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Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado, United States
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Blue Lake
A hike within the Roosevelt National Forest
5.3 mi/
8.5 km
The Loch
6.9 mile trail near Fall River Estates Subdivision, Colorado
6.9 mi/
11.1 km
Caribou 4x4 Road
Popular, mostly-easy route close to Boulder
8.6 mi/
13.8 km
Devil's Thumb Pass
Devil's Thumb Pass from the Hessie Trailhead
13.3 mi/
21 km
Miller Rock 4x4 Trail
Mix of easy and difficult terrain. Popular hiking area.
9.2 mi/
14.8 km
Bunce School Road, Ironclads, Plane Crash 4x4 Trails
Three different trails combined into one
13.6 mi/
22 km
Longs Peak / Chasm Lake
15.6 mile trail near Meeker Park, Colorado
15.6 mi/
25 km
Blue Lake
Blue Lake
Ward, Colorado, United States
Moderate: 5.3 miles, Half day
A hike within the Roosevelt National Forest
Devil's Thumb Pass
Devil's Thumb Pass
Nederland, Colorado, United States
Moderate: 13.3 miles, Full day
Devil's Thumb Pass from the Hessie Trailhead
Miller Rock 4x4 Trail
Miller Rock 4x4 Trail
Raymond, Colorado, United States
Difficult: 9.2 miles, Half day
Mix of easy and difficult terrain. Popular hiking area.
Longs Peak / Chasm Lake
Longs Peak / Chasm Lake
Meeker Park, Colorado, United States
Difficult: 15.6 miles, Full day
15.6 mile trail near Meeker Park, Colorado
The Loch
The Loch
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, United States
Moderate: 6.9 miles, Half day
6.9 mile trail near Fall River Estates Subdivision, Colorado
Caribou 4x4 Road
Caribou 4x4 Road
Nederland, Colorado, United States
Moderate: 8.6 miles, Half day
Popular, mostly-easy route close to Boulder
Bunce School Road, Ironclads, Plane Crash 4x4 Trails
Bunce School Road, Ironclads, Plane Crash 4x4 Trails
Peaceful Valley, Colorado, United States
Difficult: 13.6 miles, Half day
Three different trails combined into one
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Sky Pond (10,900'), RMNP
by jimlarkey on Aug 10, 2009
Beaver Point, Colorado, United States
9.1 miles
Located in Loch Vale of RMNP, striking views of granite towers, a hanging valley with alpine tarns, and a class-2 climb up the side of Timberline Falls.....what an enjoyable hike.  Along the way, you'll pass Alberta Falls, one of RMNP's popular destinations.  You pass along the west shore of The Loch.  Soon after The Loch, Timberline Falls will come into view.Climb Timberline Falls on the west side, and if the flow is not...
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IMG_0916_hf.jpg Photo
IMG_0922_hf.jpg Photo
IMG_0930_hf.jpg Photo
Emerald Lake, RMNP
by jimlarkey on Oct 28, 2008
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, United States
2.7 miles
Glacier Creek Photo
Alberta Falls Photo
Fall is Here Photo
Bear, The Loch, Haiyaha, Dream, Nymph Lake Loop
by phpjeff on Sep 17, 2010
Estes Park, Colorado, United States
7.0 miles
Crystal clear, temps in the 70's, aspens changing, you couldn't ask for a more perfect day for a hike in RMNP. Originally it was meant to be an out and back from Bear Lake to The Loch. We decided to detour towards Lake Haiyaha on our way back, giving us a chance to see Dream and Nymph as we dropped back down to Bear Lake. This seven mile loop is a wonderful way...
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Twin Sisters Hike
by jimlarkey on Jun 24, 2008
Meeker Park, Colorado, United States
7.2 miles
Great views of Longs Peak (Elev 14,259'), Mt. Meeker (13,911’), Mt Lady Washington (13,281'), as well as Powell Pk (13,208’) and Estes Cone (11,006')....well worth the climb.  You will catch a glimpse of Longs Pk's "Diamond", as well as Estes Park to the north, and Indian Peaks to the south.The trailhead is well marked, with adequate parking.  The trail climbs 2.5 mi.s along switchbacks, through lodgepole forest, reaching a saddle between The...
CIMG2686. (Fall River Estates Subdivision, Colorado, United States) Photo
CIMG2657. (Fall River Estates Subdivision, Colorado, United States) Photo
CIMG2646. (Fall River Estates Subdivision, Colorado, United States) Photo
CIMG2633. (Fall River Estates Subdivision, Colorado, United States) Photo
Tyndall Glacier, and Dream, Emerald, Nymph and Haiyaha
by keggman12 on Aug 03, 2008
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, United States
6.2 miles
G and I left the house around 630 am and headed up to rocky mountain national park to see Tyndall Glacier.  I dont think I ever saw it unless it was one of the snow piles by emerald lake!
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IMG_13150.JPG Photo
IMG_13157.JPG Photo
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Chasm Lake (11,800'), RMNP
by jimlarkey on Oct 23, 2009
Meeker Park, Colorado, United States
8.7 miles
Chasm Lake is tucked in below Longs Peak (14,255')  "Diamond" Face.  It offers some outstanding views of Longs summit, the "Loft", "Lambs Slide", the "Ships Prow", and surrounding minor peaks like Estes Cone, Twin Sisters, Mt Lady Washington.  The trail to Chasm Lake is well worth the 2400' climb. We had great weather for the climb.  We met a couple on Mills Moraine that were descending from overnighting at Chasm Meadow.  They were wearing crampons,...
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Lily Mountain Trail, Roosevelt National Forest
by jimlarkey on Dec 02, 2008
Beaver Point, Colorado, United States
4.1 miles
 You'll see views of Longs Peak, Mt Meeker, Twin Sisters, Meadow, St. Vrain Mtns.  Also the Mummy Range, and the Continental Divide from McHenrys Peak to Flattop Mtn.Lily Mtn (9,786') is only a 2 mile hike on a well-maintained trail; great for a 1/2-day hike to strech your legs.  The summit offers some awesome views that you would not expect from the view of the summit from the highway.  You'll also...
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Rocky Mountain NP: Lakes, lakes, lakes!
by sammydee on Jun 15, 2010
Fall River Estates Subdivision, Colorado, United States
6.6 miles
I still remember my first trip to Bear Lake ... 42 years ago.  It made a big impression on a kid from Kansas.  I was really happy to make a return visit!When planning this trip, I didn't know how much time we would have, and how we would react to hiking at this elevation.  So my Plan A objective was to make it up to Dream and Emerald Lakes. I am sure...
IMG_4571 (Fall River Estates Subdivision, Colorado, United States) Photo
IMG_4572 (Fall River Estates Subdivision, Colorado, United States) Photo
IMG_4573 (Fall River Estates Subdivision, Colorado, United States) Photo
IMG_4574 (Fall River Estates Subdivision, Colorado, United States) Photo
Bierstadt and Bear Lake loop with Alberta Falls
by mhsundstrom on Jun 13, 2009
Beaver Point, Colorado, United States
5.9 miles
This loop worked out nicely since the shuttle bus started running this weekend. After circling the lake, I went to Bear Lake and circled it as well, then made a trip up to Alberta Falls before coming back to catch the shuttle bus at Glacier Gorge. 
IMG_12526.JPG (Ward, Colorado, United States) Photo
IMG_12531.JPG (Ward, Colorado, United States) Photo
IMG_12533.JPG (Ward, Colorado, United States) Photo
IMG_12537.JPG (Ward, Colorado, United States) Photo
Mt Audubon (13,223'), Brainard Lake Recreation Area, CO
by jimlarkey on Jul 31, 2009
Ward, Colorado, United States
7.7 miles
Mt. Audubon's elevation ranks 458 out of 583 13ers in Colorado, not outstanding.  But the views along the trail to the summit are wonderful.  You'll be hiking above treeline for most of the trip, so your views along the trail will be unobstructed.  Looking W'ly from Audubon's summit, , you'll see the Continental Divide and Indian Peaks' landmarks such as Paiute Peak, Mt Toll, Pawnee Peak, and Apache Peak.  Looking 11 mi.s to...

