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New Bay Bridge Bike Trail 133.JPG Photo
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New Bay Bridge Bike Trail
by Steve44MCaUSA on Sep 04, 2013
West Berkeley, California, United States
18.5 miles
Was a Fantastic Ride.A Perfect Weather Day, One that makes you feel lucky to be alive.A Must Do Ride for ALL. We Parked at the Berkley Aquatic Park .A Wednesday Morning and Road south and straight down "Shell Mound St."Go Right at the IKEA Building .  You can not miss the MAIN Entrance. (Trailhead.)Signs all around.Follow the 1.5M Bay Bridge Sign.  Stay right.Think ... Follow I80E up the side. It is Paved Nicely and Marked Well.You go under...
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Los Gatos Creek Trail
by Steve44MCaUSA on Dec 31, 2012
San Jose, California, United States
17.0 miles
Nice ride on last day of 2012
Point Reyes National Seashore
by bstern on Oct 27, 2012
Bear Valley trailhead, Olema, California, United States
23 miles
Foster City Ride 001.JPG Photo
Foster City Ride 002.JPG Photo
Foster City Ride 004.JPG Photo
Foster City Ride 005.JPG Photo
Foster City SFO Bike Trail
by Steve44MCaUSA on Jul 24, 2012
Redwood Shores, California, United States
25 miles
The Temp was perfect on this sunny Tuesday , July 24 ,  2012. This is a nice area to bike in.  Paved most of the way. Some Congestions, but overall an award wining trail. A Must Do if you are a biker at all. Ride SafeSteve to Sandy
Golden Gate Ride 001.JPG Photo
Golden Gate Ride 003.JPG Photo
Golden Gate Ride 005.JPG Photo
Golden Gate Ride 011.JPG Photo
Golden Gate Park Bike Ride
by Steve44MCaUSA on Jul 10, 2012
Seacliff, California, United States
E-Cycling Biking | 13.6 miles
We decided to head up to San Francisco to get away from the Heat (80-90 Deg F) they where expecting in the Silicon Valley Area.   Was a Hign of 60 in Golden Gate Park.    With Sun felt like 65 or so.The Fog actually felt COLDER then that.  It was a Nice day.  Fog or Blue Skies.   Felt Great.We rode along with a Guy running for his friend, whom has cancer. He was Avg 8.5 MPH. jogging   ...
Contra Costa Trail 009.JPG Photo
Contra Costa Trail 011.JPG Photo
Contra Costa Trail 012.JPG Photo
Contra Costa Trail 020.JPG Photo
Contra Costa Trail Electric Bike Ride
by Steve44MCaUSA on May 28, 2012
Walnut Creek, California, United States
43 miles
We headed up to this wonderful trails, to ride our Electric Bikes on this Holiday Monday.   Lots of people out, but not to bad.We Love our Electric Bikes.  ( We call it E-Cycling)You get the Exercise, Plus all the FUN, and you leave out the hard parts most hate.Our Legs where still burning, since we peddled hard for all 43 M. Wife used her Pedego 24" for the 1st  20 mile ride while I used my...
Palo Alto Loop Ride 076.JPG Photo
Palo Alto Loop Ride 082.JPG Photo
Palo Alto Loop Ride 088.JPG Photo
Palo Alto Loop Ride 090.JPG Photo
Palo Alto E Bike Fun Ride
by Steve44MCaUSA on May 24, 2012
Sunnyvale, California, United States
29 miles
We Have Pure Fun on these Electric Bikes.A Good Combo of Exercise and Fun.One Green  Pedego 24" Comfort Crusier.One Black  Hebb 36" Mens Glide 500.We have found the "Range" of both these bikes is 28-30 Miles.At 30 Miles we where finally loosing power.We where not completely dead just yet, but close.  Dead was coming soon.We where very happy our house was in sight by the time we noticed the power lose.  We timed this well.   So...
San Francisco Bike Loop 2 003.JPG Photo
San Francisco Bike Loop 2 004.JPG Photo
San Francisco Bike Loop 2 012.JPG Photo
San Francisco Bike Loop 2 030.JPG Photo
Streets of San Francisco May 2012
by Steve44MCaUSA on May 07, 2012
San Francisco, California, United States
54 miles
Wife now has her E Bike.No Bike, on Foot today on way UP.Test Riding our new E Bike Ride from Len Roger of Electric Bike Outlet Go Clipper Card... By the way..  Cash  Value...  Tag On and Off.....Coffee from home on way up to San Fran.VTA = 2+2 = 4/personCaltrain = 6.75+6.75 = 13.50/personPublic Transit = 4+13.50 = 17.50 / Person + Food Brunch at Safeway (Direct Across 4th St from Caltrain Station) = 4 Buck...
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San Fran Bike 135.JPG Photo
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San Fran Bike 138.JPG Photo
San Fran Blazing Loop Ride over Golden Gate
by Steve44MCaUSA on May 01, 2012
Agnew, California, United States
120 miles
We Left the Car at home.Went VTA plus CalTrain to San Fran  (4+13.50 = 17:50)  Roughly 20 Bucks round trip.You would have paid that on Parking up there anyways.Or Blow the money on something else... VTA is going Paperless soon, So go Clipper Cash Value card & Don't forget to Tag/Badge ON  VTA  &  ON/OFF CalTrain We Love the People Watching and general fun of getting out and about.Amazing what is around our own back yard.  Amazing...
