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Idaho Springs, Colorado, United States

Devil’s Canyon 4x4 Road, Colorado

A fun loop not far from entrance to Mt. Evans

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.9 miles / 7.9 km
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly • Dog Friendly
Overview: A fun loop with several side roads to explore. Trail is open to motorized traffic June 15 through Nov. 15. Gate is locked the rest of the year. Broad views from top of mountain. Parking along Highway 103 near start of trail. Before or after you drive this trail, consider a trip to Echo Lake and Mt. Evans, just another 2.5 miles past the trailhead on Hwy. 103. Fun area for unlicensed vehicles with many legal side roads to explore. High Point 10,300 ft., Best time to go: Late June through mid October. Located in Arapaho National Forest. For current conditions call Clear Creek Ranger District (303) 567-3000.


Moderate. Much of this trail is easy; however, there is one steep, rocky spot that is borderline difficult. This section may be closed on future MVUMs. If closed, continue east short distance, turn left and go out the way you came in.

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Tips: Don’t go too early. Gate doesn’t open until June 15. Unlicensed vehicles need to unload along Highway 103 near entrance to trail. If you want to add more difficult terrain, take side trip downhill on F.S. 246.1B.

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Points of Interest


Start of Trail

Trail heads uphill to gate, which opens June 15. Unlicensed vehicles can park at wide spot along Highway 103 near entrance. To see scenic Echo Lake and Mt. Evans, continue on Highway 103 another 2.5 miles past entrance. This is a great lunch spot after you’ve finished the trail.

Start of Loop

Loop starts here. We went left on 246.1A. You’ll come out later on the right marked 246.1.

Side Trip

You can take side trip on 246.1B, which goes downhill at two different places. We went past the first fork and had to make a hard left turn here. This trail branches in several places, but eventually deadends at every option. It gets steeper and narrower as you descend. Turning around was a challenge. After you’re finished, come back to this point and continue north.

Converging Roads

Roads converge at high open area. See Mt. Evans to the south. Left goes downhill through the trees, then loops around and returns to roads you see to the right. We went left around this secondary loop.

Decision Point

As you come around this secondary loop, you’ll come out of the trees and climb a couple switchbacks. Great views to south. You’ll see a steep rocky hill on the left. This connects to a network of roads, but eventually becomes 246.1 mentioned early at Point #2. If you don’t feel comfortable going up hill to left, bear right and return to open area of converging roads you were at earlier. From here you can go out the way you came in.
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