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Sand Hill Cove Photo
Sand Hill Cove Photo
Sand Hill Cove Photo
Sand Hill Cove Photo
Point Lobos Grand Loop
by chris on Nov 12, 2010
Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, California, United States
5.6 miles
As part of our effort to create guides for all California State Parks, Joost and I set out for Point Lobos.  It was a beautiful November day so we parked the car and set out with our cameras over our shoulders and our iPhone apps set to tracking mode.  The sea lions were out in full force around Sea Lion Cove.  We parted ways around the north end of Cypress Cove and...
Marshall Monument Photo
Church Photo
Marshall's Cabin Photo
Marshall's Cabin Photo
Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park
by chris on Oct 25, 2010
Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, California, United States
2.5 miles
After we finished the Monroe Ridge Trail we decided to walk through the historical Coloma town.  We started at the Marshall Monument and continued downhill past Marshall's cabin, church, and cemetery before reaching the main road.  There must have been over 50 historical houses and buildings each with descriptions of their significance.We ended by walking to the site of Sutter Mill and the Gold Discovery Site (which wasn't very impressive considering all that happened...
South Grove Trail Photo
South Grove Trail Photo
Bridge Photo
Creek Photo
South Grove in Calaveras Big Trees State Park
by chris on Oct 29, 2010
Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California, United States
5.2 miles
While Paul and Benoit were exploring the North Grove, Joost and I drove the RV to the other end of Calaveras Big Trees State Park and hiked through the South Grove.  The hike was about 6 miles long and we were able to see many giant sequoias along the way, which always amazes me no matter how many times I see them (first time here, but I've seen them in Mariposa Grove...
Squaw Olympics Photo
Ehrman Estate Photo
Ehrman Estate Photo
Ehrman Estate Photo
Ehrman Mansion and Estate
by chris on Oct 28, 2010
Sugar Pine Point State Park, California, United States
1.1 miles
We took a tour around the Ehrman Mansion with Ranger Susan as she explained the history of the area and the prominent Hellman family.Read more about the Ehrman Mansion and State park on my travel blog
Lake shore Photo
Mountains Photo
Wooden Bridge Photo
Lake shore Photo
The Dolder Nature Trail
by chris on Oct 28, 2010
Sugar Pine Point State Park, California, United States
2.1 miles
After our hike along the General Creek Trail we went over to the Edwin L. Z'Berg Natural Preserve to learn about the Ehrman Estate.  Ranger Susan was extremely helpful as she told us about the estate and its important history.  After the walk around the estate, Joost and I hiked along the Dolder Nature Trail.The trail was only about 2 miles but offered some nice views of the lake with a few access...
On the trail Photo
Controlled Burn Photo
On the Trail Photo
Autumn Leaves Photo
General Creek Trail
by chris on Oct 28, 2010
Sugar Pine Point State Park, California, United States
5.1 miles
Today we all went for a hike in Sugar Pine Point State Park.  We decided to hike along the General Creek Trail and take the optional extra trail up to Lily Pond, which Joost was very fond of.  We had a great sandwich lunch out in the wilderness before heading back.There was some snow along the trail, but not enough to get in our way.Read more about our hike on my travel...
Nature Trail Photo
Fireweed Photo
Murphy Cabin site Photo
Squaw Currants Photo
The Nature Trail at Donner
by chris on Oct 27, 2010
Donner Memorial State Park, California, United States
0.8 miles
We finished the day with a quick stop off at Donner Memorial State Park where we watched a video slideshow about the Donner party before walking on an interpretive trail to learn about the different plants in the area.
A-Frame Photo
Rusted Machines Photo
Rusted Machines Photo
Rusted Machines Photo
Hardrock Trail and Osborn Hill Loop
by chris on Oct 27, 2010
Empire Mine State Historic Park, California, United States
4.5 miles
This morning we went to Empire Mine State Historic Park as part of our journey through the California State Parks.  We hiked the Hardrock trail and added in the Osborn Loop Trail as well to make it a bit longer.After the hiles we explored the Bourn Mansion and the old mine yard where we saw several old buildings, rusted machinery, and even went a little ways into Empire Mine.
49 through Coloma Photo
Orchard Photo
Metal Wires Photo
a-peeling bark Photo
The Monroe Ridge Trail
by chris on Oct 25, 2010
Coloma, California, United States
2.3 miles
The parking lot at Gold Discovery State Park was completely vacant, and there were no trail signs, which made getting started a bit difficult. After ending up at a junkyard and a dead end we finally managed to find the trailhead (it was well marked, a little further up the road).The 2.3-mile Monroe Trail was delightful and sprinkled with several nice picnic areas with some great views.  Before we knew it we...
Toyon Photo
Middle Fork of the river Photo
On the trail with our guide Photo
Middle Fork of the river Photo
Quarry Trail
by chris on Oct 26, 2010
Auburn, California, United States
3.5 miles
Eric Peach was nice enough to lead us on an interpretive walk of the Quarry Trail in Auburn State Recreation Area.  During this 3.5-mile round-trip hike he explained the history of the quarry and the area, native plants and wildlife, and answered our many questions about the Quarry and its history.
