Griffith Park

California, United States
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Griffith Park is one of the largest urban parks in all of North America, and the second-largest city park in California. The area is famous for its Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory, and for its spectacular views of downtown Los Angeles. There are many hiking trails in the area for all types of hikers.


Griffith Park - Hollywood Sign Hike
Griffith Park - Hollywood Sign Hike
Los Angeles, California, United States
Easy: 4.3 miles, 1-3 hours
Community Trips
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Hollywood Steps Circuit
by dogdocla on May 25, 2009
Hollywood, California, United States
1.8 miles
There are six sets of granite steps in Beachwood Canyon, below the Hollywood Sign. These historic landmarks were built in the 1920's when Hollywoodland was created, and they link high streets and low streets in the hills. This trail links them all together for a good cardio workout that takes about an hour. Go in the morning or evening to avoid the heat!
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Hike from Lake Hollywood to Cahuenga Peak
by wakerider on Jan 25, 2009
Universal City, California, United States
2.9 miles
This is a trail that goes the long way around to Cahuenga Peak. I took some pictures along the way to show the nice views.Cahuenga Peak needs to be saved from developers. The City has until April 30, 2010 to raise $12.5 million to buy the peak and make it part of Griffith Park.  Here is a link to a site with more information about saving the peak.
Griffith park 4/29/09
by higginsrob on May 28, 2009
4.1 miles
This is a great trail off the normal path.  You should probably be somewhat athletic, and wear pants if you don\'t like plants and things touching your legs. Point of interest: On the path I met a mountain biker that said he just saw a mountain lion!  Maybe I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, but I went looking for it.  Unfortunately I didn't get to see the big cat.
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The Lone Tree
by loves2hike on May 28, 2010
Outpost Estates, California, United States
2.3 miles
I had been looking at this tree everyday for months while I worked at the Warner Bros lot in Burbank. If you have ever driven down Olive Ave/Barham in Burbank you are sure to see a lone tree at the top of the Barham Pass. The tree is all by itself and begs at you to come find it, and so I did. Taking the Hollywood Ridge Trail which is used a lot...
Canyon Dr to Griffith park observation deck
by rgb101 on May 07, 2008
Hollywood, California, United States
2.3 miles
DSC01297. (Sepulveda, California, United States) Photo
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DSC01300. (Sepulveda, California, United States) Photo
Trail Blazer Griffith Park Ride
by kc6hur on Sep 06, 2008
Sepulveda, California, United States
11.0 miles
We started out at the equestrian staging area across from Travel Town in Griffith Park. We the proceeded into the hills. There have been several fires during the past month and we passed through some of them. Because of the fires, a lost trail was rediscovered. Finally, we went to Viva's for dinner before heading back to the staging area.That little high-speed stretch near the end was caused by the GPS getting...
Griffith Park 4/15/09
by higginsrob on Apr 16, 2009
Sepulveda, California, United States
6.7 miles
Overall, enjoyable experience, though it woke me up to the possibility that this easily could have turned into a 10+ mile hike.
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ET C20 Jethro Tull Greek Theatre Ride
by kc6hur on Jun 12, 2011
Sepulveda, California, United States
13.0 miles
Three intrepid ride from ETI Corral 20 went on a Moonlight Ride in Griffith Park with the intent of reaching the Greek Theatre to listen Jethro Tull perform a concert for the 40th Anniversary of Aqualung. Becky, Chris an I left Travel Town and rode around the Martinez Arena, along the Mineral Wells Trail, through Spring Creek Canyon, up to Vista Point, and finally over and down to the Greek Theatre. We...
My first time hiking Griffith Park
by higginsrob on Mar 20, 2009
Los Feliz, California, United States
2.0 miles
I went out to Griffith park after work for an exploration / hike.  It was a beautiful day, and I was excited to be on the mountain by myself for a change.  I came to the mountain expecting a short hike through the forrest, and 80 min. later (I took a few shortcuts) I was looking off the highest peak,  right before sunset.  That was when my iPhone ran out of battery, next time I'll have...
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Mount hollywood
by lgibson100 on Nov 22, 2008
Los Feliz, California, United States
5.5 miles

