Hokkaidō, Japan
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Hokkaido is an island at Japan's northern extremity, surrounded by sea in all directions. It is an extensive land, accounting for 22% of Japan's total land area. Low humidity makes the summers pleasant, while in winter you can enjoy winter sports. The island is gaining popularity as a tourist destination throughout the four seasons.In Hokkaido you can enjoy the magnificence of nature to your heart's content: Daisetsu-zan National Park, which forms the roof of Hokkaido; the secluded Shiretoko-hanto Peninsula; Kushiro Marsh, home to many precious living things such as Japanese cranes; Shikotsu-Toya National Park, which is full of volcanoes and lakes; and the ever-changing Shakotan-kaigan Coast. There are also numerous hot springs, like the Noboribetsu-onsen, Jozan-kei-onsen and Soun-kyo-onsen, where you can enjoy a leisurely bath to help you get over the fatigue of your journey.

The Sapporo Snow-matsuri Festival and Monbetsu Ice Floes-matsuri Festival are held in winter. In summer enjoy the Furano Lavender-matsuri Festival, as well as port festivals in every coastal town held to pray for a good catch and safe fishing. Hokkaido boasts of over 1,200 festivals and events held throughout the year.


Yukara-ori folk craft Museum

Otokoyama Sake Museum

Honma House

The Akan Ainu Industrial Association

Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery

The Ainu Museum

Kiritappu Marsh Center

Akan International Crane Centre
Community Trips
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Hokkaido 2010
by mcdull on Jun 26, 2010
Yunokawachō, Hokkaidō, Japan
619 miles
TV Tower (Toyohira, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
大通公園 (Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
大通公園 (Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
大通公園 (Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
Odori avenue park Japan
by philipleets on May 31, 2007
Toyohira, Hokkaidō, Japan
0.8 miles
I stroll in Odori avenue park on Sapporo
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117018 Rishiri Island Round Trip
by ussy1110 on Jul 17, 2011
Rishiri Island, Hokkaidō, Japan
41 miles
In the north half of the island, there is a well-designed Cycle Road.And in the south half, few traffic.We enjoyed a summer sunny day round touring.
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Mt.Daisetsu / 大雪山 ~旭岳からトムラウシ山を経て天人峡へ~
by takayukii on Jun 29, 2013
Taromappu, Hokkaidō, Japan
34 miles
Mt.Daisetsu collectively means the mountains around Mt.Asahi and some mountains near Asahikawa. Mt.Daisetsu is famous for alpine plants. I had 3 days mountain trip which going through Mt.Asahi, Mt.Hakuun, Mt.Chubetsu, Mt.Tomuraushi and Mt.Kaun. It's a traverse route from North to South in Mt.Daisetsu.According to local hikers, much snow still remains in the mountains this year. There're many hikers around Ohachidaira and Mt.Hakuun, but few hikers who go toward Mt.Tomuraushi. Actually I saw...
IMG_0678.JPG (Oshidomari, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
IMG_0680.JPG (Nozuka, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
IMG_0682.JPG (Nozuka, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
IMG_0683.JPG (Nozuka, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
Rishiri Island Trek 2008 (1)
by kusu on Sep 13, 2008
Rishiri, Hokkaido, Japan
37 miles
IMG_0882.JPG (Kita-sanjō, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
IMG_0883.JPG (Kita-sanjō, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
IMG_0884.JPG (Minami-jūichijō, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
IMG_0885.JPG (Moiwashita, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
Toyohira Cycling Road Trek.
by kusu on Sep 28, 2008
Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan
13.9 miles
20090804_095914_IMG_9543 (Kita-rokujō, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090804_113737_IMG_9556 (Iwamizawa, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090804_130734_DSCF5426 (Yawara, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090804_135050_DSCF5446 (Yawara, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
Hokkaido Summer Trip 2009 - Day 2
by oldpinetree on Aug 04, 2009
Naie, Hokkaidō, Japan
130 miles
Day 2: 札幌 - 北滝町 「ひまわりの里」 - Biei (美瑛) Pension JacatraWe spent day one of our trip mostly on the flight from Hong Kong to Japan. We arrived Sapporo quite late in the evening. The Summer Hokkaido trip literally begun on Day two.  We booked a 8-seater Honda Stepwagon from ORIX. The Sapporo branch was very close to the hotel we stayed in Sapporo and it's just several streets north to Sapporo JR...
20090809_103701_DSC02605 (Tōyako-onsemmachi, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090809_105205_IMG_0997 (Tōyako-onsemmachi, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090809_125343_IMG_1033 (Tōya, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
20090809_134712_IMG_1039 (Tōyako-onsemmachi, Hokkaidō, Japan) Photo
Hokkaido Summer Trip 2009 - Day 7
by oldpinetree on Aug 09, 2009
Tōyako-onsemmachi, Hokkaidō, Japan
34 miles
Day 7: Lake Hill Farm - 昭和新山 It's the second day we stayed at the Lake Toyo region. The original plan was to take the lake cruise to 中島 and to go to several tourist spots in the region.  The weather was however dull and dark on the day. We had a leisure walk in the morning on the lake side near our hotel. There were lots of statues with various themes along the promenade....
IMG_3937.JPG Photo
by konkuni on Aug 18, 2011
Kutchan, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
7.8 miles
後方羊蹄山 単独登山の記録。- 登山口:倶知安(比羅夫)- 登り :3.5時間- お鉢まわり:1.5時間(昼食、散策含む)- 下り :3.0時間 <メモ>9合目まで森林の中を歩くコース。それなりに険しく下りが大変。ところどころ、ニセコや倶知安を見下ろせるポイントあり。しかし、山頂はまったく見えません。9合目から急に景色が開けて絶景です。 山頂から真狩側は岩場でほとんど道が無く危険。お鉢まわり中、プチ滑落2回。膝を岩に打ち流血...。 
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P8040100.JPG Photo
Fukugawa to Biei(美瑛)
by southsider on Aug 03, 2009
Fukagawa, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
45 miles
We got waken up in the middle of the night by rain drops.  We hustled to cramp our bags into the tiny space by the tent, and then crawled into the sleeping bag again.Some Japanese women met  Mei in the kitchen and gave us some rice for breakfast.  Highway 12 was very busy and narrow at some parts.  Luckily, we discovered a bike path behind a suspension bridge.  The path was flat...

The views of sky and ocean are really superb!
Visited on Jul 06, 2012

by KuniS on Jul 20, 2012
Hokkaido is butiful city
Visited on Sep 13, 2011

by petersong on Sep 14, 2011
Easy Ride from Minami Chitose to Sapporo via Shikotsu Lake.
You can ride in nice Cycling road all the way.

Visited on Sep 18, 2010

by ussy1110 on Jul 23, 2011

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