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England, United Kingdom
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Oxford is a city, and the county town of Oxfordshire, in South East England. The city has a population of just under 165,000, with 151,000 living within the district boundary. The rivers Cherwell and Thames
run through Oxford and meet south of the city centre. For a distance of
some 10 miles (16 km) along the river, in the vicinity of Oxford, the
Thames is known as The Isis.
Buildings in Oxford demonstrate an example of every British architectural period since the arrival of the Saxons, including the iconic, mid-18th century Radcliffe Camera. Oxford is known as the "city of dreaming spires", a term coined by poet Matthew Arnold in reference to the harmonious architecture of Oxford's university buildings. The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world.[1]
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Around Oxford
by fcrump on Nov 13, 2011
Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
4.0 miles
A wander round the city of Oxford.
photo1.jpg Photo
by choney on Nov 20, 2008
0.0 miles
PICT3219.JPG Photo
PICT3222.JPG Photo
[20080527] UK-Stagecoach Oxford 7C (EB) - High Street to Headington
by John Shum on May 27, 2008
Marston, England, United Kingdom
Bus / Coach | 2.4 miles
This is a GPS recording during a bus ride from High Street, Oxford to Headington, Oxford, operated by Stagecoach Oxford as 7C.This is a selection of my recording during my journey to United Kingdom in Spring 2008.
PICT2659.JPG Photo
PICT2660.JPG Photo
PICT2662.JPG Photo
PICT2664.JPG Photo
[20080527] UK-Brookes Bus U5 (WB) - Headington (Windmill Rd.) to Paul Kent Hall
by John Shum on May 27, 2008
Headington, England, United Kingdom
Bus / Coach | 1.6 miles
This is a GPS recording during a bus ride from Windmill Road, Headington, to Paul Kent Hall, Cowley, operated by Brookes Bus as U5.Paul Kent Hall is one of the hall I stay during my study.This is a selection of my recording during my journey to United Kingdom in Spring 2008.
Oxford_0.jpg Photo
Oxford_1.jpg Photo
Oxford_2.jpg Photo
Oxford_3.jpg Photo
by callum on Dec 28, 2009
Oxford, England, United Kingdom
1.3 miles
PICT7029.JPG Photo
PICT7033.JPG Photo
PICT7034.JPG Photo
PICT7035.JPG Photo
[20101027] Visiting Oxford, UK
by John Shum on Oct 27, 2010
Oxford, United Kingdom
7.9 miles
This is a GPS recording during my journey to Europe in autumn 2010.Oxford is my favourite city in United Kingdom, and as usual, it is my last place I visited before I return to Hong Kong.  This time, I focus in walk around the university area.
Eagle and Child.JPG Photo
The Lamb and Flag Passage.JPG Photo
Rhodes House and garden walk .JPG Photo
Wadham College Gate.JPG Photo
Oxford Day 1
by 1369jhl on Aug 07, 2013
2.7 miles
Classic 8.82 mile route
by bodie147 on Feb 07, 2008
Marston, England, United Kingdom
8.7 miles
Good run with a couple of testing uphills
Brookes Health Walk
by delsmore on Apr 04, 2008
Marston, England, United Kingdom
2.4 miles
by pwyowell on Sep 25, 2008
Summertown, England, United Kingdom
0.0 miles

You can spend all day in Oxford visiting many sites
Visited on Feb 04, 2013

by GARRYG on Apr 10, 2013
Can't park - forced onto "park and ride", horrible fumes from buses in the streets and the same old shops as everywhere else. Shan't be going back.
Visited on Sep 09, 2010

by chrisdepends on Jun 20, 2011
John Shum
Nice university city with historical academic buildings.

Visited on May 27, 2008

by John Shum on Feb 20, 2011
Parking in the city is difficult, so used park & ride. Visited Merton College and its library, then walked around the gardens - splendid.
Visited on Sep 30, 2000

by kfeltham on May 31, 2011

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