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Kingfield, Maine, United States

Bigelow Ridge - West and Avery Peak

A beautiful ridge traverse that will gain you two more 4,000' peaks in Maine.

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 9.5 miles / 15.3 km
Duration: Half day
Overview: A relatively easy loop hike that will get you two more Maine 4,000' peaks. You will first head up the Fire Wardens trail then head left up the Horns Pond Trail for a change of scenery and to take you to the Bigelow Ridge, finally returning you to your car again via the Fire Wardens trail. Both peaks have open summits and Avery Peak has a stone fire tower on the top.

Tips: Directions to Stratton Pond Fire Warden Trail Trailhead:
From Portland take I-295 to Augusta where you will then take ME 27/16 through Kingfield. Stratton Brook Road (dirt) leaves ME-27 on the right about 3 miles from the Sugarloaf Access Road.

There are no fees to park here.

Points of Interest


Stratton Brook Pond Trailhead

Park here. No fees.

Head towards the Horns

To make this an interesting loop hike (loop hikes are always better) head up to climbers left towards the "horns" to gain the ridge and start hiking towards both Bigelow 4,000 footers.

Bigelow, West Peak

At 4,150' this is the taller of the two Bigelow Peaks. Continue on down to the col then up Avery Peak in the distance.

Bigelow Avery Peak

At 4,088' and 1 mile from the West Peak this one is an easy add-on to the climb. There is an old firetower on the summit. When I was there someone had pinned a flag to it.

Fire Warden Trail

Head on down this trail back to the trailhead and your car.
Pictures in this guide taken by: tidianne, JonathanEllinger

Jonathan Ellinger
The listed mileage for this loop according to the official AMC map is 12.2 miles, not 9.5.
Visited on Dec 05, 2015

by Simuno on Dec 10, 2015
It took me 7 hours to complete, found it pretty difficult and i am in good shape, the view is incredible , start early to make sure you finish it ,i started at 10 and finished at 5pm and it was pitch dark. Park as close to the trail as possible. Dress warm, at the top was very windy and cold (november).
Visited on Nov 09, 2014

by vandamme79 on Nov 10, 2014
GPS on mobile phone some lack part of this trail. it's about 14 miles long. Many class it difficult (not extreme) on the length. Surely need to be in shape to done it in a half day, many take two days for it.

But wonderful trail, worth the effort

Visited on Sep 01, 2012

by kookie on Sep 03, 2012

Bigelow Ridge - West and Avery Peak Trail Map

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