Popular Trips in Death Valley National Park

Popular Trips in Death Valley National Park
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Death Valley Buttes
by calipidder on Nov 30, 2013
DEATH VALLEY, California, United States
3.2 miles
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Cottonwood Lakes trail retrun
by MADCookie on Jul 15, 2014
Lone Pine, California, United States
2.2 miles
Eureka Dunes Photo
Unnamed Canyon in Eureka Valley (Death Valley NP)
by DestinationIsolation on Dec 28, 2013
Crater, California, United States
6.7 miles
Hike out from the Eureka Dunes campsites up an alluvial fan and into an unnamed canyon.Full story with pictures at destination-isolation.com
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Marble/Cottonwood Canyon in Death Valley
by Veliander on Dec 27, 2013
Death Valley, California, United States
0.0 miles
I decided to walk the famous Marble/Cottonwood loop counterclockwise for two reasons:  easier navigation and better water allocation this time of year (I was told there is water only at Cottonwood).  There are 5 parts of the trip:-Marble Canyon-Dead Horse Canyon-Mountain pass to Cottonwood-Valley-Cottonwood CanyonThere was abundant water from the entrance of Cottonwood until the point where the 4WD road ends.  I also found some puddles in Dead Horse Canyon, but wasn't...
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Death Valley National Park
by SFNativeFreya on Jan 01, 2004
Furnace Creek, CA, United States
0.0 miles
I coordinated a camping trip with my friends one Winter in January to Death Valley National Park in the Furnace Creek Campground.  I chose it because it had everything from an upscale hotel to dirt camping.  I definitely recommend fueling up at the designated stations...my friend and I arrived to the site on fumes and prayers...it was an adventure I won't soon forget.  In the dark no less. Scotty's Castle, the Devil's Golf...
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Rainbow Canyon
by jtscwhitney on Feb 16, 2014
Canyoneering | 3.5 miles
Went Canyoneering down Rainbow Canyon with Brandon, Marisa, Bob, Kevin, Carl, Todd and Desiree.  Rainbow Canyon is near Panamint Springs in Death Valley and has only 3 rappels but at decent heights, 90, 135 and 170.  This is a good example of a canyon where you "pay" for it at the end...the approach is easy but the exit out is up some nasty class 3 loose rock.
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Darwin Falls Canyon
by jtscwhitney on Feb 16, 2014
Canyoneering | 4.4 miles
Went Canyoneering down Darwin Falls Canyon with Brandon, Marisa, Bob, Kevin, Carl, Todd and Desiree.  Darwin Falls Canyon is one those canyons where you think..."Only 2 rappels, on the opposite side of Death Valley from Vegas, gonna get wet up to your waist (beta says)...how good could it be and is it worth the trouble".  Well, let me say it is an awesome canyon oasis in the middle of the desert.  It has...
Humperdinck Canyon
by szr on Feb 15, 2014
California, United States
6.5 miles
Coffin Canyon
by szr on Feb 16, 2014
United States
4.6 miles
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Rainbow Canyon
by szr on Feb 17, 2014
California, United States
2.4 miles

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