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Joshinetsu Kogen National Park

Nagano, Japan
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Jigokudani Onsen
by autarkis on Jan 04, 2008
Nagano, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
1.9 miles
The winter of 2008 was especially fun for us, we had a great New Year and we kept the momentum going by starting to snowshoe.  While in Nagano we made an overnight side trip to the famous Monkey Onsen.The onsen is tucked up into a valley behind a museum and small neighborhood that have a few hotels mixed in.  The onsen is home to Japanese macaques, which are among the northern-most primates...
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111009 Shiga Kougen to Nozawa Onsen
by ussy1110 on Oct 08, 2011
37 miles
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by shiritaro on Jun 17, 2012
Higashi-gumi, Nagano, Japan
28 miles
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111008 Nagano to Shiga kougen
by ussy1110 on Oct 08, 2011
Nishigochō, Nagano, Japan
34 miles
From Nagano Station to Shiga Kougen via Suzaka, Obuse, Yudanaka.It was the very tough route for Tandem Bicycle with Child Trailer.
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by DUALIS on Jul 28, 2012
Sugadaira, Nagano, Japan
6.8 miles
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草津白根 芳ヶ平 (Mt. KusatsuSirane, Yosigadaira)
by y-saida on Aug 25, 2011
Kusatsu, Gunnma prefecture, Japan
4.5 miles
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by sassa on Oct 05, 2008
Yudanaka, Nagano, Japan
0.0 miles
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810_10 HigashiJō 東條
by kien1tc on Oct 10, 2008
Minochi 水內, Shinshū 信州, Japan 日本
10.9 miles
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by hide on Oct 18, 2008
Hōkōsha, Nagano, Japan
0.0 miles
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810_28 Yoshi 吉
by kien1tc on Oct 28, 2008
Minochi 水內, Shinshū 信州, Japan 日本
Bus | 5.7 miles

Beautiful alpine plants, "YUGAMA" of a wonderful color.
It is a way good for traveling by a bicycle.
Close, a hot spring is also. "Kusatsu","Manza", "KUMANOYU", etc. ...
A firefly can also be seen at "ISHINOYUーLodge"
It is specified also as the natural treasure of the country.

Visited on Jul 31, 2013

by nin. on Aug 10, 2013

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