation vista
Lake Perris perimeter trail
Big Rock
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