Popular Trips in Uvas Canyon

Popular Trips in Uvas Canyon
Swanson Creek Trail (Sveadal, California, United States) Photo
Unidentified falls (Sveadal, California, United States) Photo
More Swanson Creek (Sveadal, California, United States) Photo
Swanson Creek (Sveadal, California, United States) Photo
Uvas Canyon Waterfalls, 3-08-09
by tommangan on Mar 08, 2009
Sveadal, California, United States
5.3 miles
Uvas Canyon is one of the loveliest locales in the San Francisco Bay Area after a couple weeks of winter rains. I hiked 5.3 miles with 1476 feet of elevation gain over nearly four hours (lots of breaks for pictures and enjoying the scenery). Hike writeup at Two Heel Drive.
Black Rock Falls Photo
Upper Falls Photo
Basin Falls Photo
Hot House Site Photo
Uvas Canyon Six Falls Hike
by antonyw on Nov 28, 2010
Sveadal, California, United States
5.7 miles
A moderate hike to five of the park's named falls plus one bonus waterfall.  It had rained yesterday so I was hoping for at least some water in the falls,  Triple Falls was a bit disappointing and the others could use a few more storms to really get going.The hike starts from the main parking lot and takes the Waterfall Loop Trail up to Black Rock Falls.  The other more picturesque side of...
ladybugs congregation Photo
Uvas Canyon rain hike
by Vaudesir on Jan 17, 2010
Sveadal, California, United States
5.4 miles
Sam (Sammydee) proposed Woody and I to go hiking in Uvas Canyon before the rain hits the Bay Area. I hike Knibbs Knob in 2007 but hadn't hike along the creek and the waterfalls since 2006. It was about time I pay a new visit to this park.It started raining a little bit when we arrived around 8 am, and rained harder as time went by. We were pretty drenched at the...
img_3849.jpg (Sveadal, California, United States) Photo
img_3853.jpg (Sveadal, California, United States) Photo
img_3856.jpg (Sveadal, California, United States) Photo
img_3857.jpg (Sveadal, California, United States) Photo
Uvas Canyon June 2009
by croyle on Jun 27, 2009
Morgan Hill, California, United States
5.5 miles
Waterfall Loop to the Contour Trail, then up the Alec Canyon trail, then up the side trail to Triple Falls and back, then Alec Canyon to where it ends at the old logging camp. We then reversed Alec Canyon trail back to the parking lot.Hot day, high of 100F or so in Morgan Hill.Note that the vertical up/down figures are very exaggerated, probably due to elevation spikes from iffy GPS reception.
First Trail Junction (Sveadal, California, United States) Photo
Great View (Sveadal, California, United States) Photo
Quickly Turns to Single-Track (Sveadal, California, United States) Photo
Winter Treescape (Sveadal, California, United States) Photo
Waterfall Hunting at Uvas Canyon County Park
by dano23 on Feb 28, 2009
Sveadal, California, United States
2.3 miles
Get your groovus on at Uvas County Park. Just after a few wintertime rains is a great time to seek out some waterfalls, and Uvas has them in spades. I had a great little loop hike starting up the Alec Canyon Trail, hanging a right on the Contour Trail and then picking up the Waterfall Loop Trail back home. First part of the hike is steep, strenuous and relatively quiet. I saw two...
P1090134.JPG Photo
P1090144.JPG Photo
P1090157.JPG Photo
P1090181.JPG Photo
Uvas Canyon Waterfalls
by calipidder on Jan 03, 2011
Sveadal, California, United States
4.5 miles
After the massive amounts of rain this past week I expected the Uvas waterfalls to be blasting. I definitely wasn't disappointed. this is a nice easy hike that goes past many of these falls.Additional Photos
DSC01504 Photo
DSC01505 Photo
DSC01510 Photo
DSC01514 Photo
Uvas Canyon 4-9-11
by crazyon2wheels on Apr 09, 2011
Sveadal, California, United States
5.5 miles
Came back to hike Uvas canyon today after tried last week and the park was closed.It was a nice hike with a lot of great views.Amazing that there are so many waterfalls in such a small area. Word of caution Dont hike up the Knobcone trail and expect views from the top.We made it up and were surrounded by trees with no real view.
Small waterfall Photo
Bay trees Photo
Bay trees Photo
Small waterfall Photo
Uvas Canyon and Knibbs Knob
by randyrml on Nov 25, 2011
Morgan Hill, California, United States
10.2 miles
Hiking trails in Uvas Canyon. The canyon is beautiful in fall even though the waterfalls are not running very well. Vivid mosses and lichens, and bay and maple leaves turning. Some nice views. Knibbs Knob trail is very steep and views from the knob are limited, but pretty good views from the trail. Worth the drive.
DSC00367.JPG Photo
DSC00368.JPG Photo
DSC00369.JPG Photo
DSC00370.JPG Photo
Uvas Canyon County Park - Waterfall Loop
by Achaetes on Mar 18, 2012
Morgan Hill, California, United States
5.3 miles
After the some pretty heavy downpours during the previous week, we thought water levels would be up and we could see some nice waterfalls.  We were right.  There's a guide and several trips on EveryTrail for the Waterfall Loop at Uvas Canyon County Park.  I usually search for another hiker's trip that I like, and then download their gpx file to follow.  But for this hike was better to just get a...
KnibsKnob_GE.png Photo
KnibsKnob_profile.png Photo
Knibs Knob Uvas Park
by jomebrew on Jun 02, 2013
Morgan Hill, California, United States
4.3 miles
Our first trip to Uvas Park.  I have been to the top of Knibs Knob at Mayman Flats but never on the actual trail.  I am building endurance for a summer backpacking trip so I filled my pack with 35lb of gear and came to conquer Knibs Knob.The weather was comfortable in the parking area.  We had a bit of difficulty finding the trailhead.  It is in the back of the youth...

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