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San Francisco, California, United States

Batteries to Bluffs Trail

A short hike along the batteries and bluffs in the Presidio of San Francisco

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 0.7 miles / 1.1 km
Duration: 1 hour or less
Family Friendly • Dog Friendly
Overview: This short trail provides a great way to see the bluffs near the Presidio and offers views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin that are hard to beat. The trail is marked moderate because there are several places with steps and some climbing if you decide to take the side trip down to Marshall Beach.

The trail is pretty short, which allows for you to extend your hike along the Coastal Trail to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Points of Interest



The trail starts just off of Lincoln Blvd above the beach (alternatively, you can start at the far end of the trail, where there is a parking lot off of Lincoln Blvd.

Batteries and Views

Soon you will reach the batteries and you can take some time to explore and walk around them.

You will also have great views of the beach below, as well as of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands in the distance to the right.

Marshall Beach

You can take a short sidetrip down to Marshall Bridge where you can watch the waves crash on the sand or just relax and take a break.

View Point

Here is another great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The trail turns to the right here, where it will end at a parking lot. You can choose to continue along the Coastal Trail to the Golden Gate Bridge, or turn back the way you came.
Pictures in this guide taken by: chris
if you haven't been there, well you should! I have been there with my wife and it was one of our most lovely vacations ever!
Visited on Oct 04, 2006

by emilbude8 on Nov 05, 2015
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Visited on Mar 03, 2013

by calismakitabicevaplari on May 03, 2015
loved this place.... i recommend it to everyone

by planetwi36 on Oct 19, 2014
Beautiful bridge in sf,Ca. If u wanna go there and see the pleasant view. go with our cab. plz..visit
Visited on Feb 03, 2014

by rishubathla on Feb 03, 2014
The views were just perfect, and it even looked like there were some folks swimming down at Marshall Beach. I was surprised there weren't more visitors, since this seems like a thing you *should* do as a tourist visiting SF.
Visited on Nov 30, 2013

by jqln on Dec 23, 2013
I loved the view and climbing around the big rocks on the beach. Even on a cool foggy night, it was an enjoyable, short hike. It was too foggy to see the sunset but it was scenic nonetheless. There wasn't much parking near the north end of the trail, the next time I will drive a little farther down.
Visited on Aug 10, 2013

by cablemotion on Aug 11, 2013
Great one to do with the little one. Lots of wild sage and dill growing on the trail too.
Visited on May 07, 2012

by lstrampp on May 10, 2013
This is possibly one of the top trails in San Francisco. The hike is short but you have great views of the beaches, cliffs, and of course the Golden Gate Bridge the entire hike (if you go south to north). There are a number of old bunkers along the trail that are great for kids to play on, and you can see across to Marin Headlands on a fairly clear day.

You can extend the hike by starting at Lands End to the south or by continuing to Crissy Field after you reach the golden gate bridge.

Visited on Feb 09, 2009

by chris on Feb 10, 2011

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