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The Cotswolds is a range of hills in west-central England,
sometimes called the "Heart of England", an area 25 miles (40 km)
across and 90 miles (145 km) long. The area has been designated as the
Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The highest point in the Cotswolds range is Cleeve Hill at 1,083 ft (330 m),[1] 2.5 miles (4 km) to the north of Cheltenham. The name Cotswold means either "sheep enclosure in rolling hillsides"[2] or it comes from the term "wold" meaning hills.
Community Trips
Wychwood Forest (Chipping Norton, United Kingdom) Photo
Rolling Countryside (Ramsden, United Kingdom) Photo
Timber Stacks Photo
Horses (Charlbury, United Kingdom) Photo
Wychwood Forest
by kevin on Apr 04, 2009
Charlbury, England, United Kingdom
7.2 miles
P1030454.JPG Photo
P1030458.JPG Photo
P1030459.JPG Photo
P1030460.JPG Photo
Great Cotswold Walk Part 2
by Mappiman on Aug 31, 2013
Coln Rogers, England, United Kingdom
6.0 miles
See -
Burford village Photo
out across the fields Photo
Burford, Cotswold
by fcrump on Oct 15, 2011
Burford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
5.9 miles
A nice walk in the Cotswolds.
01-GCW South Loop.JPG Photo
02-GCW South Loop-001.JPG Photo
03-GCW South Loop-002.JPG Photo
04-GCW South Loop-003.JPG Photo
Great Cotswold Walk South Loop
by TheK9Crew on May 26, 2013
Quenington, England, United Kingdom
6.5 miles
Car Park.jpg (Highworth, United Kingdom) Photo
Mark Britten.jpg (Highworth, United Kingdom) Photo
My Desk.jpg (Highworth, United Kingdom) Photo
File Server.jpg (Highworth, United Kingdom) Photo
Trip Around Troika
by collingst on Aug 06, 2009
Highworth, England, United Kingdom
Working! | 0.0 miles
This is the Office at Troika
DSCF0003. (Winchcombe, United Kingdom) Photo
DSCF0006. (Winchcombe, United Kingdom) Photo
DSCF0008. (Winchcombe, United Kingdom) Photo
DSCF0009. (Winchcombe, United Kingdom) Photo
Cotswold Way Cleeve Hill to Stanway
by TheSquare on Jan 10, 2008
Southam, England, United Kingdom
12.8 miles
One leg of the Cotswold Way from Cleeve Hill to Stanway via Winchcombe and Hailes Abbey.
DSCF0001. (Winchcombe, United Kingdom) Photo
DSC00604. (Stanway, United Kingdom) Photo
DSC00606. (Stanway, United Kingdom) Photo
DSC00609. (Stanway, United Kingdom) Photo
Day 2 Cotswold Way Hailes Abbey - Dowdeswell
by ncburton on Aug 12, 2008
Stanway, England, United Kingdom
8.2 miles
The second day of our Cotswold Way . The day started at Hailes Abbey with a 13.5 mile walk  to Dowdeswell. This section was tracked using Mobile Tracker on a Blackberry Curve. Tracking stopped at 8.2miles Location at the carpark of Cleeve Hill Golf Club.
photo1.jpg Photo
by metaphor on Dec 01, 2008
Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom
0.0 miles
photo1.jpg Photo
Trip home from work
by metaphor on Dec 01, 2008
Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom
2.3 miles
Sezincote House and Garden (Bourton on the Hill, United Kingdom) Photo
On the trail  (Bourton on the Hill, United Kingdom) Photo
Longborough Post Office (Longborough, United Kingdom) Photo
Cows!  No bull! (Bourton on the Hill, United Kingdom) Photo
Sezincote Stroll
by Duncan on May 29, 2008
Bourton on the Hill, England, United Kingdom
5.5 miles
My route for the Sezincote Stroll geocache series by Blockley Blower. Loop starts in Bourton-on-the-Hill, down to Longborough and back to Bourton-on-the-Hill.  What's up with the cows??  Give me rattlesnakes and cactus anyday!  I'm used to following well marked desert trails, it was a real challenge for me to find the right path!  I hope you find my tracks useful.  Cheers!

Loved it so much have now moved there!
Visited on May 27, 2012

by acceptedplanet on Dec 31, 2012
brilliant, that's why we live here!
Visited on Feb 27, 2011

by icojones on Apr 07, 2011
It was my village walk
Visited on Aug 22, 2010

by ogrislim on Jan 11, 2011
Excellent walking area
Visited on May 11, 2010

by GeoffJones on Dec 25, 2010

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