Pecos Wilderness

New Mexico, United States
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This wilderness area in the Santa Fe national forest has a great variety of high peaks and ridges, pocketed lakes, and cascading creeks. Access points on all sides provide ample recreation opportunities, while the large size of the area makes solitude possible.
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Evening trail Photo
Puerto Nambe Photo
Climbing Santa Fe Baldy Photo
Getting High Photo
Santa Fe Baldy Loop
by cyberhobo on Jun 07, 2009
Winsor Creek Summer Home, New Mexico, United States
18.8 miles
We make a loop including some of the best peaks and lakes in the Pecos Wilderness accessible from the Santa Fe ski basin. Unexpected wind and cold make the time up high feel a little rushed, but the views are just as grand.
Aspen Pockets Photo
Aspen After Burn Photo
Gamel Oak and Aspen Photo
Roadside Aspen Photo
Borrego Mesa / Truchas Peak Loop
by cyberhobo on Sep 28, 2008
Truchas, New Mexico, United States
22 miles
As a long day hike I make a loop of the high and low trails from Borrego Mesa campground to Truchas Peak. The aspen are just hitting their full fall color.
Trampas Trailhead (El Valle, New Mexico, United States) Photo
Trampas Lakes Sign Photo
Lower Trampas Lake Photo
Lower Trampas Lakes Photo
Trampas Lakes - Pecos Wilderness
by akajut on Nov 11, 2007
Las Vegas, New Mexico, United States
32 miles
Pecos Baldy Lake (Geronimo, New Mexico, United States) Photo
Pecos Baldy Lake Panorama (Geronimo, New Mexico, United States) Photo
IMG_0056. (Geronimo, New Mexico, United States) Photo
Pecos Baldy Lake (Geronimo, New Mexico, United States) Photo
Pecos Baldy Lake - Sangre de Cristo Mountains
by akajut on Nov 29, 2007
Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
10.6 miles
Gate (El Valle, New Mexico, United States) Photo
Wilderness Boundary (El Valle, New Mexico, United States) Photo
San Leonardo Lake Photo
Gentian - what kind? Photo
Sheep's Head Peak Loop
by cyberhobo on Aug 14, 2008
El Valle, New Mexico, United States
14.1 miles
Tom Hickey takes me on one of his favorite hikes.
Black Canyon trailhead Photo
Bench Photo
Dad at the apex Photo
Apex Picnic Table Photo
Hyde Memorial State Park Circle Trail
by cyberhobo on Sep 20, 2008
Tesuque, New Mexico, United States
2.2 miles
Leaving from a campsite in the Black Canyon forest service campground, three of us have a nice afternoon hike on this state park trail.
On the Trail (Vallecitos, New Mexico, United States) Photo
On the way up the Middle Fork Trail (Vallecitos, New Mexico, United States) Photo
I Killed It Photo
Campsite Photo
North & Middle Fork Lakes - Sangre de Cristo Mountains
by akajut on Nov 30, 2007
Las Vegas, New Mexico, United States
Backpacking | 14.8 miles
IMG_19634.JPG Photo
IMG_19471.JPG Photo
IMG_19475.JPG Photo
IMG_19478.JPG Photo
North Truchas Peak (13,024'), 6-Day Backpack, Pecos Wilderness
by jimlarkey on Aug 25, 2011
Pecos, New Mexico, United States
33 miles
Our destination was a 2-night stay at Truchas Lakes (11,870'), with a final climb of North Truchas Peak (13,024').  What surprised me, was the lush valleys we trekked...thinking New Mexico is a dry, desert state.  We experienced in the Pecos Wilderness the same monsoonal pattern that we see in July-August in the high-country of Colorado.Lush stands of Englemann spruce, Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, and Aspens in some of the old burn areas. ...
P1020458.jpg Photo
P1020533.jpg Photo
P1020536.jpg Photo
P1020555.jpg Photo
La Vega (Pecos Wilderness) Backpacking
by colokeith on Jun 01, 2011
Rio en Medio, New Mexico, United States
6.9 miles
This was a two night back packing trip in La Vega Meadow, and a climb of Santa Fe Baldy.  The distance on the track is one way.  For a detailed trip report please visit (
End of a long uphill hike Photo
Pecos Baldy Lake Photo
East Pecos Baldy Summit Photo
Twilight Photo
East Pecos Baldy Weekend
by willduggins on Aug 13, 2010
Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico, United States
8.3 miles

Pecos Wilderness is beautiful and accessible, but if you're seeking some isolation it's probably not your best choice. We encountered many other hikers on the trails; even a couple at the top of Santa Fe Baldy, which definitely a stenuous climb. Still, the area offers so many trails, lakes and peaks that I recommend it highly any time of year.
Visited on Sep 07, 2013

by jstvglass on Oct 21, 2013
Prepare for rain this time of year
Visited on May 15, 2013

by Highline on Aug 19, 2013
I use to hike in the Pecos when I was a kid. I forgot how beautiful it is.
Visited on Oct 02, 2012

by Fritzd on Nov 25, 2012
Great location for backpacking. Wonderful scenery and solitude in some areas.
Visited on Jun 01, 2011

by colokeith on Jul 07, 2011
One of my favorite places. The valley down below the Truchas Peaks (North, Medio and West) where the Rio Quemado falls are is fantastic.
Visited on Mar 23, 2011

by paddyr on Mar 25, 2011
Absolutely beautiful country! Afternoon thunderstorms form in an instant but generally clear off by 4 or 5 pm.
Visited on Aug 13, 2010

by willduggins on Jun 08, 2011

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