Lush, green, beautiful, grand, crowded.
Visited on Jul 09, 2015

by dukeredhair on Jul 17, 2015
Beautiful. Then and on a previous visit about 2 months earlier, saw several big animals.
Visited on Sep 28, 2014

by martnkel on Oct 27, 2014
Its absolutely beautiful, only drawback was you can not hike with your dog. We've made several road trips to RMNP especially when friends or family come to visit.
Visited on Apr 30, 2014

by on Jun 18, 2016
Yep, Loved it.

Loved the very romantic world of Della Terra.

Visited on Sep 20, 2013

by pete8924 on Dec 28, 2014
Had to leave early because of floods. Liked the little bit we got to do.
Visited on Sep 11, 2013

by DaveandMary on Sep 17, 2013
We saw park rangers at many of the scenic overlooks with artifacts and stories of the area.
Visited on Aug 13, 2013

by kacosta1 on Aug 09, 2014
Always awesome up at RMNP
Visited on Jun 07, 2013

by craftf on Jun 14, 2013
We live in, love, love it
Visited on Jan 05, 2013

by jeanine.mayer on Jan 05, 2013
Nice trails but nothing spectacular
Visited on Nov 29, 2012

by calgabelman on May 12, 2013
spent the day with friends hiking out and back to sky pond.
Visited on Sep 29, 2012

by poconnor on Feb 22, 2015
We stayed in Loveland and drove each day to the park. I would recommend staying in Estes Park if you're hardcore, gonna get out on the trails each day at the crack of dawn. However, Loveland was very friendly, good hotels, lots of great places to eat.
Visited on Sep 15, 2012

by scgodsey on Jan 18, 2013
I ride over Trailridge on by Harley each summer on my birthday!
Visited on Jul 16, 2012

