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Annapolis Royal

Nova Scotia, Canada
Originally called Te'wapskik by the Mi'kmaq, named Port Royal in 1604 by the French, and renamed Annapolis Royal in 1710 by the British, this is one of the country's oldest permanent European settlements -- and the most fought land in Canadian history.

The site of many "firsts" in Canada throughout the centuries, Annapolis Royal recently won the "World's Most Livable Small Community" title at LivCom's 2004 International competition (endorsed by the United Nations), was named one of the five Cultural Capitals of Canada in 2005, and won the prestigious International Category of the Communities in Bloom competition in 2008.

With a population of approximately 444 residents, Annapolis Royal is the smallest incorporated town in Nova Scotia, but with 131 registered heritage properties, it is one of the largest National Historic Districts in Canada.

Nestled between two scenic rivers (with the world-famous Bay of Fundy only 10 minutes away), Historic, Scenic and Fun, Annapolis Royal and its surrounding area make the perfect vacation destination.
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