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Knibs Knob Uvas Park
by jomebrew on Jun 02, 2013
Morgan Hill, California, United States
4.3 miles
Our first trip to Uvas Park.  I have been to the top of Knibs Knob at Mayman Flats but never on the actual trail.  I am building endurance for a summer backpacking trip so I filled my pack with 35lb of gear and came to conquer Knibs Knob.The weather was comfortable in the parking area.  We had a bit of difficulty finding the trailhead.  It is in the back of the youth...
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Day Hike in the Land of the Medicine Buddha
by jomebrew on Jun 22, 2013
Soquel, California, United States
7.3 miles
Quick glance at Google maps before heading into this area I have never been to.  Good thing.  My phone GPS was spotty and no cell coverage in much of the area!We crossed the wooden bridge and headed left.  We were not sure where to go next so we went left and stopped across from the school.  That was wrong.  Follow the sign and go right.  We proceeded up the One Way road...
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Harvey Bear Park - Al Wilson Trail
by jomebrew on Feb 18, 2013
San Martin, California, United States
8.9 miles
Crisp Cool morning in the Morgan Hill Foothills at Harvey Bear Park.   I expected a short, somewhat quick hike.   Turns our it was going to be a fast hike but not so short.  The path starts out flat for 1/4 mile then starts rising up the foot hills.   It was cold with a heavy fog so it was east to stay cool.  In the summer, the first couple miles...
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Mount Saint Helena - Race to Death
by jomebrew on Feb 16, 2013
Calistogs, CA, United States
10.2 miles
The saga of attempts to hasten my ultimate demise continued this cool February morning.  We started early from San Jose to reach the trail head around 9 AM.  It was a clear day and somewhat cool at around 55-60F.  We started out around 9:30 am, being cautious crossing the road, to the trail head.  Just crossing the road was he first attempt on me.  The series of cutbacks were pretty easy.  You...
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Project Kill Joe - The Simas Peak Failure
by jomebrew on Feb 09, 2013
Salinas, California, United States
13.2 miles
We planned a nice moderate hike through some unknown areas of Toro Park in Salinas, CA.   Two us never hiked the park and two had a unsuccessful hike a couple years ago in the hot days of summer.   None were too familiar with the park.   We parked outside the park and walked across the day use area to the Ollason Trail to the Ranch Trail.  This was pretty gentle with...
PKJ: The El Sombroso Attempt
by jomebrew on Jan 26, 2013
Los Gatos, California, United States
12.4 miles
The air was still.  200 feet below, rowing teams practiced on the calm, still waters of the Lexington Reservoir.  A heavy fog filled the air.  A light mist coved our electronic with tiny water dropplets. On out Androids and Iphones, we started app.  Out FitBits all had activities started.  GPS was recording a new track.  At 8:45 am, Project Kill Joe:  The El Sombroso Affair was in action.     Priests Rock trail is up hill.  Relentless from the start and filled torturous grades...
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Henry Coe BCW 2011: Jackrabbit Lake & Mustang Peak
by croyle on Apr 30, 2011
Gilroy, California, United States
15.5 miles
I've been going to the Henry Coe Backcountry Weekend since 2005 and always enjoy it. This year was a moderate backpacking overnighter, compared to previous years where deathmarches had become the norm. :)From the backpacker parking, we hike to Orestimba Corral to meet up with Sam and Karl. From there we hike north along Orestimba and then east to Jackrabbit Lake, where we camped for the night. The next day we headed...
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Sizer Version 3
by sammydee on Apr 09, 2011
Morgan Hill, California, United States
15.1 miles
I have been to Mount Sizer twice before.  The first visit changed my life; I performed so poorly on the hike that it frightened me into changing my life dramatically.  I dropped 40 pounds, and started hiking a LOT to exercise. (See EveryTrail trip 233107).The second visit - a year later - was a test.  Would I perform better on this (long, challenging) hike?  The good news was that I did.  I...
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Bay Area Ridge Trail: Don Castro
by sammydee on Mar 12, 2011
Hayward, California, United States
10.5 miles
Joel wanted to go see a new section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail south of Don Castro Regional Park .. just dedicated last August.  So new that the maps on the Ridge Trail website haven't been updated to include it yet! ... a plan was hatched.  Joel, Joe, Raj and I met at Don Castro and headed out.  The trip starts out in a developed local park, then heads up...
