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Saratoga Springs, New York, United States

Black Diamonds Loop

On of the most difficult ride through the SMBA trail system north of Skidmore College and Saratoga Springs, NY

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Difficulty: Difficult
Length: 7.0 miles / 11.3 km
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly • Dog Friendly
Overview: This loop trail through the Saratoga Mountain Bike Association system will bring you on the difficult trails of Pulaski, Sybil, Bee, Here to There, Ridgeline, High Noon with a return via a carraige road and a fun single track connector trail. It is very important that you follow the gps track of this guide carefully so you don't get lost. Most of the trails on this guide are black diamond and double black diamond so make sure you have the skills to tackle this! If you are interested check out my other guide for this area called "Bee Trail" for other options and combinations of trails.

Tips: Trailhead Parking:
Follow Clinton Street out of Downtown Saratoga Springs past Skidmore College to its intersection with Daniels Road. Park at this intersection and ride into the trail across the street and follow the guide instructions from there. Make sure to park on the side of the road far enough to be out of traffic.

Points of Interest


Start of Ride

Head across the street and follow the dirt road behind the Skidmore stables to find the Carraige road at POI #2.

Start of Carraige Trail

Head off into the woods on this easy carraige road.

Power Line Trail

Head a short ways down the open power line area towards POI #4.

Pulaski & Sybil Trail

This is an extremely challenging double black diamond trail with a lot of switchbacks climbing uphill. Follow the gps track in this guide to find your way up to the junction of the Bee Trail at POI #5. You will start off on the Pulaski Trail and then continue on the Sybil Trail to Bee Trail.

Bee Trail Connection

Turn right onto Bee Trail which is a black diamond difficulty. You will be following this for a while now without any official trail intersetions.

Here to Here Trail

Take a right to do an intermediate loop trail called "Here to Here". You will return to this junction after completing the loop. When you return to here after the loop head south on the trail called "Ridgeline" which is a black diamond trail that is an alternative to the Bee Trail.

High Noon

A trail comes into this trail from the right. Continue straight ahead to the west as you are now on a trail called "High Noon" which is about the same difficulty.

Carraige Road Junction

Here you will meet the intermediate carraige road. Follow this downhill to the next junction.

Unknown Single Track

From this junction follow the gps track in this guide carefully to find yourself on an unmarked single track trail that will return you back to the Carraige Trail to bring you back to the trailhead. Make sure you either take the carraige road east or follow the gps track of this guide to find the single track trail. If you continue downhill down the carraige road from here you will soon find yourself alongside a stream and will quickly come to an unpassable watery area. (see photo)

Carraige Road to Exit

When the trail exits onto the Carraige Road take a right and head down the wider, easier trail towards POI #2 where you will be familiar with the area. Just head down the dirt road from there back to your vehicle.
Pictures in this guide taken by: JonathanEllinger

Jonathan Ellinger

Black Diamonds Loop Map

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