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Wild Sky Wilderness

Washington, United States
Community Trips
Barklay-Lake_0.jpg (Baring, Washington, United States) Photo
Barklay-Lake_1.jpg (Baring, Washington, United States) Photo
Barklay-Lake_2.jpg (Baring, Washington, United States) Photo
Barklay-Lake_3.jpg (Baring, Washington, United States) Photo
Barklay Lake
by danny.boy on Aug 30, 2009
Baring, Washington, United States
2.1 miles
This was the last hike of the summer and what a great way to end it! We left Bellevue just before nine in the morning with foggy skies and 58ºF. Grabbed some trail snacks and were at the trailhead by 10:30.Plenty of great scenery as the trail climbs slowly to the bridge at 1.2 mi. forgot to take a pic there, but soldiered on to the lake as the clouds lifted and...
IMG_7029.JPG Photo
IMG_7033.JPG Photo
IMG_7036.JPG Photo
IMG_7037.JPG Photo
2011.10.16 Barclay and Eagle Lakes
by danielguo on Oct 16, 2011
Baring, Washington, United States
9.3 miles
WP_20140704_003.jpg Photo
WP_20140704_005.jpg Photo
WP_20140704_007.jpg Photo
WP_20140704_008.jpg Photo
Barclay Lake
by Jasmine on Jul 04, 2014
Baring, Washington, United States
3.3 miles
Family hike up to the Barclay Lake off Route 2 to celebrate Independence Day. Beautiful day for a hike, mid 70's up at the lake. We found some huckleberries along the trail and picked some up for pancakes back home. Lots of great rocks and trees for the kids to play on, and we had a nice snack up at the lake.

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