by DanLManzanares on Aug 31, 2012
Hi Country Stables offers a variety of tours to see RMNP by horseback. Highly recommended.
Visited on Jul 15, 2012

by carbonspace on Jun 05, 2013
Great trip, views and animals
Visited on Jun 10, 2012

by mwriddle on Jun 25, 2013
Did have a whole lot of time to actually explore as much as I would like, but a very nice place to go for hiking. Especially with dogs!
Visited on Jun 05, 2012

by kristen.wedul on Oct 07, 2012
Good experience, close to home. Beautiful scenery. Want to go on the West side of the park next trip
Visited on May 28, 2012

by Ronin2211 on Jun 09, 2012
Beautiful with lots of backcountry hiking for all abilities.
Visited on Oct 20, 2011

by mlz2000 on Dec 17, 2011
RMNP is one of the better parks in my opinion and not just cause I live here. The trails are great.
Visited on Sep 28, 2011

by jimilagro on Sep 30, 2011
Had a great time the park campsite were pretty full, we made it out to Timber Creek. Great camping spots. At around 1700hrs ate dinner and watched a heard of about 45 elk come through he campsite as we ate. The girls loved it and counted each elk as they pass. Even tho Timber Creek is far, its deff worth the drive there. Nice quite family camping. Remember to bring a fishing rod, the stream is only a 5 min drive away and the kids loved it.
Visited on Sep 04, 2011

by Bushcraft101 on Mar 12, 2012
This place is great. You can stay on the paved road with visiting folks, or get on the trail for the very best of the Rocky Mountain landscape.
Visited on Jul 31, 2011

by battman919 on Aug 01, 2011
Was awesome, great weather most of the time, although the snow was still quite deep in areas!
Visited on Jun 23, 2011

by weathercrazy on Aug 12, 2011
Great camping, but make reservations during peak season.
Visited on Jun 10, 2011

by mlagodna on Apr 21, 2013
A place with different trees, sounds, rocks/boulders, lakes, and elevation to gain. Someone once said this is God's country.
Visited on Jun 01, 2011

by pixiewolfe on Nov 23, 2011
Snowshoe trip from Glacier Gorge trailhead to Black Lake, 10 mile round trip. Excellent variety of terrains and vistas. Strenuous at times with wonderful pine-scented mountain air, peaceful and serene, but be prepared for wind at times.
Visited on Mar 02, 2011

by coloradoengineer on Mar 21, 2011
Fantastic trip! We hiked and climbed the area of the Alluvial Fan at Horseshoe Park, site of the great washout of July 15, 1982 when 39 million gallons of water washed down the Roaring River.
Visited on Jan 16, 2011

by wakingstorm on Feb 04, 2011
Beautiful during the winter. Make sure to check the weather forecast and trail conditions.
Visited on Dec 10, 2010

by Chconrad on Mar 20, 2011
Beautiful in fall when all the leaves are changing colors
Visited on Sep 30, 2010

by jrwisniewski on Feb 17, 2011
Fall leaves and great trails. No better places to take in a little Fall than RMNP.
Visited on Sep 17, 2010

by phpjeff on Feb 03, 2011
Mirror Lake Trail is great, good spot to picnic and hang out.
Visited on Aug 28, 2010

by Shredware on May 08, 2011
An absolutely beautiful park full of wildlife and endless photo opportunities.
Visited on Jul 17, 2010

by Lifes2Short on Dec 26, 2012
Still had plenty of snow at the top of Twin Sisters, didn't bring snowshoes and had to turn back before the end. Great trail, though.
Visited on Jun 05, 2010

by Wanderer321 on Dec 22, 2011
Amazing beauty with endless miles of trails for every type of hiker. Can't wait to get back there someday.
Visited on Jul 22, 2009

by AceandNell on Apr 19, 2011
Must see park in Colorado! Hiked several of the "easy" trails while in the park. Beautiful scenery and a ton of wildlife.
Visited on Sep 10, 2008

by passinmeby77 on Jun 11, 2011
My first trip into RMNP as an adult was great. Climbed 7 peaks greater than 14k feet in seven days, got married just outside the park, and then spent my honeymoon hiking more!
Visited on Jul 21, 2008

by autarkis on Jan 13, 2011
Great place to go early morning in the fall to see Elk and hear them bugle
Visited on Sep 15, 1999

by Jldubu on Sep 28, 2011
this was the first park i visited when i moved to colorado!~ it's also where i saw my first moose!~ absolutely a must see in colorado!~

by slopeside on Aug 04, 2013
Only 4 stars since they don't allow dogs

by drmwvr2246 on Jun 29, 2013
Bring your camera, wear layers, wear your hiking boots whether you're planning to or not, and *everyone* in the car must wear a seatbelt while inside the park - it's a federal law we discovered the hard way!

by Vicki5280 on Jul 22, 2012
Obviously its gogeous.

by Celestron2000 on Jul 28, 2011

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