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South Lake Tahoe, California, United States

Angora Lake

A challenging uphill hike with views of Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe, and relaxing Angora lake waiting at the top.

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Difficulty: Difficult
Length: 3.6 miles / 5.8 km
Duration: 1-3 hours
Overview: Although you can drive into the lake itself, this small out-and-back hike from Fallen Leaf Lake will give you more reason to relax in the cool water of Angora Lake once you arrive. This 3.6 mile round-trip hike could best be described as a series of switchbacks with views of Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe in the distance.

Tips: There is a refreshment stand at Angora Lake, and they claim their Lemonade is the best in Tahoe.

Points of Interest



Start by parking near the Fallen Leaf Chapel (if you can’t park there, there are a few other parking lots nearby at other trail heads and at the lake).

The best way to describe this hike would be to say that it is steep, and on a hot day it will definitely have you craving for an immediate dip into Angora Lake as soon as you reach the time. It starts with a series of switchbacks up the initial hill through some under-kept trails; watch out for bushes sharing the trail with you.

Optional Trailhead

After you reach the top of the initial hill you will come upon a parking lot and a road. If you would rather just relax at the lake you can park here.

Continue along the dirt path for 10-15 minutes longer, past the lower lake, and you will arrive at upper Angora Lake

Refreshments and Rentals

You have finally reached Angora Lake, complete with several small cabins, a place to buy refreshments (test their claim that their lemonade is the best in Tahoe, and a small dock where you can rent paddle boats.

Angora Lake

Find a spot on the sand, or a table in the shade to enjoy your lunch, snack, or just to rest in between relaxing dips in the refreshingly cold water
Pictures in this guide taken by: chris, wooac
This hike was short and effective. There is a sign for the Angora Trail between the fire station and the chapel (but closer to fire department side). The trail itself is very straightforward to follow. Lots of rocks in the beginning and an uphill climb all the way. It's totally worth it though! Took my friends and I about an hour before we got to the lakes. Going down was a lot quicker since it was all downhill from there.
Visited on Sep 05, 2015

by Mzbabeexddork on Sep 05, 2015
This was really a great hike. We went from the chapel up to angora lakes. The uphill was very fun as it transitioned from a broken stone path to traditional dirt. The view of fallen leaf lake and lake tahoe were amazing, and the return home was quick.
Visited on Aug 01, 2013

by ryanr69 on Aug 02, 2013
This trail was very overgrown when I did it, which meant that I had a number of scratches on my arms and legs by the end of it. The lake at the top was nice, but a little crowded with people who decided to drive most of the way.

It's nice for swimming, having lunch, and sitting on the shore.

Visited on Jun 22, 2008

by chris on Jul 08, 2011

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