Olympic National Park

Washington, United States
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Hurricane Hill - Olympic National Park
With views of the Olympic Range, Puget Sound, and Vancouver Island, this hike is one to remember.
0.1 mi/
0.2 km
Hurricane Hill - Olympic National Park
Hurricane Hill - Olympic National Park
Olympic National Park, Washington, United States
Easy: 0.1 miles, 1-3 hours
With views of the Olympic Range, Puget Sound, and Vancouver Island, this hike is one to remember.
Community Trips
Pretty views of Olympic foothills Photo
Charles keeps heading up Photo
Nice views along Marmot Pass trail Photo
Charles making his way through a small scree field Photo
Marmot Pass Hike
by brianholsclaw on Jul 11, 2008
Quilcene, Washington, United States
11.8 miles
My fraternity brother Charles took a weekend trip to Seattle.  He and I went on a fantastic beautiful day-hike to Marmot Pass in the Olympic National Forest.
Sawtooth Ridge Photo
Peek Towards Puget Sound Photo
Heading Down Photo
Pablo and Goat Photo
Mt Ellinor, Olympic Range, Washington
by Pasha on Jul 28, 2007
Lilliwaup, Washington, United States
4.2 miles
My mother made this trip about 25 years ago, her first real summit. After she passed away in the spring of 2007, my brother and cousin and I decided to recreate the trip.
Visitors Center and Mt Olympus Photo
View East Photo
Klahhane Ridge
by kshawcroft on Sep 30, 2010
Port Angeles, Washington, United States
2.7 miles
A short hike from the Hurricane Ridge parking lot on the final summer-like day of the year in Western Washington. Trail continues far beyond our turnaround point.
20120812109P.JPG Photo
20120812112.JPG Photo
20120812116.JPG Photo
20120812118.JPG Photo
Hurricane ridge, Olympic National Park
by ant on Aug 12, 2012
Port Angeles, Washington, United States
3.1 miles
Hike around the Hurricane Ridge vistor center area.
20100529022.jpg Photo
20100529032.jpg Photo
20100529037.jpg Photo
20100529041.jpg Photo
Sol Duc Falls at Olympic National Park, WA, USA
by ant on May 29, 2010
Ovington, Washington, United States
2.4 miles
Sol Duc Falls is the most popular falls in the Olympic National Park. It is a good choice even on a rainy day:-)
Seven Lakes Basin Photo
Seven Lakes Basin
by PavelT on Jul 19, 2009
Ovington, Washington, United States
19.4 miles
See pictures javascript:nicTemp();
IMG_3923 (800x600).jpg Photo
IMG_3924 (800x600).jpg Photo
IMG_3925 (800x600).jpg Photo
IMG_3926 (800x600).jpg Photo
Mount Townsend
by EraSeek on Jul 23, 2011
Leland, Washington, United States
8.3 miles
An awesome trip to a mountaintop ridge with views of the Straights of JuanDeFuca, Victoria BC, Mt Baker, Glacier Peak, Seattle, Bangor, Mt Rainier, and Mt Adams, all from one spot. Glorious fog blown meadows, surrounded by snow capped peaks. And of course friends.
IMG_6751.JPG Photo
IMG_6767.JPG Photo
IMG_4127.JPG Photo
IMG_4132.JPG Photo
Two Hikes in Olympic National Park
by SingleTracks on Oct 19, 2010
12.9 miles
Olympic National Park has been a goal since we first conceived of this trip.  We were lucky to get there before winter closed in (we are fleeing south through the first big winter storm even as I type).  In fact we had perfect weather for some hiking on the rainforest side of the park.
DSCN1966.JPG Photo
DSCN1968.JPG Photo
20120812001.JPG Photo
20120812002.JPG Photo
Hurricane Hill, Olympic National Park
by ant on Aug 12, 2012
4.8 miles
This is a popular hike at the Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. The trail is easy and paved to the hill top.
T_0.jpg Photo
T_1.jpg Photo
T_2.jpg Photo
Wagonwheel Lake Trail at Staircase (partial)
by eheydrick on Aug 01, 2009
Lilliwaup, Washington, United States
1.6 miles
The sign at the trailhead says this trail is very steep and they are not kidding. This is one of the steepest trails in the Olympic National Park. Ed, Pavel, and I attempted to hike to the lake at the end of this trail. Gaining 3200' elevation in 2.9 miles, the trail cuts through some real rough terrain. After about an hour of grueling switchbacks we only made 0.8 miles. At that rate the trip would have...

