Bigelow Hollow State Park, Connecticut

Connecticut, United States
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Bigelow Hollow is within the Nipmuck State



There are three large ponds and miles of blazed trails accessible

to non motorized vehicles. There are parking fees during the summer months.

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DSCF0791.JPG (Mashapaug, Connecticut, United States) Photo
DSCF0792.JPG (Mashapaug, Connecticut, United States) Photo
093009 - Breakneck Pond Trail
by sylvanus on Sep 30, 2009
Union, Connecticut, United States
3.0 miles
Middle Parking Lot Video
Tough Going Photo
Camp Ground Video
Bigelow Hollow Forest Roads
by boldog on May 22, 2010
Union, Connecticut, United States
6.7 miles
  The trails here are a combination of Bigelow Hollow Sate Park & Nipmuck Sate Forest. They are maintained by Connecticut's Department of Environmental Protection. For the official web page with the history and contact information check out:   My intent  was to take my mountain bike for a ride in the park.   There are four designated parking areas along the entrance road and I parked at the third as it is centrally located with...
Trailhead Parking Lot Photo
Signpost Photo
Go Left Photo
Abandoned Car Photo
"East Ridge & Breakneck Pond View"
by boldog on May 30, 2010
Union, Connecticut, United States
6.0 miles
This trail is found in the BigelowHollowState Park within the NipmuckStateForest in Union, Connecticut. From the trailhead parking lot it walk up the East Ridge Trail (WHITE) north until it ends at the Massachusetts border and then loop back south on the Breakneck Pond View Trail (BLUE/WHITE DOT).   The first and last mile of this follows the Park Road used by the Department of Environmental Protection and is easy enough. It is a dirt road and is well trafficked...
(State Forest Boundry) Photo
(Yellow Gate) Photo
(Gravel Road) Photo
Nipmuck State Forest (Letterbox #2 )
by boldog on Dec 19, 2010
Union, Connecticut, United States
letterbox | 2.2 miles
Spoiler Alert: This shows the location of the stamp in the Department of Environmental Protection's Forestry's letterbox series.-If you ever find any letterboxes unintentionally during your travels, please, try to re-hide them in the same spot. The state claims a few have been disturbed and removed and they're not going to replace them until they are returned. Thanks a lot.We followed the instructions laid out one the DEP's web site exactly. There...
P1020592.JPG Photo
P1020593.JPG Photo
P1020594.JPG Photo
P1020595.JPG Photo
Troop 4: Breakneck Pond
by barefootrails on Feb 11, 2012
6.1 miles
Bigelow Hollow
by mjroscoe on May 17, 2009
Mashapaug, Connecticut, United States
1.8 miles
082110 - Bigelow Hollow/Mashapaug Pond Trail
by sylvanus on Oct 21, 2008
Union, Connecticut, United States
4.5 miles
Mashapaug Pond Trail (Blue/White Bar marked on State Park Trail Map).
photo1.jpg Photo
photo2.jpg Photo Video
"Bigelow Pond Loop"
by boldog on May 23, 2010
Union, Connecticut, United States
1.4 miles
This is a nice hike around the Bigelow Pond Loop blazed in yellow. It is within the Bigelow State Park that itself is within the Nipmuck State Forest.You can access the trail from a few different parking areas but the one on the northern part of this pond has the most room.In my opinion the western side has an older feel with dense foliage. It is at the bottom of a steep...
Breakneck Pond at Bigelow
by rshinnick on Apr 14, 2012
Union, Connecticut, United States
7.7 miles
Mashapaug Pond
by mlaferriere on Jul 16, 2010
Union, Connecticut, United States
4.4 miles

Much too rocky for horseback riding. Fine for hiking nicely wooded.
Visited on May 31, 2012

by Memom on Jun 17, 2013
Great day hike wish some wonderful views of the lake!
Visited on Apr 14, 2012

by rshinnick on May 27, 2012
Bigelow Hollow State Park is a very pretty location. It is one of the few places in the state with a lake or pond without any development.
Visited on Feb 11, 2012

by barefootrails on Feb 24, 2012
Classic New England forest filled with miles of old cart paths that are great for hiking or biking.I have hiked here many times and found early spring to be very wet, often these paths are flooded out by the winter melt. I highly recommend a trail map and compass. I highly recommend the loop around Breakneck pond.
Visited on Apr 03, 2011

by conpollo508 on Apr 04, 2011
Nice place, it would be better if I had a boat.
Visited on May 31, 1990

by randmaster1 on Sep 13, 2011
Beautiful lake for kayaking

by telemarkmike on Nov 01, 2011

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