Foster City Trail 042.JPG Photo
Foster City Trail 054.JPG Photo
Foster City Trail 085.JPG Photo
Foster City Trail 110.JPG Photo
VTA Caltrain Foster City Bike Ride
by Steve44MCaUSA on Apr 19, 2012
Belmont, California, United States
41 miles
An Outing, as we sometimes call them. Watching People and Getting some Exercise.Not to Long or to Short a Ride.  Ride SafeSteve and Sandy 
Milpitas Loop 004.JPG Photo
Milpitas Loop 005.JPG Photo
Milpitas Loop 010.JPG Photo
Milpitas Loop 011.JPG Photo
Milpitas Loop 31M Plus Airport
by Steve44MCaUSA on Mar 20, 2012
Agnew, California, United States
30 miles
Nice Exercise Ride.Mostly a Level Ride. LOW & SLOW  Kind of looks like Texas.   Ride SafeSteve and Sandy 
ArdTwn 001.JPG Photo
ArdTwn 004.JPG Photo
ArdTwn 008.JPG Photo
ArdTwn 015.JPG Photo
Around Sunnyvale and Moffett 23M Logged
by Steve44MCaUSA on Jan 03, 2012
Sunnyvale, California, United States
22 miles
Just another Exercise Ride around Town.This one Logged.                       Ride SafeSandy and Steve  
LGC 016.JPG Photo
LGC 020.JPG Photo
LGC 023.JPG Photo
LGC 025.JPG Photo
Los Gatos Creek 22M Trail via VTA Light Rail
by Steve44MCaUSA on Jan 02, 2012
Agnew, California, United States
45 miles
Just another Exercise Ride logged for all . Trail Bike Ride is 22 Miles out and back.The VTA rides are 23 miles total.                          Ride SafeSteve and Sandy 
Around Sunnyvale Ride 22M
by Steve44MCaUSA on Dec 20, 2011
Mountain View, California, United States
22 miles
Our next ride
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Alameda Crk 413.JPG Photo
Shoreline South Logged 121.JPG Photo
Shoreline South Logged 204.JPG Photo
Sunnyvale Area Bike Routes ALL
by Steve44MCaUSA on Dec 15, 2011
Adobe Meadow, California, United States
463 miles
All our Riden Routes in the Sunnyvale Area.Getting sick of looking for the individual ride and then downloading the data.So the area is in one spot.Ride SafeSteve and Sandy
Coyote Crk Trail 001.JPG Photo
Coyote Crk Trail 002.JPG Photo
Coyote Crk Trail 003.JPG Photo
Coyote Crk Trail 006.JPG Photo
Coyote Creek North End Trail 20M
by Steve44MCaUSA on Dec 13, 2011
San Jose, California, United States
20 miles
Just another Exercise Ride.From Tully to Coyote Ranch Rd. and back.Wife wasn't feeling well.She still did good.Ride SafeSteve and Sandy
Alameda Crk 005.JPG Photo
Alameda Crk 009-1.JPG Photo
Alameda Crk 009.JPG Photo
Alameda Crk 012.JPG Photo
Alameda Creek 22M Bike Trail from Niles Canyon
by Steve44MCaUSA on Dec 08, 2011
Fremont, California, United States
23 miles
Parking Avail.784 Old Canyon Rd,Fremont, Ca.  94536Very Nice area, and the trail is mostly a flat ride. The Big Black Balloon Dam was deflated and the creek was lower, up by the  bridges by Mission Blvd..    A " RED HEADED SAP SUCKER " was posing for the camera.  Ride Safe: Steve and Sandy
Alamitos Creek 002.JPG Photo
Alamitos Creek 004.JPG Photo
Alamitos Creek 009.JPG Photo
Alamitos Creek 010.JPG Photo
Alamitos Crk 14M Bike Trail from VTA Branham Station
by Steve44MCaUSA on Dec 06, 2011
San Jose, California, United States
13.9 miles
Alamitos CreekBike Trail Ride Safe:Steve and Sandy....................................
Iron Horse Trail 083.JPG Photo
Iron Horse Trail 086.JPG Photo
Iron Horse Contra Costa Canel Loop
by Steve44MCaUSA on Nov 23, 2011
Walnut Heights, California, United States
22 miles
Planned TripOther Nearby Good TrailsRide SafeSteve and Sandy
Fullscreen capture 11222011 84237 PM.bmp.jpg Photo
Fullscreen capture 11222011 83536 PM.jpg Photo
Iron Horse Contra Costa Trails
by Steve44MCaUSA on Nov 15, 2011
Dougherty, California, United States
53 miles
OK:Had to Log the Complete Contra Costa Area Trails!Map them on your I phone or GPS and Ride On. You can mix it up any way you want.  
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