A quick day trip via ferry from Seattle to Port Angeles and Hurricane Ridge. Hike up Hurricane Hill because it, of all hikes was free of snow. Fantastic Views!
Visited on May 31, 2016

by jimad on Jun 10, 2016
this past summer I ventured into the Olympics for the first time.
My first hike took me up to Mt Ellinor.
My second hike, which was an overnight-er took me up to Mt Deception. This hike was the real deal...lots of climbing, lots of amazing alpine sites and sounds. I will be returning to this place soon!
Mt Olympus is next for me ;-)

Visited on Nov 30, 2013

by wayphun on Nov 24, 2014
Nothing compares to the soaring mountains, lush and fragrant forests, and the shining seas to be seen from the views contained within the Olympic National Park. Seeing it from horseback only makes it better.
Visited on Nov 24, 2013

by Northaven on Nov 29, 2013
One of the most scenic places I have ever seen!
Visited on Jul 20, 2013

by konghot on Jul 23, 2013
Beautiful place. Wish I could spend more time there.
Visited on Sep 25, 2012

by felixch on Dec 01, 2012
Olympic National Park is one of my favorite National Parks. It combines beaches, rain forests, and high mountains in a remote setting. While National Park accommodations are seldom luxurious, Lake Crescent Lodge is highly recommended for its pleasant restaurant and bar situated on a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. Nothing better than quaffing a beer on the porch while watching the sun go down across the lake. Kalaloch Lodge is also recommended for its location right on the Pacific coast. Be sure to reserve one of the cabins directly overlooking the beach.

As to activities, we focused on hiking, birdwatching, and wildflower viewing. Highlights included visits to Hurricane Hill, Ruby Beach, and the Hoh River Valley. The lodge at Lake Quinault has a fine breakfast, and you can watch black-headed grosbeaks and Stellar Jays feeding at bird feeders right outside the restaurant window. I have (or shortly will) post descriptions of many of our hikes.

Because Olympic National is a huge park, be prepared for long drives if you plan to visit multiple parts of the park. We combined our visit to Olympic with a stay at Mount Rainier's Paradise Inn (another long drive). If you have the time, do not miss this added attraction. We went in late July and the wildflower show was simply amazing. Remember when planning a visit to these higher elevation areas that many of the trails will not be clear of snow until July or even August.

Visited on Jul 30, 2012

by bblanton on Nov 01, 2012
Whether you enjoy climbing or hiking, or perhaps river walking, seeing the ocean or just driving; The Olympic Peninsula has it all for you.
Visited on May 26, 2012

by VetteCrazy on Jun 18, 2012
Port Ludlow hiking club hikes the Olympics every other Friday year around. Hikes rate from easy to challenging, provide great vistas, old forests, lakes and rivers, waterfalls. Hikes from Duckabush to Spruce Railway - at least 30 more
Visited on Feb 14, 2011

by jariggen on Mar 13, 2011
Beautiful beaches, forests... Magic place.
Visited on Aug 16, 2010

by bertismo on Jun 21, 2011
Must see in the seattle area. Saw so many deers and amazing scenery!
Visited on Aug 01, 2010

by arumkang on Mar 23, 2011

by raised2b on Jul 14, 2013
I did the driving tour of Olypmic National Park loop a couple times and Neah Bay too. It's beautiful country but with few hotels on the Pacific side.

by hcMotoMan on Aug 15, 2011

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