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Cedar Roughs Wilderness

California, United States
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Osprey Photo
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Oak Shores Lake Berryesa
by amazon1024 on Apr 06, 2014
Napa, California, United States
10.7 miles
Rustridge B n B
by KaymeePhotography on Nov 13, 2010
Spanish Flat, California, United States
1.4 miles
Headed up the old fire trail behind the Rustridge bed and breakfast. It's steep going but the trail is well shaded and parts provide nice views of the valleys on either side of the ridge. The distance is only half as my phone died. I also didn't make it to the top, reportedly another mile for 5 miles total up and down.
pic_45.jpg Photo
pic_46.jpg Photo
Berryesa Lake Visitor Center Area Walk
by gevo on Feb 19, 2012
Spanish Flat, California, United States
0.5 miles
It was a random thing we decides to do. Beautiful area when void of people.

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