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West Clear Creek Wilderness

Arizona, United States
Community Trips
Guy gets right in Photo
What a nice pool! Photo
We hike on... Photo
Cactus and creek Photo
Fossil Creek Hike
by dsmeeth on Jul 08, 2010
Pine, Arizona, United States
3.1 miles
Guy and Ed and I leave Sedona at 9:30am for this much anticipated trip. The drive is approximately 1.5 hours and we arrive to find a great many cars parked along Fossil Creek Rd. (Check my profile for the gps track and a couple photos of the driving portion of this trip.) Up until a few years ago, the lower portion of Fossil Creek was diverted into a flume and used by...
pic_973.jpg Photo
pic_974.jpg Photo
pic_975.jpg Photo
Bell Trail to Crack
by pirxpilot on Jul 13, 2012
Lawrence Crossing, Arizona, United States
8.8 miles
004.JPG (Strawberry, Arizona, United States) Photo
006.JPG (Strawberry, Arizona, United States) Photo
008.JPG (Strawberry, Arizona, United States) Photo
013.JPG (Strawberry, Arizona, United States) Photo
Fossil Creek Hike
by on Oct 31, 2009
Strawberry, Arizona, United States
9.4 miles
The hike down provides you with some great photo opportunities that only seem to get better the further you go.  At the bottom the springs seems to be all around us and the amount of water going over the dam was truly remarkable. Deer coming down to the water to eat and drink provided us with some great photos. 
IMG_2067.JPG Photo
IMG_2080.JPG Photo
IMG_2091.JPG Photo
IMG_2106.JPG Photo
Fossil Springs
by crj1 on Jul 05, 2010
Strawberry, Arizona, United States
8.7 miles
Joy and Brenda Photo
Brenda wades across Photo
Cookie Photo
Fossil Creek
by dsmeeth on Sep 01, 2010
2.2 miles
The second trip to this outstanding spot this summer.
P3150195.JPG Photo
Montezuma's Well
by Printman on Mar 15, 2011
Rimrock, Arizona, United States
0.6 miles
Heading down the trail Photo
Fossil Creek Photo
Our first pool Photo
Just below the dam site Photo
Fossil Creek, Top to Bottom
by dsmeeth on May 12, 2011
Strawberry, Arizona, United States
9.1 miles
Today Arlo, Marshall, and i hit the road early and drive to Fossil Creek. There we met Mark and Eli, gear up for the hike, and pile into the Jeep for the ride up to Fossil Creek's upper trailhead. The hike down is quick and warm and soon we are marveling at how the creek just starts flowing out of the dry wash. After many hours of hiking, swimming, and conversation, we find...
Fossil Creek Trail, near Strawberry, AZ.jpg Photo
Fossil Creek Trail near Strawberry, Arizona
by on May 16, 2010
Strawberry, Arizona, United States
4.4 miles
547176_390995574252949_100000275282744_1481332_1319937869_n.jpg Photo
526740_390994930919680_100000275282744_1481331_969581835_n.jpg Photo
CIMG5283.JPG Photo
CIMG5284.JPG Photo
West Clear Creek Hike - Bull Pen Entrance
by piscocat on Mar 24, 2012
Clear Creek, Arizona, United States
15.5 miles
IMG_0504.jpg Photo
IMG_6291 Photo
IMG_6295 Photo
IMG_6326 Photo
FR214, Coconino NF
by davemills1939 on May 06, 2013
Clear Creek, Arizona, United States
11.5 miles

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