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Ishizuchi Quasi-National Park

Ehime, Japan
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Komochigongenyama 子持権現山
by muz on Jul 28, 2012
Nagasawa, Kōchi, Japan
3.3 miles
An excellent hike that takes in a beautiful river, wasabi terraces, untouched forest and then the scenic peaks around Ishizuchi. Highly recommended. Up and back without breaks, around 4.5 to 5 hours. 1100 meters vertical gain and descent. 
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'09.04.30 石鎚山
by hiking-sue on Apr 30, 2009
Shibukusa, Ehime, Japan
6.2 miles
ゴールデンウィークを利用して行った四国の石鎚山です。国民宿舎 石鎚から二の鎖を経て石鎚神社、天狗岳へのルート。4月末ですが、雪は少しだけありました。鎖場は二の鎖だけで、三の鎖は遠慮しておきました...。四国の山は登山はともかく移動が大変です。
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Mt. Ishizuchi (1982m)
by HitoshiSakamoto on May 03, 2011
Saijo, Ehime Prefecture, Japan
6.5 miles
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P1010860.JPG Photo
by wildblue on May 19, 2012
Shibukusa, Ehime, Japan
5.7 miles
成就社、霧の中 Photo
by shirosf on Aug 02, 2013
Komatsu, Ehime, Japan
5.0 miles
石鎚弥山、山頂 Photo
by shirosf on Aug 02, 2013
Ehime, Japan
4.0 miles

The skyline road, up from Nakazawa Dam to Yosakoi Pass then through to Kanpusan, is one of the best road rides in Shikoku. Highly recommended.
Visited on Jul 28, 2012

by muz on Jul 29, 2012
One of the main hiking areas in Shikoku due to the highest mountain in western Japan - Mt. Ishizuchi (1982m). There are a vast number of hikes in the area, ranging from ascents from the valley floors on both sides of the range, to ridge walks to the high peaks in the area.
With the appropriate map you can spend a few days in this area climbing a number of different peaks and valleys. Although the peaks are what people mainly come here for, the river valleys are also very spectacular. Recommended walks: Yoshinogawa walk from the Kochi side, and the Omogei Gorge from the Ehime side and the start of the skyline road.

If you want to climb Ishizuchi without the crowds, alone, and truly feel the height of this mountain, then there are a couple of options. (1) Omogei Gorge - Ishizuchi and (2) Dogamori - Ninomori - Ishizuchi.

There is a road that runs the entire ridge from Ishizuchi through to Kanpusan. This is one of the most scenic bike routes in Shikoku: all paved and shared with cars, but outside of the weekend, you can pretty much have it to yourself. Highly recommended. A shorter route is to start in Hongawa Village, ride alongside the dam, and then do the climb Shirasetoge, camp or stay in the hut one night, then do the ridge road the next morning and enjoy the downhill. Along the way you can stop off and climb Kamegamori, Nishi Kuromori, Kuromori, Higashi Kuromori, Iyofuji, and, if you still have time (doubtful), you can climb Kanpusan.

The recommended map for the area, and for all mountains in Kochi, is Yamatokogen Chizu no. 54, Ishizuchi & Shikoku Tsurugisan.

Visited on Apr 09, 2012

by muz on Apr 28, 2012

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