Exmoor, UK

England, United Kingdom
Exmoor is a National Park situated on the Bristol Channel coast of South West England. The park straddles two counties with 71% of the park located in Somerset and 29% located in Devon. The total area of the park, which includes the Brendon Hills and the Vale of Porlock, covers 692.8 square kilometres (267.5 sq mi) of hilly open moorland and includes 55 kilometres (34 mi) of coast.[1]
It is primarily an upland area with a dispersed population living
mainly in small villages and hamlets. The largest settlements are Porlock, Dulverton, Lynton, and Lynmouth,
which together contain almost 40% of the National Park population.
Lynton and Lynmouth are combined into one parish and are connected by
the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway.
Before it was a park, Exmoor was a Royal Forest
and hunting ground, which was sold off in 1818. Exmoor was one of the
first British National Parks, designated in 1954, under the 1949 National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act,[2] and is named after the main river that flows out of the district, the River Exe.
Several areas of the moor have been declared a Site of Special Scientific interest
due to the flora and fauna. This title earns the site some legal
protection from development, damage, and neglect. In 1993 Exmoor was
also designated as an Environmentally Sensitive Area.
Community Trips
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SWCP: Minehead to Porlock
by TheakyTheCat on Sep 02, 2006
Minehead, England, United Kingdom
8.8 miles
We left Bishop’s Stortford at 06.30 arriving at Minehead at 10.30 where we could just about see Wales across the sea. We stopped to look at map to try to see where the statue  marking the start of the coast path waslocated, not realising it could be seen on the other side of the road about 30 yards on from us. We set off following the large sign on the pavement heading away from sea between some...
DSCN6211.JPG Photo
DSCN6213.JPG Photo
DSCN6215.JPG Photo
DSCN6218.JPG Photo
SWCP: Porlock to Lynmouth
by TheakyTheCat on Sep 03, 2006
Porlock, England, United Kingdom
14.2 miles
Weather:          Sunny and windy, becoming drizzly last 1-2 miles, warm We drove to Lynmouth leaving the our accomodation in Ilfracombe just after 9am, we had 1½ hours to kill waiting for the first bus to Porlock so went through the town where Dunc bought a snake walking stick to take back for Zoe and we later had a  coffee. We caught the bus to Porlock at 11.40am and got off at Porlock garage at 12.10. Mark bought some...
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A day around Lynton and Lynmouth
by Loweswatercam on Oct 07, 2010
England, United Kingdom
13.4 miles
Countisbury and the Blue Ball Inn where we are staying are just outside the towns of Lynton and Lynmouth so we park in the riverside car park and walk down to explore the sights.Lynmouth has one of the few safe harbours on the North coast of the Bristol Channel.  Many of the houses and shops are built on the steep sides of the valley and are only accessible by footpaths and the...
WP_20140405_09_44_52_Pro__highres.jpg Photo
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Dunkery Beacon, Exmoor - 2014
by ahharman on Apr 05, 2014
Exmoor, England, United Kingdom
7.2 miles
view.jpg Photo
veld.jpg Photo
helling.jpg Photo
beek.jpg Photo
Wheddon Cross-Wootton Courtenay
by Bentuman on Sep 27, 2010
Somerset, United Kingdom
6.4 miles
Monument at the start of the South West Coast Path (Minehead) Photo
Official start of the SWCP Photo
Minehead Quay/Harbour Photo
Woods between Minehead and Greenaleigh Photo
SWCP1-1: Minehead to County Gate
by mr_ed on Mar 30, 2011
Minehead, England, United Kingdom
14.5 miles
Trip Description (Trip 1)My first expedition on the South West Coast Path. A 3 day trip, starting at the official start at Minehead, and walking a total of 37.5 miles to Ilfracombe over 3 days. I was lucky enough to get a lift to Minehead (difficult to get to by any other means), and at the end got a bus from Ilfracombe to Barnstaple and the train back from there. This was...
DSCN3021.JPG (Withypool, United Kingdom) Photo
Exmoor Withypool
by johnrglanville on Nov 28, 2009
Withypool, England, United Kingdom
6.6 miles
Dunkery Beacon (Luccombe, United Kingdom) Photo
CIMG1974.JPG (Dunster, United Kingdom) Photo
Exmoor Day 2
by duncan666 on Mar 15, 2009
Dunster, England, United Kingdom
23 miles
untitled.JPG (Porlock, United Kingdom) Photo
untitled4.JPG (Porlock, United Kingdom) Photo
untitled3.JPG (Porlock, United Kingdom) Photo
untitled2.JPG (Porlock, United Kingdom) Photo
Exmoor Day 1
by duncan666 on Mar 14, 2009
Porlock, England, United Kingdom
35 miles
What hidden here (Dunster, United Kingdom) Photo
View of golf course (Dunster, United Kingdom) Photo
more stuff (Blue Anchor, United Kingdom) Photo
its dark (Blue Anchor, United Kingdom) Photo
Minehead and Dunster
by consean on May 05, 2009
Minehead, United Kingdom
10.0 miles

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