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Rancho Cañada del Oro Group Hike
by croyle on Feb 05, 2011
Morgan Hill, California, United States
4.2 miles
A short, easy group hike with friends on a warm February(!) day... All six of us were in shorts.
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Hiker's Hut Photo
Hiker's Hut and Tarwater Creek
by sammydee on Oct 16, 2010
11.8 miles
Anne has organized several group hikes to the Sierra Club's "Hiker's Hut" at Sam McDonald County Park.  This year Elaine and I finally got to go!  We started Saturday morning and hiked up to the Hut.  We quickly moved in and made ourselves at home.  After some snacks and a little rest we headed out for a hike.  Our goal was to see Tarwater Creek, where naturally occurring tar oozes out of...
Lunch walk with Joe
by croyle on Oct 15, 2010
Sunnyvale, California, United States
2.8 miles
First time using the EveryTrail iPhone app, with the phone in its belt holder for most of the trip. The lines look kind of wobbly like we'd been drinking or something but it's good enough. :)
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Wood Road ... Sierra Azul and AQ
by sammydee on Oct 10, 2010
4.7 miles
Mike and Judy wanted to go for a nice hike, so I suggested Wood Road at Almaden Quicksilver.  It's relatively flat and leads directly into some of the most historic parts of the Park.When we got to the trailhead, some other hikers reported that the Wood Road trail was hot.  I had been worried about that - the temps were a bit high for October, and there isn't really any shade on...
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Coe in October ... the Willson Story
by sammydee on Oct 03, 2010
8.7 miles
A great hike with Laurent, Rebecca, Dave and Karl. I've been to Willson Camp twice before this year ... and ... but I wanted to go again.  I'm fascinated by that water spigot at the camp, and wondered if it still had water even this late in the year.I randomly tweeted that I wanted to go, and a plan was born.  I arrived a little later than the others to the trailhead.  By the...
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Presidio and Bridge ... the Bay Area Ridge Trail
by sammydee on Sep 19, 2010
San Francisco, California, United States
9.1 miles
I would love to hike the entire Bay Area Ridge Trail (  I had some time on a rare trip to San Francisco, and decided to knock off two segments of the trail.The Ridge Trail is divided into segments.  These correspond to hikes listed in the "bible" of the Trail, "Bay Area Ridge Trail: The Official Guide for Hikers, Mountain Bikers, and Equestrians" by Jean Rusmore.  See for a great way to check...
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Yosemite! Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls
by sammydee on Sep 11, 2010
Yosemite National Park, California, United States
7.0 miles
OK, so it's been done before.  By thousands of people.  On the same day that Elaine and I did it.  :)  Too bad ... it's popular because it's very cool!  Elaine and I started our round trip to Nevada Falls a little late in the afternoon, and hurried a little bit to be sure we made it back down before dark.  (We did, no problem.)  This late in the season the falls...
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by sammydee on Sep 05, 2010
San Jose, California, United States
5.9 miles
The Boccardo Trail is adjacent to Alum Rock Park, but not part of it.  The land just North of Alum Rock is owned by the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority, who put in the Boccardo Trail in 2007.  You access it from the Todd Quick Trail in Alum Rock - and you access THAT from the parking at the bottom of the canyon.  :)Boccardo is steep and exposed.  It was in...
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Coyote Lake County Park - Geocaching Adventure
by sammydee on Aug 28, 2010
San Martin, California, United States
7.2 miles
A nice geocaching hike with Elaine, hotshoe, airsax and dragonswest.  Fun time!  It was an unseasonably cool 72 degree August day.  
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Pescadero Creek County Park Deathmarch
by sammydee on Aug 15, 2010
Pescadero, California, United States
17.7 miles
Deathmarch.  In local geocaching circles, it means a hike of at least 12 miles, with at least 1500 feet of vertical gain.  This hike, my friends, is a deathmarch.  But...everyone made it back in one piece, and we enjoyed the forest - so how bad can it be?  :)We drove to the trailhead on China Grade, on the north edge of Big Basin ... and then headed to Pescadero Creek County Park....
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Sword Lake Backpack Trip
by croyle on Jul 31, 2010
Pinecrest, California, United States
6.1 miles
Stacey and Ron invited a bunch of people to go backpacking at Sword Lake in the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness (in the Sierra Nevada) last weekend. It was a good family mix, with some kids as well as us elderly types. My pack weighed in around 30lb with all the trimmings, including food, water, and a 4-pack of Boddington’s. I have mixed feelings about my A640 camera, which is heavy as it is for a...
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