Bruneau-Jarbidge Rivers Wilderness

Idaho, United States
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The United States Congress designated the Bruneau-Jarbidge Rivers Wilderness (map) in 2009 and it now has a total of 89,777 acres. All of this wilderness is located in Idaho and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management.
This wilderness has some of the best class V whitewater that Idaho has to offer. The Jarbidge River offers a remote and challenging 29-mile float trip taking boaters through a maze of spectacular canyons, "hoo-doo" rock spires, junipers and red volcanic cliffs.

The Bruneau River flows north from headwaters in the northern Nevada mountains and is known for its sheer-walled, rocky canyons and whitewater boating opportunities. The 50-mile long Bruneau River begins at the confluence of the Jarbidge River and the West Fork Bruneau River.

In the wilderness, plateaus are divided by deep, winding river canyons and provide habitats for bighorn sheep, redband trout, deer, cougar, coyotes, bobcats and river otters.
Community Trips
Overlook: Sheep Creek Photo
Overlook: Sheep Creek Photo
Overlook: Sheep Creek Photo
Overlook: Sheep Creek Photo
Bruneau River & Sheep Creek
by bedobe on Jun 26, 2011
Buncel Place, Idaho, United States
42 miles
Having gone to several overlooks in the Bruneau - Jarbridge Rivers Wilderness previously, including the somewhat nearby 'Austin's Trail,' Trapper42 & I decided to explore on further south.  More specifically our destination was the overlook at the confluence of the Bruneau River and Sheep Creek (as well as an unnamed area about 2 miles to the north).  Once there of course we took photos and he took the following videos.This is the view from the Sheep Creek overlook:   ☛    ☚ This is...
Bruneau Canyon Photo
Bruneau Canyon Photo
Bruneau Canyon Photo
Bruneau Canyon Photo
Grasmere Homer Bedal Homestead
by kennymill on Oct 30, 2011
Grasmere, Idaho, United States
52 miles
Sunday five of us headed up to Grasmere, we turned south on Rowland Road just past the Grasmere airport and traveled 15 miles down this gravel road then turned back east 1/4 mile down this dirt, rutted out road to the campsite. The campsite was great, getting there was another thing. We unloaded and set up camp then took off south to Homer Bedal homestead and scouted around the old buildings. It is truly amazing...
Sheep Creek - White Homestead Video
Indian Hot Springs - Bruneau River
by Elindio42 on May 15, 2010
Bengoechea Place, Idaho, United States
49 miles
Gary, Buzz, and I trailered to the Sheep Creek Road-Marys Creek intersection, off-loaded, and proceeded to the White Homestead on Sheep Creek. Gary wanted to place a geocache there.Shortly after arriving, Gary encountered a rattlesnake. During the next few minutes, two more crawled out of the rocks. It was about 60 F and the rattlesnakes were leaving their den. We beat a strategic, but very careful, retreat and Gary placed the geocache...
Ranch Mares & Foals Photo
Fred Hall Homestead Photo
Fred Hall Homestead-Stairs to Upper floor Photo
Fred Hall Homestead Photo
Fred Hall Homestead & Bengoechea Place
by Elindio42 on Jun 07, 2013
Bruneau, Idaho, United States
56 miles
Gary P. and I departed our camps and drove south on Rowland Road to the Fred Hall Homestead on Cat Creek. On the way, we photographed a herd of ranch mares and foals near Sheep Creek Crossing.After exploring the Fred Hall Homestead, we returned to camp for lunch. It was getting into the 80s F.When it cooled off in the evening, I explored the Bengoechea Place on Marys Creek. Gary P. was...
Tokembamy Ranch Photo
Tokembamy Ranch Photo
Tokembamy Ranch Photo
Reservoir Photo
Three Forks(Sheep Creek)
by Elindio42 on May 14, 2013
Dans Place, Idaho, United States
43 miles
Gary P. and I departed camp and traveled south on Roland Road to the "Y" and then south on Tokembamy Road to the Three Forks Road.Arriving at Sheep Creek, we discovered it was shallow enough to ford and we crossed it. ( A few days later, after some rain, Sheep Creek was 2 to 3 feet deep at this crossing.)After exploring and photographing the ruins there, we departed on the west side...
Dan's Place Photo
Dan's Place Photo
Dan's Place Photo
Dan's Place Photo
Dan's Place-Indian Hot Springs-Big Lake
by Elindio42 on May 07, 2013
Bruneau, Idaho, United States
58 miles
On 5-7-13, Gary P., Les, Loretta and I departed our camp while it was sprinkling rain. The rain died down before we reached Dan's Place on Marys Creek and we spent some time there exploring and photographing.We then drove to the James Place overlooks where Gary P. found several bobcat trap locations along the rim. Arriving back at the Rowland Road, it started raining again and we called it a day.On 5-8-13,...
Cowan Place Photo
Cowan Place Photo
Cowan Place Photo
Hay Mower Photo
Arendt, Cowan, & Roberson Homesteads
by Elindio42 on May 15, 2013
Dans Place, Idaho, United States
33 miles
Gary B., Gary P., and I departed our camp and headed south on Roland (Rowland) Road to Cat Creek Crossing. At the crossing we turned north, on private land, passed the Cat Creek Ranch, and crossed Sheep Creek to the Cowan Place.After exploring and photographing the Cowan  and Roberson Homesteads, we reversed course and returned to camp. Photos of the Arendt Homestead were taken on the way back to camp.All three of...
James Place Photo
James Place Photo
Cowan Place Photo
Cowan Place Photo
Sheep Creek Homesteads, Owyhee County
by Elindio42 on May 31, 2015
Grasmere, Idaho, United States
73 miles
Les & Loretta C. in their RZR and I on my ATV departed our camp at Mary's Creek and visited some old homesteads and overlooks on Sheep Creek.The first stop was at the James Place. The trail to the James Place is notable for being very rocky and rough, even by Owyhee County standards. The James Place is on the opposite side of Sheep Creek and there is no ford.Next stop was...
View Photo
Rock walled dugout Photo
Rock walled dugout Photo
View - south Photo
Homer Bedal Homestead
by Elindio42 on Oct 23, 2015
Bruneau, Idaho, United States
38 miles
Gbraach on his ATV and I  in my RZR departed from my camp at Mary's Creek just off Rowland Road, Owyhee County, Idaho and headed for the Homer Bedal Homestead on the Bruneau River.I had never been to the homestead and Gary had not been there in five years. Arriving at the canyon rim above the homestead, it did not appear the trail to the homestead had improved in the last five...
Original homestead Photo
Looking down the canyon Photo
Cold cellar Photo
Looking out the window Photo
Grasmere-Homer Bedal homestead
by kennymill on May 12, 2016
Bruneau, Idaho, United States
39 miles
Ed and I took off from Mary's Creek camp and headed to the homestead, the trail down the canyon wall is for experienced riders only as it is steep, rocky and  rutted. It was a beautiful day to ride, tried to imagine why and how they Bedal's found this location to homestead. They had to build the road off the canyon wall to get to their place and then had to build...

