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Kriaritsi Beach
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Moderate: 5.3 miles, Half day
Overview: Located in the middle peninsula of Chalkidiki (Sithonia), Kriaritsi is a truly unspoiled place in the beautiful land of Chalkidiki. The relief of Kriaritsi beaches is considered to be the most beautiful in this area and one of the most impressive in Greece.

The moderate round trip from the bus stop turnoff Kriaritsi to the Kriaritsi coastline is about 8.7 km, gaining about 220 m in elevation.

Would you like to see the beach consisting of smaller and larger bays with morphology that varies considerably and is unique? Then you are invited to enjoy shallow, sandy bays alternate with complexes of rocks, fragmented by the ancient wave erosion in all kinds of forms, shapes and curves that create a remarkable vast open-air sculpture of nature.

Basically, the hike can be divided into sections as follows: from the bus stop turnoff Kriaritsi to Kriaritsi main beach, from Kriaritsi main beach to the Promontory, from the Promontory to the Viewpoint. It generally takes 4.5 hours for average hikers to complete the round trip, allowing a reasonable time for swimming.

Tips: Alternative. Should you decide to shorten the trail by taking the car and still not to miss the highlights of the hike, you have the following option: From the main road, locate the turnoff to Kriaritsi. Then drive up and park at Kriaritsi main beach, and make it your trailhead (the round trip is 1.6 km).

The trail is unbelievably hot for hiking in high summer as it is unshaded and the surface of the road amplifies the heat effects. When hiking at noon, you may experience a deadly Sahara-like climate – so get ready for the upcoming hardships.

If you are a nudist enthusiast you may spend some time in that section of the beach which is predominantly occupied by naturalists.

From Sarti you may get to and from Kriaritsi turnoff also by bus easily, as there is a perfect bus connection. An early bus there and a late bus back.
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