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Boulder River Wilderness

Washington, United States
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Venture Boulder river
by OrbWennam on Jun 30, 2012
7.2 miles
Heather Lake (Verlot, Washington, United States) Photo
Heather Lake, WA
by ant on
Verlot, Washington, United States
1.5 miles
IMG_0214.JPG (Rowan, Washington, United States) Photo
IMG_0216.JPG (Rowan, Washington, United States) Photo
IMG_0217.JPG (Rowan, Washington, United States) Photo
IMG_0218.JPG (Rowan, Washington, United States) Photo
Boulder River Trail
by nugster on Apr 15, 2009
Hazel, Washington, United States
6.8 miles
Left work at 2;20 - met Lori in Arlington at 3.45. Drove to the trail at Highway 530 Milepost 41. Good gravel road in. Dry trail - snow patches in places. Waterfalls were very active. Turnaround and food stop at 6pm. Out by 8pm.
BoulderRiver01.jpg (Hazel, Washington, United States) Photo
BoulderRiver02.jpg (Hazel, Washington, United States) Photo
BoulderRiver03.jpg (Hazel, Washington, United States) Photo
BoulderRiver04.jpg (Hazel, Washington, United States) Photo
Boulder River
by Valfaroth on Jun 06, 2009
Hazel, Washington, United States
9.3 miles
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20100728-2.jpg Photo
20100728-3.jpg Photo
Boulder Creek
by maxxeon on Jul 28, 2010
Arlington, Washington, United States
8.8 miles
Three Fingers Lookout
by PavelT on Aug 13, 2005
Verlot, Washington, United States
10.5 miles
See pictures at
Old Robe Canyon
by ghizi on Jul 26, 2008
Robe, Washington, United States
1.8 miles
Heather Lake
by chenutis on Apr 18, 2010
Granite Falls, Washington, United States
4.9 miles
easy hike, The lake in april is beautiful. You´ll find snow half way up but the almost frozen lake makes it worth the hike

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