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Southwest National Park

Tasmania, Australia
Community Trips
P1000061.JPG (Catamaran, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000052.JPG (Catamaran, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000072.JPG (Catamaran, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
P1000065.JPG (Catamaran, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Tasmania - South Coast Track
by xc_nomad on Jan 02, 2009
Catamaran, Tasmania, Australia
14.6 miles
Hiking the first part of the famous South Coast Track in the south of Tasmania
02_Blandfordia Photo
03_On_Moraine_A__Alpha_Moraine_A Photo
Helicrysum on Hesperus Photo
08_Lake_Cygnus Photo
Western Arthur Range A-K
by PeterJF on Feb 16, 2009
Adamsfield, Tasmania, Australia
29 miles
It is 20 years since I did the full traverse of the Western Arthur Range, although I have made trips to parts of it and across to the Norolds since.   It came as no surprise that it would now take longer for the journey now than then, nevertheless it still made me wonder how we could have done some of the sections in the times recorded back then.   Just goes to show how you slow down as time...
IMG_3129 Agastachys and Promontory Lake.JPG Photo
IMG_3145 Promontory Lake.JPG Photo
IMG_3148 Promontory Lake and Carina.JPG Photo
IMG_3164 Morning View over Promontory Lake.JPG Photo
Aldebaran Western Arthur Range
by PeterJF on Feb 05, 2010
Adamsfield, Tasmania, Australia
13.1 miles
Friday lunch time start with a camp at Two Mile Creek. Then followed a hard day, initially along the track before turning off to cross the Arthur Plains to the base of Kappa Moraine.  It was quite  a stiff climb up the steep side to the track then a  steady ascent to the Vesta junction where we set up tents, scoured the area for water and then set out to climb Carina...
 Pencil Pines in Saddle Photo
Trunk  Photo
Snow gum woodland Photo
Pandani Photo
Mount Bridges
by PeterJF on Jan 25, 2012
Mt Field, Tasmania, Australia
5.0 miles
This is a variation to the usual Tarn Shelf walk as it leaves the main shelf  to cross a saddle to the prominent peak overlooking Lake Seal.   There is also a fault line that can be entered  for a close up view.The walk does involve a bit of a trudge up to the Mawson Plateau and the return is back the same way.  From Lake Dobson the good quality track follows the...
Site_of_old_hut Photo
Old_rainforest Photo
Original bridge on the track Photo
View_to_canopy_of_myrtle Photo
Upper Old Hartz Track
by PeterJF on Mar 12, 2009
Geeveston, Tasmania, Australia
2.4 miles
Access to the Old Hartz Track is best from the original Hartz Peak track that commences just prior to the where the road divides at the road head  parking area.   It leads down past one of the Arve River tributary streams before arriving at an open spot where the old hut stood.   The Old Hartz or Kermandie Track, as it sometimes known, starts immediately to the east through tea tree bushes and...
Huge Eucalypy Timbs_Track (Adamsfield, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Through_the_Canopy_Upper_florentine (Adamsfield, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
The_Thumbs (Adamsfield, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Eucalypt_trunk_Adamsfield_Track Photo
Upper Florentine
by PeterJF on Mar 20, 2009
Adamsfield, Tasmania, Australia
3.0 miles
This walk which takes about 1:45 each way passes through magnificent old forest of the Upper Florentine that are threatened with logging and then follows the historic Adamsfield Track to Churchill HutA more informative description is to follow shortly
09 South East Cape.JPG Photo
11 South Cape Rivulet.JPG Photo
15 South Cape Rivulet.JPG Photo
View to Sth Cape Rivulet (Catamaran, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
South Cape Rivulet
by PeterJF on Apr 22, 2009
Catamaran, Tasmania, Australia
6.2 miles
Our plan to spend four days in the Walls was replaced with two days to South Cape Rivulet, simply because the north west was expecting rain for the last days.   The weather was absolutely ideal with clear skies and quite calm wind on both days.  Late in the afternoon a group of about 12 from a Cygnet school arrived  , but as we had the small campsite a little distant from the...
IMG_7835 Photo
IMG_7836 Photo
IMG_7837 Photo
IMG_7838 Photo
20071214 Russell Falls - Mt Field National Park - Derwent Valley - Tasmania
by ttimothy on Dec 14, 2007
National Park, Tasmania, Australia
2.1 miles
From Rodway range (Kallista, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Mt Field West (Kallista, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Florentine Peak and Clemes Tarn (Kallista, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
POencil POines and Florentine Peak (Kallista, Tasmania, Australia) Photo
Clemes Tarn Mt Field
by PeterJF on Oct 28, 2009
Fitzgerald, Tasmania, Australia
5.3 miles
From Lake Dobson the good quality track follows the shoreline before climbing gently on the Urquhart Track to meet the jeep road.  This 4wd track is not the ideal way to get to the alpine area of Mt Field, but at the moment is the only way up from this area.  A walking track leaves this near a ski lodge and meets a boardwalk that goes most of the way to a...
peter and lake oberon Photo
IMG_1184 Panorama.jpg Photo
Geoff on top of West Portal Photo
IMG_1281 Panorama.jpg Photo
Western Arthurs Full Traverse
by geoffmallo on Feb 01, 2009
Adamsfield, Tasmania, Australia
49 miles
Full traverse by Peter and Geoff of the Western Arthurs. The weather was remarkably great.

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