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Kelso Dunes Wilderness

California, United States
Community Trips
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Attempt at Granite Peak in the Mojave National Preserve
by Arateva on Apr 23, 2009
Flynn, California, United States
6.0 miles
Have wanted to hike to the top of the Granite Mountains since I first camped at its base 15 years ago.  The primary purpose of this trip, other than to escape the madness of urban living, was to finally hike to its peak.  Well I didn't accomplish this goal as I realized that you cannot go from a desk job to hiking a mountain without some serious training.  Not that I was out...
Kelso Dunes
by heikster on Feb 02, 2009
Flynn, California, United States
3.1 miles
Kelso Dunes - Mojave National Preserve
by Vaudesir on Nov 28, 2009
Flynn, California, United States
2.0 miles
An exhausting walk in the sand of the Kelso Dunes at Sunset.This is an awesome place. The sand allows for many animal tracks to be visible. The most fun are the Kangaroo Rat tracks. You see two rear feet next to each other with a straight line between them. The line is left by the rat's tail.Walking in the sand was very exhausting, all the more since there were dozens of up...

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