Popular Trips in Golden Trout Wilderness

Popular Trips in Golden Trout Wilderness
Trailhead Sign Photo
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Marshy Trail near Pinto Lake Photo
Approaching Black Rock Pass Photo
This is a classic backpacking loop out of Mineral King.  Although it is under 30 miles long, this loop is typically done in four days or so since the elevation gain is so extreme (nearly 10k of vertical up and down). No matter which way you do this loop you will have a lot of climbing, but I strongly recommend going counter-clockwise as we did. Otherwise, you'll be climbing Sawtooth Pass on Day...
MonarchLake-1.JPG (Mineral King, California, United States) Photo
MonarchLake-2.JPG (Mineral King, California, United States) Photo
MonarchLake-3.JPG (Mineral King, California, United States) Photo
MonarchLake-4.JPG (Mineral King, California, United States) Photo
Mineral King-Monarch Lake Hike
by Blazer on Oct 11, 2008
Mineral King, California, United States
3.1 miles
Almost every trail from Mineral King is a work out, and this one doesn't disappoint. The Monarch Lakes trail starts at, you guessed it, the Monarch Lakes trailhead parking lot. The trail heads up pretty steeply through a series of long switches until it reaches Monarch Creek in a pretty little grove. The views of Mineral King valley along this stretch are spectacular. The switches after the stream crossing are graded better (in fact...
Cottonwood Lake Trailhead Photo
Cottonwood Lakes Trail Photo
Horseshoe Meadow Walk-in Campground Photo
Camp at Cottonwood Lakes Photo
Horseshoe Meadow to Cottonwood Lakes
by SurferXtine on May 30, 2010
Lone Pine, California, United States
13.2 miles
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Golden Trout Wilderness
by San_Diego_Hiker on Sep 05, 2009
Olancha, California, United States
11.5 miles
This was a hiking and fly fishing trip on Labor Day weekend. See a complete report at sandiegohiker.net.
Welcome to Mineral King Photo
The Brothers Doll Photo
The Brothers Doll Photo
Early Morning Hiking Photo
Mineral King
by jcdoll on Jul 28, 2008
Mineral King, California, United States
28 miles
See my blog post here.
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20080917-013.jpg (Mineral King, California, United States) Photo
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20080917-017.jpg (Mineral King, California, United States) Photo
Mineral King-Coyote Loop
by hillclimber on Sep 17, 2008
Mineral King,Sequoia Park, California, United States
35 miles
This 5 day trip started in the car accessible alpine valley of Mineral King. The beginning and end of the trip were on good trails, but the majority of the time was spent off-trail, some of which was pretty rugged,  especially with a full pack. Like all hikes out of Mineral King it began with a several thousand foot vertical  climb to get out of the valley. Immediately after that the route...
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Golden Trout Pack Trip 2010 001.JPG Photo
Sierra, Golden Trout Wilderness Pack Trip Pt. 1
by stumblinl on Aug 19, 2010
Inyokern, California, United States
7.3 miles
Every year we take a pack trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness. This year was a short trip into camp  with a couple of day rides following. We rode out of the Blackrock Trailhead, through Casa Vieja Meadows, and up Long Stringer to a camp towards the top. We set up camp, put up highlines, and turned our stock out into the meadow. This is a great area to go into because there is...
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Southern Sierra, Golden Trout Wilderness Pack Trip Pt. 2
by stumblinl on Aug 20, 2010
Inyokern, California, Kern
5.7 miles
This is the second part of our Golden Trout Wilderness trip. A day ride to Cold Measows from Long Stringer camp. In past years this trail has been littered with downfalls and difficult to get through. This year we took saws with us just in case but found the trail to be very passable.  Only had to deal with one small tree.  We rode down past Indian Head into Red Rock. Up...
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WildernessEntranceSign.jpg Photo
Red Rock Meadows Backpack Trip
by dukeredhair on Jul 13, 2014
Kennedy Meadows, California, United States
18.2 miles
A very nice trip into the lesser used Golden Trout Wilderness in the Southern Sierras. The hike is relatively flat. The meadows were in full bloom. The springs and creeks were flowing.     I had planned on hiking a loop out through Johnson Hot springs but was told by the ranger at Black Rock Station that the section of trail was un-passable due to a fire a few years back. The campsites...
Trail Peak
by Mikey. on Aug 17, 2013
Bartlett, California, United States
5.6 miles
Distance: 6.5 miles     Elevation gain/loss: 1793 ft / 1838 ft     Moving time: 2:35     Moving speed: 2.2 mph                     Our warm up hike the day before we hiked Mt. Whitney. Started from Horseshoe Meadows at the Trail Pass/Cottonwood Pass trailhead going west then crossed Horseshoe Meadow and into the forest. Continued until we reached the PCT and then went north for a couple switchbacks. From here we left the trail and went Xcountry straight...

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