Amazing ride through the old zoo and past the Hollywood sign
Visited on Jan 14, 2014

by saddllp on Nov 25, 2014
If you come on a weekend be prepared for it to be a bit more crowded for parking. You may have to park on the hill leading to the parking lot if you are heading up to the Observatory.
Visited on Jul 27, 2013

by susie.king.503 on Aug 03, 2013
Great views, great museum. Best time in the afternoon so you see the daylight and the dawn
Visited on Mar 10, 2013

by gus66 on Mar 13, 2014
Trails are well maintained and accessible. Most trails are very easily completed, and even the more challenging trails can be done using a few more breaks. Great views of the city throughout!
Visited on Jan 31, 2013

by Alee218 on Feb 23, 2013
We did the trail that headed towards the Hollywood sign. Great Hike. This was our 4th hike of the month. It was a bit overcast so we didn't get a chance to view the city of LA but on the other side we did get a chance to see Burbank and that was nice! Lot's of trails but no shade so if hiking in the summer be ready with lots of sunscreen. Also watch for some of the plants on the trails, my niece brushed up agains something and broke out all over her legs. Needless to say her hike was cut short. We did a total of 8 miles round trip and the trails are wide enough for all kinds of walk of life. Happy trails!
Visited on Jul 28, 2012

by Fugi03 on Sep 08, 2012
Fun and easy trip up high above the Hollywood sign. Great views.
Visited on Jul 15, 2011

by johnnye1998 on Oct 03, 2011
bring water, bring dogs, bring a pal...just go! it's a gorgeous view, especially early in the morning.
Visited on Jul 08, 2011

by MimiVonBoom on Jul 08, 2011
Its a great place to visit during the week .. Weekends? Good luck you will be walking up the hill because parking is a hazzle.
Visited on May 15, 2011

by AztecQueen on May 19, 2011
I parked right at the Greek Theather and started to climb the trail away from the Greek heading east. theres a medium gradual climb not to bad where youll find a fork in the trail. one heading towads a huge water resivoir that leads to this magistic wonderland Santa cruz oregan forest area. very beautful and there are benches you can have picnics and there are spots you can view the downtown LA shyline! then treck back to the fork and keep following the trail till you get to a bridge. from this point on its a straight up climb and hike to the top. but once you make it to the top you will be happy at the 360* view. you will see the griffith park area and over looking glendale and pasadena. you will also see the Griffith observatory and I think the Hollywood sign as well if i remember correctly. if you decided to follow the trail you will rund into a dantes view park where its like a garden area and picnic area with shade to cool off and a nice view of the Observatory. back on the trail you will be able to head 3 diffrent ways 1- circle back to the Greek. 2- straight to the Overatory. and 3- to the Hollywood sign....i didnt have my everytrail tracker at the time so i dont know the time or milage but i predict 5 miles and 4 hours in a liesure pace. cool! Enjoy and bring water its hot up there.
Visited on May 08, 2011

by unleaded73 on May 23, 2011
A nice place to bring the family.
Visited on Apr 09, 2011

by jahatch1 on Feb 05, 2012
Ferndell to Griffith Observatory via West Observatory Trail
is my favorite trail so far. However it's full sun so protect your skin.

Visited on Mar 26, 2011

by ephex99 on Apr 27, 2011
This is a great hike if you are visiting or new in town. An amazing view of the iconic Hollywood sign and a beautiful 360 degree view of LA from Griffith Park.
Visited on Jan 08, 2011

by LilMellieMel on Jan 24, 2011
been coming for bout 9 months.still go on weekly for a reason.beautiful view.beautiful workout.this place has so many trails,,if your looking for nice power walk..the regular trial will do just fine.starts off nice but as u head higher nothing but incline all the way,,so get your calfs ready..also from the regular trail has break offs to climbs..have done them all..they all lead to have no fear.the break offs are great workouts.but be warned.if its your first time..dont quit..just take every step.if you want your great work out..come and see for yourself. from los feliz head towards griffith.pass greek theather and parking up to your right..and your there.or as i like to say.home away from home.
Visited on Nov 29, 2010

by luvoutdoors on Aug 19, 2011
Beautiful and worth the visit.
Visited on Aug 10, 1990

by dragnryder3 on Feb 28, 2013
It was both parky and griffithy.
Visited on Nov 30, 1989

by WilliamDrecker on Sep 06, 2011
A good day-hike, usually crowded because it's so close to the Griffith Observatory. Probably the best vantage point for viewing LA, and the Observatory is definitely worth going into.

by bgreshko on Nov 10, 2014

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