Mammoth Cave National Park

Kentucky, United States
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Mammoth Cave National Park is a U.S. National Park in central Kentucky, encompassing portions of Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system known in the world. The official name of the system is the Mammoth-Flint Ridge Cave System for the ridge under which the cave has formed. The park was established as a national park on July 1, 1941. It became a World Heritage Site on October 27, 1981, and an international Biosphere Reserve on September 26, 1990.The park's 52,835 acres (21,382 ha) are located primarily in Edmonson County, Kentucky, with small areas extending eastward into Hart County and Barren County. It is centered around the Green River, with a tributary, the Nolin River, feeding into the Green just inside the park. With a confirmed 365 miles of passageways it is by far the world's longest known cave system, being well over twice as long as the second longest cave system, which is South Dakota's Jewel Cave with 145 miles of passageways.
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River Styx Spring Trail, Mammoth Cave National Park
by philipc on Oct 30, 2010
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, United States
1.9 miles
Since we were not sure whether the Mammoth Cave National Park is Central Time, we got up an hour earlier (by accident) and expected the cave was in EST.  We arrived at the park two hours earlier than expected. As our spelunking tour was at 230pm, we still had time for other activities so we decided to have a short walk along the River Styx Spring Trail. This is a short wheelchair accessible trail...
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Sal Hollow & Buffalo Trail - MACA
by apex01 on Feb 20, 2010
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, United States
10.9 miles
This trip was the first of 6 hikes for scouts in our troop working on the Hiking merit badge. They have to complete 5 10-mile hikes and a 20-mile hike, each on its own day. For out first trek, I chose the Sal Hollow because it is one of my favorite trails in Mammoth Cave NP. The weather was perfect, clear blue skies and temps in the mid-high 50's. We only saw...
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Introduction to Caving Tour, Mammoth Cave National Park
by philipc on Oct 30, 2010
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, United States
Spelunking | 0.8 miles
Mammoth Cave National Park is the world’s most extensive cave system.  At present, there are 395 miles of passage ways.  The park is still continuing to discover more passages.  At Mammoth Cave, a number of ranger-led tours were offered for visitors looking for different difficulty levels ranging from “Easy” to “Very Strenuous”.  We can’t go inside the caves by ourselves.   The rangers will lead the hike or spelunk with a group of...
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Grand Avenue Tour, Mammoth Cave National Park
by philipc on Oct 31, 2010
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, United States
3.6 miles
The Grand Avenue Tour is the longest hiking tour offered by the Mammoth Cave National Park.  It takes about 4 ½ hours to hike 4 miles inside the cave.  The park classifies this hike as “Physically Demanding” but in fact, the ranger led us at a slow pace and there were a lot of rest stops including lunch breaks and washroom breaks to accommodate everybody.  Yes, lunch at a cafeteria inside the...
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Green River Bluffs Trail, Mammoth Cave National Park
by philipc on Oct 31, 2010
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, United States
3.2 miles
Finished the 4 1/2 hours Grand Ave Tour at 3pm.  Classified in the park brochure as ‘physically demanding’, this 4-mile hike inside the cave was far from strenuous as advertised.  After finishing the tour, as we still had time and energy left, we decided to hike the Green River Bluffs Trail to log another 5 km before calling off a day. We walked down the same path from the Visitor Centre to the...
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Green River Ferry
by DUL on Aug 07, 2013
Ferry | 0.1 miles
This ferry crosses the Green River in Mammoth Cave National Park.
Green River Ferry Photo
Canoeing the Green River Photo
Canoeing the Green River Photo
Turnhole Spring and Cave Photo
Mammoth Cave National Park - Green River
by augie754 on Sep 10, 2015
17.9 miles
10th annual camping tripVideo - Green River View at Base CampVideo - Base Camp
MACA Buffalo Trail & Sal Hollow
by apex01 on May 09, 2009
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, United States
5.5 miles
Our weekend trip to Mammoth Cave. Starting at the Maple Springs Loop, we trekked down the Buffalo Trail, then turned on the Sal Hollow Trail. Camped at the Sal Hollow campsite, then continues along the Sal Hollow Trail until we had to turn around at a flooded creek. No crossing. Sooooo, we turned around and backtracked to the car.
Horse Back Trail into Mammoth Cave National Park
by grandcanyonlovers on Dec 30, 1989
Stockholm, Kentucky, United States
5.6 miles
Took the girls to Mammoth Cave for their birthdays. Although the highlight of the trip was spelunking, we also went for a horse back ride.
Mammoth Cave National Park - Big Hollow (North and South Loops)
by bsotomay on Aug 14, 2015
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, United States
12.8 miles

I stayed at the trails near the visitors center and they were gorgeous. Did not take the tour, but I think I will in the future since I live so close. Gorgeous park. Deer were just off the trail and were mostly undisturbed by my presence.
Visited on Nov 09, 2013

by sgtmwa325 on Nov 15, 2013
Beautiful park! Lots of trails, backpack backcountry trail camping locations. It even has a hotel, cabins, some more rustic than others. Biking, horseback riding and hiking trails throughout. There also seems to be kayak/canoe rental places outside the park that looks like fun.
Visited on Aug 18, 2013

by WoodChuck on Aug 19, 2013
It was ok. Crowded, had to wait on tours for caves. I would go again but I would plan better.
Visited on May 05, 2013

by DWesleyDavis on Feb 17, 2015
Bring jacket, it is cold down the caves :)
Visited on Nov 30, 2011

by amtpls on Mar 11, 2013
Do the 2 hour cave tour (I can't remember the name). It is fantastic!
Visited on Nov 30, 2011

by dbockian on May 24, 2012
Took the family. A very nice place.
Visited on Feb 24, 2011

by finddave on Feb 24, 2011
Excellent place to get away and do a long day trip or take more tails and turn it into an over night trip.
Visited on Feb 21, 2010

by Muzzyman76 on Feb 26, 2013
there are many cave tours nearby attractions such as Kentucky Down Under and the Corvette Museum.

Visited on Aug 31, 2002

by mikygar on May 06, 2013
Live within 30 miles of Mammoth Cave NP and spend almost every weekend for the last 15 years paddling the river that feeds the park. It is an awesome park to hike in also, with too many rock formations and sincs to count. Oh yes and then there is the cave!
Visited on Jan 01, 1998

by Paddle1963 on Jan 26, 2014
Just go. You will enjoy it.
Visited on May 08, 1990

by eric947 on Jun 12, 2012
Nice foliage.. Fun trails to walk..

by mobilemrbill on Nov 04, 2014
It's been years since I have visited the caves, but it was a memorable experience. Mother nature has created some beautiful sites to see underground. The stories of how the caves were discovered and explored was interesting to say the least. Very fun experience, and the kids will love it.

by steve.arsenault1960 on May 25, 2012

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