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Keene, New York, United States

Cascade and Porter

These two 46er's a good start for you list as they are right off Rt. 73.

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.7 miles / 7.6 km
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly • Dog Friendly
Overview: This 4,098' tall peak along with it's neighbor Porter at 4,084 are great starter peaks for aspiring 46ers as they are close to the road an a relatively easy climb, albeit steep. When you get to the junction and you are tired take the time to rest on Cascade and continue on to Porter as this is the easiest way to get both mountains.

Tips: The main trail starts on route 73 approximately 6.8 miles west of Keen. The trailhead is about 300 meters west from the small lake in the pass.

You can fill-out a self issue permit at the trailhead.

Points of Interest


Cascade Trailhead

Park here and head up the trail into the woods at the sign.

Scramble to the top

Scramble to top of Cascade Mountain from here. On the way down back to this junction you'll continue on to the summit of Porter.

Summit of Cascade

The bald summit of cascade You'll have great views of the surrounding High Peaks and the wooded summit of Porter which you will be heading to next.

Summit of Porter

Views over the rest of the high peaks and a nice view back at the open summit of Cascade which you just climbed. Turn around from here and head down the mountain to your vehicle.
Pictures in this guide taken by: JonathanEllinger, djsiegel, Arkoman

Jonathan Ellinger
This was mine and my wife first 2, 46er mountain's I climb and didn't know exactly what to expect. At the end of April I didn't expect the top half of the mountain to be all snow and ice and the bottom half to be so rocky. It took a little longer then expected (5hrs) to climb both mountains. But as luck would have it, we finished it and as we were driving away it started raining. Perfect timing. Loved the climb!
Visited on Apr 29, 2014

by bash1786 on May 06, 2014

Cascade and Porter Trail Map

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Although I have climbed over 250 mountains from various places around the U.S. and have hiked in Europe...

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