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Louisville, Colorado, United States

Broomfield/Louisville Loop Trail

Enjoy this loop trail that meanders along creeks, beside a pond, through pumpkin fields and over Colorado hills.

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 11.7 miles / 18.8 km
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly • Dog Friendly
Overview: This trail wanders through the communities of Louisville, Broomfield, and Lafayette, Colorado. Most of the ride is on open space trails, but portions of it also utilize Dillon Road and S. 120th Street.

There are three good trailheads from which to access this trail, and each trailhead is in a different one of the three communities mentioned above. This is an all-season trail including portions of it open for snowshoeing and nordic skiing during the winter. During the fall it bisects a huge pumpkin farm with unbelievably orange hillsides.

After a good bike ride, the town of Louisville makes a good stopping spot with a great park and a hospitable old-town, downtown. It has an abundance of delectable restaurants, friendly coffee shops, and unique shopping experiences.

Tips: -Be careful on both S. 120th Street and W. Dillon Road. These can be very busy at times. Someday, hopefully, there will be trails along these streets, but for now, you're stuck riding on the roads.
- If you're riding in the fall, leave time to peruse the pumpkin patch and its related pumpkin harvesting business.
- The best lunch and dinner facilities are in old town Louisville.
- The trail is great for walking dogs and when they're ready to go "off leash" the Louisville Park has just the place for them. They'll love the pond and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs.

Points of Interest


Stearns Lake Trailhead

This popular fishin' hole makes a good place to start your loop ride. There is a parking lot with restrooms available.

Pumpkin Fields Forever

If the Beatles would have ridden this trail in October, we may have had a slightly different interpretation of a classic song.
From late May, pumpkin vines start to twist their way through the fields surrounding the trail. By mid-September, the orange of mature pumpkins starts to peak through the green leaves. By October, the hills are ablaze w/ future Jack-O-Lanterns. Then Halloween gourd hunters begin to line the dirt roads in search of The Great Pumpkin.

Highway 287 Underpass

Fortunately, this trail burrows under the major roads, so it's a pretty safe bet for families and young bikers.

Ruth Roberts Park and Open Space

Boulder and Broomfield Counties have an abundance of open space.

Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center

In addition to housing a huge medical complex that includes a Kaiser Permanente facility, there are also covered picnic facilities near here.

Coal Creek Trail

Most of the rest of the loop will be on Louisville's beautiful Coal Creek Trail. As the name implies, it follows the creek most of the way as it also passes through pastures, beside housing developments, and into city/county open space.

South Public Road...

... underpass and trailhead parking facilities.

Centaurus High School access

Exit the trail here to access Centaurus High School or the Dairy Queen in Lafayette.

Aquarius trailhead

Located off Hwy. 42, this is another good place to access this trail. It has a trailhead with ample parking and great views of the Front Range mountains including an interpretive sign identifying the major peaks.

Hwy 42 underpass

Beware, this underpass floods quite often and you may need to take a detour on either Empire Road or Hwy. 42.

Louisville Park

This is an awesome park for the kids, dogs, and music lovers. The dog park is right across Bella Vista Drive from the trail and includes a dog pond and great off-leash area.
The park playground includes a mine shaft replica, a splash fountain, a covered gazebo with picnic tables, lots of cool spinning playground toys, and a Bocce Ball court.
On Thursdays and Friday nights during the summer, there's often a concert in this park or at the nearby Steinbaugh Pavilion in Old Town Louisville, just up Main Street.
Speaking of Main Street, this would be a good spot to wander off trail, head into old town and enjoy a bite to eat or refreshing drink at one of the many quaint and delicious restaurants. Just go straight through the park until you find yourself on Main Street. Wander up its charming neighborhood until you get to the Old Town hub. Enjoy gelato, homemade potato chips, pizza, thick-noodled spaghetti, potato burgers, fish tacos, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches... Well you get the picture. While you're downtown, browse through a bookstore and have a coffee. You can also take guitar lessons, gander at model trains, peruse knick-knacks, have a beer, munch on scones... there I go again. Now it's your turn.

America's most beautiful open space

This area is gorgeous all year long and serves as a testament to the importance of community open space. It is also a great place for watching coyotes, fox, and birds of all kinds.

Dutch Creek Park and ...

... Coal Creek Golf Course
Pictures in this guide taken by: trailsnet, Parking and restrooms are available here., If Giverny would have been in Colorado instead of France, this is what Claude Monet would have probably painted., underpass, one of many bridges over Coal Creek, railroad underpass, near South Public Road Trailhead, Beware of trail flooding here., and dog area, winter, fall, summer, spring, Coal Creek Trail, ... Golf Course, ... Park
We enjoyed the walk on this trip. Some people need some schooling of trail edicts.
Visited on Jan 19, 2013

by im1areu12 on Jan 19, 2013
I take it you live out in the countryside. When I was a kid I use to live in the country and loved biking around the district.Here,where I live in Japan,I am on the outskirts of the city,so I only have a short ride to get to the countryside.As Rice is a popular sort of farming,it's great to bike past the hectares of rice-fields,especially the terraced fields.This Thursday I will be going to the final castle,in my series of castles in the Kansai region.This one will be great as it is in the middle of a farming area.The area is also famous for Goldfish ponds.Keep an eye out for when I post the guide.
Have a great day,

by theoutdoorholic on Oct 18, 2010
The best thing about this trip is that the trail runs right behind my house. It was nice to be able to post some pictures from all four seasons for a change.

by trailsnet on Oct 18, 2010
Hey Kevin,
Great trip. Congratulations. It reminds me of parts of "Kiwiland".

by theoutdoorholic on Oct 18, 2010

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