Popular Trips in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Popular Trips in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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Standing Indian, Mt Albert, Nantahala Basin Loop
by kurtisk on Oct 07, 2010
Franklin, North Carolina, United States
24 miles
This is a very popular loop trail that circles the headwaters of the Nantahala river. Standing Indian Basin is the horseshoe-shaped drainage formed by the Nantahala and Blue Ridge Mountains. Several prominent peaks over 5,000 feet in elevation—Albert Mountain, Big Butt, Little Bald, and Standing Indian Mountain—cap the rim of the drainage.  There are many trails through the area and several options exist for loop trails.  What makes this area so attractive...
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Chimney Tops
by MarkTurner on Nov 02, 2008
Gatlinburg, Tennessee, United States
2.2 miles
An early morning hike to the Chimney Tops in the Smoky Mountains.  The early section is very pretty and follows a scenic stream with several creek crossings.  Then comes a harsh steep section that probably stops the casual tourist.  Things finally level off and lead you to the peak and some wonderful views.We were in a rush to return to our hotel for check-out time so couldn't fully explore the rocky peak. ...
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Standing Indian Loop - AT
by cutter on Mar 18, 2010
Rainbow Springs, North Carolina, United States
24 miles
This two-night hike was made by scouts and scouters of Troop 224, Oak Ridge, Tenn. We started and finished at Standing Indian Campground in Nantahala National Forest. We made the loop in a counter-clockwise direction, starting with Kimsey Creek Trail, which took us to the Appalachian Trail at Deep Gap (3.7 miles). After a stop to check the views from Standing Indian Mountain, we continued to Beech Gap, where most of our group...
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Lower Falls Photo
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Graveyard Fields waterfall loop
by magellan on Apr 25, 2008
Big East Fork, North Carolina, United States
3.4 miles
This is a relatively easy hike to two waterfalls just south of the route 276 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The trail starts at the parking area and descends rather steeply right from the parking lot. The trail to the lower falls has much more traffic and there are a couple of sets of stairs along the way. From the lower falls, the trail becomes less crowded as you...
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Grotto Falls
by MarkTurner on Aug 03, 2008
Gatlinburg, Tennessee, United States
1.4 miles
A beautiful hike to a very nice waterfall.  You can walk behind the falls without getting wet.
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Abrams Falls
by joe.wilkerson on Nov 07, 2008
Happy Valley, Tennessee, United States
5.8 miles
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Shining Rock Wilderness Loop Trail
by kurtisk on Oct 21, 2011
Canton, North Carolina, United States
12.5 miles
Begin on the Big East Fork Trail on the south side of the river, climb out of the valley on the Greasy Cove Trail, follow the Art Loeb Trail across the Shining Rock Ledge, and descend back to the trail head on the Shining Creek Trail.It is a very beautiful area and well worth visiting.  It is also riddled with trails so there are many trips that can be easily put together...
Hiking along the East Fork of the Pigeon River Photo
Easy hiking on the East Fork Trail Photo
East Fork of the Pigeon River Photo
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Shining Rock Wilderness Area Loop
by cutter on Dec 23, 2010
Waynesville, North Carolina, United States
17.0 miles
This hike was made as a two-day backpacking trip, starting at Big East Fork parking area. There are numerous camping spots throughout the area. We stopped overnight just past Yellowstone Falls, which is on the Mountains to Sea Trail and is not part of the wilderness area.The trails used on this loop were:Big East ForkBridges Camp GapMountains to SeaIvestor GapArt LoebShining Creek
Raven Cliff Ridge Photo
Shining Creek and its valley Photo
Looking South from Old Butt Knob Photo
A glimpse of Shining Rock Ledge Photo
Shining Rock via Old Butt and Shining Creek Trails
by nc_hiker on Oct 31, 2010
Shining Rock, North Carolina, United States
8.9 miles
This is a massive workout for your quads, but definitely worth it for the views, as well as the "satisfaction quotient"!  You definitely feel accomplished once you arrive at Shining Rock Ledge when coming via Old Butt Trail.Parking down at Big East Fork Trailhead begins your hike.  The first 0.8 mile climbs a mere 250 feet, and brings you to Shining Creek Gap.From this spot, these two trails --- Old Butt Trail...
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Quilliams Cave Photo
Court House Rock Photo
Quilliams Cave
by ET Hiker on May 04, 2011
Gatlinburg, Tennessee, United States
4.4 miles
Ken Voorhis, the executive director of Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Treemont, led 18 members of the Margaret Stevenson Wednesday Hikers on a hike to Quilliams Cave and Courthouse Rock.  It was a very nice hike.  It was too late in the season for most of the trillium but we did see a couple of patches of Vasey's Trillium.   The mountain laurel is just beginning to bloom.

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