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Mount Charleston, officially named Charleston Peak,[4] at 11,916 feet (3,632 m), is the highest of the Spring Mountains of Southern Nevada and the state's eighth highest mountain peak.[5] It is located about 35 miles (56 km) northwest of Las Vegas and is within the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, the Mount Charleston Wilderness and the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. Well separated from higher peaks by large, low basins, it is the most topographically prominent peak in the state, and the eighth most prominent peak in the contiguous United States.[6]-Wikipedia
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Mary Jane Falls, July 2009
by kdbhiker on May 14, 2011
Mount Charleston, Nevada, United States
3.5 miles
The start of the trail. Photo
View along the trail Photo
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Fletcher Canyon Trail, Mt Charleston, Nevada
by art.mergatroid on Jun 25, 2010
Mount Charleston, Nevada, United States
5.4 miles
Las Vegas is uncomfortably hot in June.  Escape is just a few miles to the northwest, though.  At about 7000 feet in altitude, it was just 73 degrees when I was there on June 25th.  The trail is not steep.  There are large Ponderosa pines along the trail and beautiful mountain scenery all around.  The trail eventually enters a narrow canyon.  That's where my GPS data logger started having trouble.  I continued...
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Cathedral Rock, Mt. Charleston
by swuastra on Sep 09, 2004
Mt Charleston, Nevada, United States
1.3 miles
My son and I hiked this trail one fall afternoon to see the fall foilage and enjoy the cool refreshing air. The view from the top is heavenly as the name implies!The hike begins following a wide gravel road as it slowly meanders upward through the pin- fir forest highlighted yellow with aspens. About half the way up the trail crosses a drainage which offers a magnificient three tiered waterfall when water is abundant. The trails heads...
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Trail Canyon Trail
by geobau on Aug 16, 2009
Mount Charleston, Nevada, United States
5.0 miles
Hiking the Trail Canyon trail. We ended up at the end of the trial and felt a bit unsatisfied, so we continued on the North Loop trail for a few miles before turning around. I used a Garmin Oregon 500t for this trip.
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Mary Jane/Big Falls Hike
by ccrumar on Jun 22, 2012
Mount Charleston, Nevada, United States
8.7 miles
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Cockscomb Photo
Kyle Canyon Photo
Stanley B Springs Loop
by LVHiker on Jul 14, 2011
Mount Charleston, Nevada, United States
2.9 miles
This is a partial loop hike in Kyle Canyon at Mount Charleston.  The parking area is past the second street that comes out of the Rainbow Subdivision.  There is a large parking area with no signs.  There are several large boulders so you don't drive in too far.The hike goes up a wash and there is some boulder scrambling.  After the first 1/3 mile, you join and old mining road and hike...
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Cockscomb Ridge (Mt Charleston)
by Clan_Doyle on Aug 31, 2009
Mt Charleston, Nevada, United States
7.1 miles
An excellent hike.  We parked at the Trail Canyon trailhead, and hiked to the juncture of that trail and the North Loop.  After going up the North Loop to grab a cache, we headed south across Cockscomb Ridge.  There was some pretty rough rock climbing to get to the summit, but we made it. We then joined back up with the nonclimbers in outr group and came back the same way. All in all, a...
Charelston Peak - Spring Mountain Recreation Area
by MHorbal on Aug 09, 2008
Mount Charleston, Nevada, United States
18.4 miles
South Loop trail to Summit
Mary Jane Falls
by knutella on Aug 29, 2009
Mount Charleston, Nevada, United States
4.3 miles
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Cathedral Rock (Mt Charleston)
by Clan_Doyle on Aug 30, 2009
Mount Charleston, Nevada, United States
4.6 miles
This was an amazing hike.  The whole family went, and though it was tough in some places, even the our 6 year old made it without difficulty.  There were many excellent views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.In typical Clan Doyle fashion, we wandered off the main trail somehow, but we had a great time with all the scrambling.  We definately recommend this hike for families.

I enjoy hiking at Mount Charleston in the summer when temperatures in Las Vegas are in the 100s. It's about 20 degrees cooler on the mountain. Stop in at the Spring Mountain Visitor Center on Kyle Canyon Road for pamphlets on hiking trails if you don't know where they are.
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by LVHiker on Jul 23, 2011
great place love it++
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by Nyloncoretransmissionbelting on Mar 27, 2014
there is so overmuch healthiness at this send
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by fitnessequipments on May 20, 2014
the place and folks ar superb
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by multigymequip on May 20, 2014
Short hike to the top of Cathedral Rock for a spectacular view.
Visited on Sep 09, 2004

by swuastra on Apr 01, 2012
Great place for adventures
Visited on Jun 07, 2001

by gymequipment on May 20, 2014

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