Parked at Folsom Lake SRA Photo
Autumn Leaves Photo
Folsom Lake Photo
Folsom Lake Photo
The Oak Nature Trail
by chris on Oct 25, 2010
Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, California, United States
2.0 miles
Finally, we arrived at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, our first stop along our tour! And it was closed. We expected the campground to be closed, but thought that we would still be able to drive in, but no luck. Instead we wrote a nice note explaining why we were there and walked down the road after we could drive no further. Luckily the Nature Tail was less than 0.5 miles further.We...
On The Road: CA State Parks
by chris on Oct 25, 2010
Oleum, California, United States
560 miles
Paul and Benoit came storming down my Hill at 7:15 on Monday morning.  With my backpack, computer bag, and camera bag somewhat securely fashioned I ran across the street, opened the door, and threw my bags in just as the light turned green.  We had officially started our 5-day RV adventure that was sure to be unforgettable.We quickly learned two valuable lessons: cyclists in San Francisco HATE RVs, and RVs are extremely...
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
Mt Diablo Loop Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
Mt Diablo Grand Loop with the EveryTrail Team
by chris on Oct 08, 2010
Mt Diablo State Park, California, United States
6.3 miles
Today the EveryTrail team went on a hike at Mt Diablo State Park to test our new audio guides feature.  The hike was a solid 6 miles, and a bit more up and down than we expected going into it (and it was all very steep, so you have to watch your step).  We stopped at several places along the hike to listen to the audio notes about history and preservation of the area,...
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo
photo3.jpg Photo
photo4.jpg Photo
Brooklyn Bridge
by krbose on May 21, 2010
New York City, New York, United States
5.4 miles
This was a family walk across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn on a Friday in May.  We had our 5-year-old with us, and all we had to tell him was that the "Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory" was on the other side of the bridge to get him excited for the walk.It was a mellow stroll across the river (and above the cars zooming in both directions), but it was warm and very crowded. Drink...
Go team! Photo
Rick, The guide Photo
Crowd  Photo
San Francisco Architecture Walking Tour
by amandawu on Apr 29, 2010
Financial District, California, United States
4.0 miles
EveryTrail Team had an offsite last thursday. We did the San Francisco architecture walking tour in the morning and discover some secret gardens(POPOS) at financial district. After lunch, Joost, Chris and I went for a walk at North Beach when Katherine, Paul and Benoit busy exploring Noe Valley. 
Sawyer Camp Trail run
by joost on Jan 30, 2010
Highlands, California, United States
6.9 miles
Part of the masterplan of getting in shape for bigger things I went for an early morning run with Andre on Saturday. Sawyer Camp Trail is always a great place to run, esp in the morning with the fog still hanging over the reservoir.I actually went back the same day with the family. It's a great place for kids to ride their bikes.
photo 5.jpg Photo
photo 4.jpg Photo
photo 2.jpg Photo
photo.jpg Photo
Squaw Valley Skiing - Best day of the year
by joost on Jan 28, 2010
Squaw Valley, California, United States
41 miles
We decided that weeks of daily 7 AM iPhone meetings would offset a day outside of the office up in the mountains... In other words, a good excuse can always be found for a day trip when the mountains receieved an 8 feet dump, with sunshine predicted for the day. Paul, Dave, Nicolas and I took of at 5.20 AM and were back home around 9 PM.Highlights of the day included Main...
on the lift Photo
on the lift Photo
on the lift Photo
on the lift Photo
Snowboarding at Squaw
by amandawu on Jan 23, 2010
Alpine Meadows, California, United States
2.6 miles
We went to top of the mountain after lunch, it was super cold and heavy snowing but perfect for snowboarding.
IMG_4533 (Dahlem, Berlin, Germany) Photo
IMG_4535 (Zehlendorf, Berlin, Germany) Photo
IMG_4538 (Rehbrücke, Brandenburg, Germany) Photo
IMG_4541 (Linthe, Brandenburg, Germany) Photo
Germany, Swizterland, Liechtenstein, Austria Bummel
by chris on Dec 07, 2007
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
1,224 miles
Our Grand Bummel! We drove down to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, through the Black Forest (with a stop at Mummelsee to see the mermaids), through Switzerland by lake Constanz, through Liechtenstein, to Innsbruck, Austria. Then we drove back to Berlin with a stop in Garmish for lunch and Christmas shopping. 3 days, 1225 miles, lots of fun!
IMG_4766 (Eaux-Vives, Genève, Switzerland) Photo
IMG_4818 (Bern / Matte, Bern, Switzerland) Photo
IMG_4861 (Mürren, Switzerland) Photo
IMG_4884 (Mürren, Switzerland) Photo
by chris on Dec 15, 2007
Interlaken, Interlaken, Switzerland
279 miles
My 5 day grand tour of Switzerland. Starting in Geneva, then Bern, Interlaken (with Shilthorn), Luzern, and finally Basel. 5 very cold days but all very worth it.
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