Popular Trips in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Popular Trips in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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Little River Trail (partial)
by MarkTurner on Aug 02, 2008
Elkmont, Tennessee, United States
1.1 miles
We got rained out after about a mile, so this is just part of the trail.  Easy, wide, graveled trail along a river.
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HBC Ocoee 2008 Day1 Chilhowee
by patclem on Nov 08, 2008
Benton Springs, Tennessee, United States
4.1 miles
Harpeth Bike Club annual trip to the Ocoee area.   Day 1, we hiked from the Chilhowee day use area.
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HBC Ocoee 2008 Day2 Tanasi Death March
by patclem on Nov 09, 2008
Postelle, Tennessee, United States
5.6 miles
Harpeth Bike Club Ocoee 2008 Day 2 hiking at Tanasi.  With the up's and down's, it sure seemed like a longer hike than 5.5 miles...
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Gatlinburg Trail
by MarkTurner on Nov 01, 2008
Greystone Heights, Tennessee, United States
2.0 miles
The Gatlinburg Trail begins at the edge of the town and closely follows a stream to the park's visitor center.  It's mostly nearly flat with only one or two minor inclines that I can remember.  The half nearest town is certainly the most scenic.  Once you reach a building with park vehicles and equipment, it loses its appeal quickly.  For a while you just walk along the road edge.  Just about the...
Gorges State Park backpacking trip Photo
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4th of July hike
by caobhin on Jul 04, 2008
Cane Brake, North Carolina, United States
10.3 miles
Did some luvly backpacking over the Fourth of July with Todd & Paul, Charlotte buddies. First time in recent memory I haven't seen fireworks on the 4th. No matter, it was a fine and agreeable weekend - hot, kinda. It's been a while since I have been summer camping, which was a surprisingly uncomplicated affair. Gone were the worries about freezing to death if you have to get out of the tent at night to take a whiz....
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by alvarez4795 on Dec 18, 2008
Hatchertown, Tennessee, United States
1.2 miles
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by alvarez4795 on Dec 19, 2008
Tremont, Tennessee, United States
32 miles
Smokys_in_Snow._Christmas_lights___2_001.jpg (Gatlinburg, Tennessee, United States) Photo
Smokys_in_Snow._Christmas_lights___2_002.jpg (Lawson Crossroad, Tennessee, United States) Photo
Smokys_in_Snow._Christmas_lights___2_003.jpg (Lawson Crossroad, Tennessee, United States) Photo
Smokys_in_Snow._Christmas_lights___2_005.jpg (Lawson Crossroad, Tennessee, United States) Photo
Winter in the Smokies
by smitty on
Cartertown, Tennessee, United States
0.0 miles
Long a favorite vacation spot for many, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park has the distinction of being America’s most visited National Park. The reasons for its appeal differ from person to person. For many it’s the natural beauty of the park itself. There is over 800 square miles and 500,000 acres of diverse plant and animal life with over 100 native tree species in the park. This variety of trees makes for a...
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By the Cabin - Franklin, NC
by kentdavis82 on Jan 03, 2009
Iotla, North Carolina, United States
0.0 miles
VO2_sports.orange.jpg (Franklin, North Carolina, United States) Photo
Frog Love 5k Course Little Tennessee Greenway
by david.forkner@gmail.com on Jan 20, 2009
Franklin, North Carolina, United States
3.2 miles
Racers will run on out 1.4 miles and turn right up the 2/10 mile hill and head left back down onto the dirt trail back onto the pavement and return home along the same course after the 1.7 mile mark. p.s. Don't worry I know the course say's 3.2 miles we'll trim it down to 3.1 for race day! :)-VO2

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