Great ride with great friends.
Visited on Oct 30, 2011

by kennymill on Nov 03, 2011
We have visited the west side of the wilderness about six times in the last two years, from the Roberson Trail overlook to Indian Hot Springs and to several overlooks on the Sheep Creek part of the wilderness.

All of the overlooks have views of spectacular desert scenery of steep rock cliffs and the rivers about 750' below. The problem with visiting the overlooks is the roads are very rocky, unmaintained, and bad. We choose to travel by ATV/UTV, but a good high clearance vehicle should have no problems, unless the ground is wet. If wet, a 4X4 will get stuck too.

There are several geocaches located at very scenic overlooks on both sides of the wilderness.

Maps show a road going all the way from the east side of the wilderness to Indian Hot Springs and up the west side of the canyon. The bridge over the Bruneau River has been tilted for over 20 years and I won't drive across it, some do. The road up the west side is blocked by a large boulder and is too narrow for a jeep sized vehicle. There is room for an ATV.

The river itself is popular with white water rafters and kayakers. I have friends that rode their horses from the west side of the Roberson Trail to the east rim and back. They said the east side part of the trail was better. This should be done in the late summer or fall, since it involves fording the river.

Anything you might need should be carried with you when you visit this area. There is no cell phone service and a SPOT could be a lifesaver in case of trouble. You are unlikely to encounter any other person while visiting this area.

I have several videos taken from the overlooks posted on YouTube under the user name Mrelindio42. Viewing them will give you an idea of what scenery to expect.

PS: This is prime rattlesnake country, so be aware. Have fun!

Visited on May 15, 2010

by Elindio42 on Aug 02, 2011

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