Popular Trips in Three Sisters Wilderness

Popular Trips in Three Sisters Wilderness
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Summit Black Crater
by was on Aug 15, 2009
Sisters, Oregon, United States
8.4 miles
A great local hike with awesome views, Black Crater sits right above Sisters, Oregon and offers "front seat" views of about at least 8 volcanic mountains in the Oregon Cascades. (Hood, Jefferson, Three Finger Jack, North, Middle, and South Sister, and Broken Top)On the day of this hike the weather was gorgeous: sunny with only a bit of wind on the summit. The hike itself is steep and about 8 miles long. About a 2500...
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Broken Top Trail #10, Deschutes NF, Oregon
by landloper on Aug 22, 2008
Sisters, Oregon, United States
2.5 miles
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Broken Top
by Berechah on Nov 01, 2008
Bend, Oregon, United States
14.9 miles
This is my favorite trip.  The hike up to Green Lakes follows a stream with lots of small waterfalls.  The hike of the North Ridge of Broken Top is very cool, and the views are breathtaking.   Watch out for the signs -- they point the way to the South approach and mislead us (see our little detour on the track).
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"Threading the Needle" at Mt Bachelor
by was on Apr 04, 2009
Elk Lake, Oregon, United States
48 miles
24" of snow the week prior. Skied with friends Hank and Jeff for part of the day. Had some great off-piste runs, including hitting ~all of the 360o catchline road ("the eye") and dropping into the cirque thru the pinnacles ("threading"). Doing both in one day is what is called "threading the needle."Had one run with a manager at Mt Bachelor. Bert? Anyway he was a good skier and had a great run and...
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North/Middle Sister Loop
by trekkerdave on Aug 15, 2012
Sisters, Oregon, United States
40 miles
2012 Mid-August backpacking trip to Oregon’s Three Sisters Wilderness area, where we completed a 40 mile loop around Middle and North Sister. This trip had a little of everything; official and unofficial trails, high alpine meadows, rugged barren volcanic landscapes, dense forests, lakes surrounded by snow, and of course near continuous fantastic views of the Three Sisters and other surrounding lesser peaks. For more info and pictures see http://www.trekkerdave.com/#/content/BackpackingTrips/2012%20-%20Middle%20and%20North%20Sister%20Loop/.
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South Sister
by Berechah on Nov 01, 2008
Bend, Oregon, United States
11.4 miles
in 2007 I made this hike with my sons Daniel and Michael.  A couple of the pictures are really from my 2008 solo hike which was my 5th hike up the South Sister.
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Tam & Rim Lake, Deschutes NF, Oregon
by landloper on Aug 25, 2008
Sisters, Oregon, United States
4.1 miles
From Park Meadow trailhead, follow and abandoned canal to the Snow Creek Meadow foot trail, then leave the trail using GPS guideance to the foot of a blown-out ridge then on to a couple seldom visited alpine lakes.
South Sister 9-21-08 002 (Elk Lake, Oregon, United States) Photo
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South Sister Summit
by jonbellemore on Sep 20, 2008
Elk Lake, Oregon, United States
10.8 miles
I got to the Devil's Lake trail head and started on the South Sister Summit trail at about 10am.  It was hot at first in the woods but the wind was blowing like crazy about halfway up and then it started to snow.  I almost decided not to make the summit but I did.   Good trip but hard!
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Best day so far this year (ha ha)
by was on Jan 02, 2010
Bend, Oregon, United States
39 miles
2" of snow the night prior with storms expected to clear by the end of the day. Rime ice at higher elevations was keeping the summit and west-side lifts closed, so spend the majority of morning on Rainbow lift.After a late lunch discovered the west-side lifts were open. Had a few great runs over there. Operators were nice enough to give the benefit of the doubt on closing time and so got...
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Upper Snow Creek, Deschutes NF, OR
by landloper on Aug 28, 2009
Sisters, Oregon, United States
11.6 miles
12 mile, 8 hour hike partly on designated trails and overland exploring off trails requiring a GPS to navigate, this trek through mountain meadows and alpine lakes had some awesome vistas. Minimum elevation 6,000', maximum 7,300'. Although prepared for the worse, I was lucky to return to my starting point just before a good 4 hour storm delivered rain, wind and sounds of thunder to the area.

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