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Hot Springs National Park

Arkansas, United States
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Community Trips
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Bath house row - hot springs
by mzelk on Dec 13, 2008
Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
0.3 miles
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Hot springs mountain
by mgersch on Sep 26, 2010
4.7 miles
Great day hiking around hot springs
Gulpa Gorge 001.JPG Photo
Gulpa Gorge 006.JPG Photo
Gulpa Gorge 007.JPG Photo
Gulpa Gorge 008.JPG Photo
Gulpha Gorge
by DaBear on Apr 03, 2010
Euclid Heights, Arkansas, United States
7.9 miles
Picnic at Gulpa Gorge with my wife and an eight mile hike around Hot Springs mountain. Beautiful day!!!
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Sunset Trail
by DaBear on Mar 13, 2010
Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
5.9 miles
This hike was on Sunset trail from West mountain to Blacksnake road, a distance of 2.9 miles and then back to West mountain. The weatherman said it was going to be in the mid 50's but he was wrong as usual. It never got out of the 40's and the wind chill was probably in the 30's.This is a great trail with some very nice views in the winter time. The trail...
P7290065-1.JPG (Piney, Arkansas, United States) Photo
P7290071-1.JPG Photo
P7290072-1.JPG (Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States) Photo
P7290075-1.JPG (Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States) Photo
Sunset Trail
by halogengreen on Aug 02, 2008
Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
4.8 miles
A quick morning trek up a mountain ridge North of Hot Springs. Some very good views, a little bit of up and downs give a good workout. Alisa, Arin, Arin's Dog Asher, and I made the trip early one morning at their annual Family Reunion. It was pretty humid that morning, but bearable. The foliage is dense so it barely allowed for any cooling breezes. Although, I'm not sure any wind was blowing...
Goat Rock
by pirxpilot on Jan 04, 2011
1.6 miles
Goat Rock Trail
by forgiven1mkh on Feb 06, 2011
Euclid Heights, Arkansas, United States
0.6 miles
My Photo - 11-26-10 2-56-32PM Photo
My Photo - 11-26-10 3-07-01PM Photo
My Photo - 11-26-10 3-21-43PM Photo
My Photo - 11-26-10 3-22-14PM Photo
Track (11-26-10 2-54-00PM)
by nickirun65 on Nov 26, 2010
Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
5.4 miles
photo1.jpg Photo
Signs are placed so u won't get lost. Continue straight to west mtn trail Photo
Keep right Photo
Cross the road and look around Hot Springs Photo
Mountain top trail
by shawnfitness on Jun 16, 2010
Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
3.0 miles
Gravel trail maintained by the state offers a mostly shaded hiking experience. The path I have selected will take us in a loop to meet up at the starting point. Park, walk and get back in and drive home makes this fun and easy.
If u see me hiking.  Say HI Photo
Top off your water jug with fresh Cold water for free Photo
Take different trails if u like Photo
Sitting tree Photo
Tower mountain hike
by shawnfitness on Jun 10, 2010
Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
7.0 miles
Walking this loop is 3.5 miles. I do it twice for a morning workout

Very nice, well maintained. Excellent views of the town below. Several trails to choose from in various distances.
Visited on Sep 12, 2014

by lsu2868 on Sep 16, 2014
Plenty of trails, both novice and challenging. I am glad there are free springs through out the city. Water should be free like the air.
Visited on Nov 21, 2011

by wethereyet on Nov 21, 2011
Hot Springs lost its battle for relevance a long time ago. Against the odds it clings on displaying gigantic defunct hotels, empty parking lots, falling plaster and halfhearted attempts at opening specialty shops to attract new generation of tourists:
Visited on Jan 04, 2011

by pirxpilot on Jul 02, 2011
Beautiful park with great amenities. Also near several large, clean lakes including Ouachita, Hamilton, and DeGray. A beautiful part of the country that deserves a visit.
Visited on Apr 03, 2009

by sgmckee on Feb 05, 2013
Breathtakingly Beautiful...
Visited on Jun 29, 1998

by MarshaSioux on Dec 08, 2014

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