Carlsbad Caverns National Park

New Mexico, United States
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Carlsbad Caverns National Park is a United States National Park in the Guadalupe Mountains in southeastern New Mexico. The primary attraction of the park for most visitors is the show cave, Carlsbad Caverns. Visitors to the cave can hike in on their own via the natural entrance, or take the elevator (the exit for everyone) directly to the Underground Lunchroom some 750 feet (230 m) below.
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Sitting Bull Falls
by dayclan on Feb 28, 2009
New Mexico, United States
1.9 miles
Enjoying the afternoon with the girls at Sitting Bull Falls.
Guadalupe Mountains - Turkey Canyon Loop
by dayclan on Mar 31, 2013
Queen, New Mexico, USA
23 miles
Turkey Canyon Loop

Wonderfull...if able walk in through the Natural Entrance...and then walk back out..good exercise. I missed the Bat flight due to bad weather. Will go back to see that. Wear good shoes, hiking boots not needed. Parts of the trail are too dark, guard rail ok for adults, but young children can walk under be aware. Maybe take a head lamp...
Visited on Jun 11, 2016

by Rigger on Jun 15, 2016
Once you go here you don't want to move rearwards
Visited on Jan 24, 2012

by smithhenry3 on Feb 20, 2015
Carlsbad Caverns is an awesome destination. While staying in El Paso, Texas, we decided to drive to New Mexico to see the caverns. It was well worth the trip.
Visited on Sep 28, 2011

by Briahnanicole on Apr 05, 2013
I have been to Carlsbad Caverns many times (I was raised in NM). The 2009 trip was the most recent and we took my niece who was 6 at the time. I have always loved this trip. Everytime I go I see something new. We weren't able to stay, but should you be, I recommend watching the bats leave the cave. It is a sight! Also, it does get rather cool down inside the cave so be certain to take a light jacket or sweater. Also, if you are physically able, I recommend you take the long way down and skip the elevator. There are so many beautiful things to see on your way down that you won't want to miss!
Visited on Jun 30, 2009

by KTimbrook on May 17, 2011
I loved the walk down and then we took the elevator up. Grand. The bats coming out at night are great as well.
Visited on Jun 01, 2009

by scbova on Mar 27, 2012
Very touristy, but also very interesting. Like going to an outdoor museum... underground.
Visited on Jun 30, 2007

by allisonenator on Jul 16, 2011
The Caverns are nice if you've never been there before. Plan at least 3/4 of your day so you can take your time looking at things. At night you can head to the river in town for a picknick.
Visited on May 01, 2006

by wbc on May 22, 2012

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