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Wild Sky Wilderness

Washington, United States
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Barklay-Lake_1.jpg (Baring, Washington, United States) Photo
Barklay-Lake_2.jpg (Baring, Washington, United States) Photo
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Barklay Lake
by danny.boy on Aug 30, 2009
Baring, Washington, United States
2.1 miles
This was the last hike of the summer and what a great way to end it! We left Bellevue just before nine in the morning with foggy skies and 58ºF. Grabbed some trail snacks and were at the trailhead by 10:30.Plenty of great scenery as the trail climbs slowly to the bridge at 1.2 mi. forgot to take a pic there, but soldiered on to the lake as the clouds lifted and...
IMG_7029.JPG Photo
IMG_7033.JPG Photo
IMG_7036.JPG Photo
IMG_7037.JPG Photo
2011.10.16 Barclay and Eagle Lakes
by danielguo on Oct 16, 2011
Baring, Washington, United States
9.3 miles

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