Popular Trips in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

Popular Trips in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
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Three Sisters Waterfalls
by xgarcia94 on Apr 20, 2009
Pine Grove, California, United States
5.0 miles
This hike is hidden on the outskirts of the Clevelend National Forest.  The drive out there is a little rough because it is way off the highway on a narrow and partly unpaved road.  From Escondido we took the 78 East into Ramona and followed it till we almost reached Julian,  then we turned right on Pine Hills Rd.  After a mile and a half we turned on Eagle Peak road and...
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DSCN1344.JPG (Cuyamaca (historical), California, United States) Photo
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Cuyamaca Peak - via Azalea Loop Trail
by john_hopper on Oct 21, 2008
Cuyamaca (historical), California, United States
7.5 miles
snowytrail.jpg Photo
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Stonewall Peak 1/2/11
by San_Diego_Hiker on Jan 02, 2011
Descanso, California, United States
5.3 miles
Great, mildly wintery day to hike Stonewall Peak. Today was one of my volunteer roves in Cuyamaca, and my hiking partner and I decided to see how many "contacts" we could make. We spoke to around 35 people on the way up and around the peak. Plenty of folks out enjoying (my idea of) perfect hiking weather. Parts of the trail were snow covered, parts mud bogs, but it was an interesting...
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Cuyamaca Middle Peak
by Mikey. on Jul 15, 2012
Cuyamaca, California, United States
6.6 miles
beautiful sunny day for an excursion up to middle cuyamaca peak. sugar pine trail was fairly overgrown and lined with lots of poison oak, so very careful bushwacking up to face level is required for this portion. there is no summit trail to middle peak so we scouted around and found a clearer cross country route directly from the north over all the dead burnt trees. while checking out the hard to...
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Pine Mountain Loop
by Mikey. on Jul 01, 2012
Julian, California, United States
5.2 miles
beautiful scenery, great views, lots of wildflowers, and strong cooling breezes. also went up to champagne pass viewpoint, it is worth the short side trip.
lakecuyamaca1.jpg Photo
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Cuyamaca Lake Reservoir
by Mikey. on Jul 15, 2012
Cuyamaca, California, United States
3.7 miles
we took the side trip out on the island to the little summit and down to the shoreline, then over to the stonewall gold mine and museum before returning. made three loops along the way, it was a perfect day!
2010 Cuyamaca BCHC 001.jpg Photo
2010 Cuyamaca BCHC 005.jpg Photo
2010 Cuyamaca BCHC 008.jpg Photo
2010 Cuyamaca BCHC 009.jpg Photo
Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
by CowgirlJewel on Jul 11, 2010
Descanso, California, United States
4.7 miles
Lake Loop extended.
20120502-ASK_7865-Edit.jpg Photo
Three Sisters Waterfalls
by antermoia on May 02, 2012
Pine Grove, California, United States
4.7 miles
Hiking Three Sisters Waterfalls in Cleveland National Forest. [the portion of the long at the bottom of the canyon and around the falls is a mess, there's limited GPS reception down there...]This is a very popular hike in spring when the falls are flowing nicely, especially with the young folks (who slide down the lowermost fall on their butts and tan on the rocks). Going in the early morning or late afternoon...
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Arroyo Seca Monument Loop
by roywarfield on May 06, 2010
Rancho Cuyamaca, California, United States
7.2 miles
A day hike form Sweetwater River Bridge on Rt 79 clockwise around the Loop to the Airplane Monument and back.  Couldn't have been a nicer day; sunny, cool and a slight breeze.  Views from the high points on the Western facing part of the trail were spectacular.  The wild flowers were out in force and the perfume from the ceanothus was wonderful.  Saw a few birds and squirrels but other than that...
DSCN2947.JPG Photo
DSCN2948.JPG Photo
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DSCN2950.JPG Photo
by roywarfield on Feb 03, 2011
Guatay, California, United States
7.5 miles
Just so the rest of the country wouldn't feel so bad about their weather, we ventured into the elements in the wilds of San Diego County.  To tell the truth, it was darn uncomfortable on the top of Oakzanita Peak.  The temperature was just above freezing and the wind was gusting to about 40 MPH.  I was thankful that I put on some long johns under my jeans.  Aside from that, it...

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