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Altmühltal Nature Park

Bavaria, Germany
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Community Trips
19102008024.jpg (Gerolfing, Bavaria, Germany) Photo
19102008026.jpg (Weichering, Bavaria, Germany) Photo
Sonntagsradtour mit Freunden
by biking_willi on Oct 19, 2008
Gerolfing, Bavaria, Germany
24 miles
Sonntagsausflug mit Freunden
photo1.jpg Photo
by asdgf on Jan 04, 2009
Rothenthurm, Bavaria, Germany
0.0 miles
14_37_28.jpg Photo
14_38_10.jpg Photo
14_38_28.jpg Photo
14_38_40.jpg Photo
by dfh on Jan 09, 2009
Ringsee, Bavaria, Germany
2.7 miles
06_47_39.jpg Photo
06_47_55.jpg Photo
06_48_35.jpg Photo
winter morning
by dfh on Jan 12, 2009
Unsernherrn, Bavaria, Germany
3.3 miles
06_36_13.jpg Photo
Morning Trip around the quarter
by dfh on Jan 15, 2009
Haunwöhr, Bavaria, Germany
2.7 miles
Genius - I made a pretty good square ....
06_13_48.jpg Photo
06_17_44.jpg Photo
06_47_30.jpg Photo
07_01_52.jpg Photo
long mornimg run
by dfh on Jan 16, 2009
Haunwöhr, Bavaria, Germany
4.8 miles
17_19_47.jpg Photo
17_34_56.jpg Photo
17_35_04.jpg Photo
17_53_38.jpg Photo
evening jogging action
by dfh on Jan 21, 2009
3.7 miles
20_36_30.jpg Photo
20_38_46.jpg Photo
20_39_18.jpg Photo
another nightly run
by dfh on Feb 02, 2009
Ringsee, Bavaria, Germany
3.8 miles
Entrance to Old Town (Schellenbergerhof, Bavaria, Germany) Photo
Catholic Church (Schellenbergerhof, Bavaria, Germany) Photo
Inside Church (Schellenbergerhof, Bavaria, Germany) Photo
Inside Church (Schellenbergerhof, Bavaria, Germany) Photo
by dean911 on Apr 20, 2009
Donauwörth, Bavaria, Germany
1.6 miles
vWhen I left the train station I turned on my GPS to keep an electronic trail of where I walked in the city.  I was able to transfer this trail to Google maps.  Here is my walking tour.
photo1.jpg Photo
Radl kaishem
by matithor on May 17, 2009
Kaisheim, Bavaria, Germany
0.0 miles

Eine grandiose Kulisse für Wanderungen und Radtouren!
Visited on Jun 05, 2010

by stefan222 on Dec 20, 2010

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