Popular Trips in Acadia National Park

Popular Trips in Acadia National Park
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Norumbega Mountain - Goat Trail to Lower Hadlock Loop
by ahhhfresh on Jul 31, 2010
Acadia National Park, Maine, United States
3.4 miles
This is a hard hike to characterize, since it starts off with a strenuous ascent up Goat Trail but finishes quite leisurely along Lower Hadlock Pond and some beautiful cascades. The difficult part of Goat Trail is only about 0.3 miles and it comes at the very beginning, so once you get through that it's clear sailing with only the modest distance, not steepness, providing any challenge. Not a great hike for anyone looking...
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Acadia - Bar Island
by gr8outdoors on May 16, 2008
Bar Harbor, Maine, United States
1.8 miles
To close the day out we opted from the quick stroll across the Sand Bar to Bar Island. This is quite a popular little stroll on the Sand Bar at low tide, however, very few actually venture onto the trail on the Island for some great views of Bar Harbor. On our return we stopped at Roslie's in Bar Harbor from Maine's 3rd best Pizza in the state! Hey...
Bearnuckled (Otter Creek, Maine, United States) Photo
Lobsterman (Otter Creek, Maine, United States) Photo
Ecosystems (Otter Creek, Maine, United States) Photo
Tears (Otter Creek, Maine, United States) Photo
Gorham Mountain Beehive Ocean Loop
by buckwheat_hiker on Jun 04, 2009
Otter Creek, Maine, United States
7.8 miles
This hike of approximately 10 miles summits Gorham Mountain (525 feet) in the Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island on the eastern seaboard of the United States. I spent a few days exploring the park and taking photograph in June of 2009.
Start (Northeast Harbor, Maine, United States) Photo
Valley Peak trail marker (Northeast Harbor, Maine, United States) Photo
Bridge over mud (Northeast Harbor, Maine, United States) Photo
Rocky climb (Northeast Harbor, Maine, United States) Photo
Valley Peak to Flying Mountain Loop
by ahhhfresh on Sep 19, 2009
Acadia National Park, Maine, United States
4.0 miles
A moderate intensity hike in one of the less trafficked areas of Acadia National Park.  The parking area for the trail head is on Fernald Point Road off of 102, near Southwest Harbor.  Despite the fact that the trail isn't in a tourist heavy area, the relatively low height of the peaks and large number of nearby houses don't make for a secluded hike.  In fact, we heard what sounded like a...
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Mansell Mountain: Perpendicular Trail to Great Notch Loop
by ahhhfresh on Jul 09, 2011
Southwest Harbor, Maine, United States
3.2 miles
This is one of the first hikes I ever did in Acadia, but I had never GPS'ed it and hadn't done it in ages. So the weekend after the 4th of July we made a trip. The absolute best aspect of any Mansell Mountain hike is that the trails are not heavily used. In fact, during our afternoon hike we saw only one other couple on the trail, despite being at the...
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Acadia 613. Photo
Acadia 621. Photo
Acadia 626. Photo
Acadia - Saint Sauveur Mountain Summit
by gr8outdoors on May 14, 2008
Hall Quarry, Maine, United States
3.3 miles
We started the morning a little late after Daddy decided to get up at 4am and photograph the sunrise at Otter Cliffs. Needless to say, our intention was to hike the complete loop over to Acadia Mountain which would have added an additional .7 miles. However, after seeing the rapid descent on the backside of the trail and the impending ascent in the same short distance to the top of...
Acadia 663. Photo
Acadia 667. Photo
Acadia 679. Photo
Acadia 685. Photo
Acadia - Witch Hole Pond Bike Trek
by gr8outdoors on May 14, 2008
Hulls Cove, Maine, United States
5.5 miles
After a short nap in the car and a great hike earlier up Saint Sauveur Mountain, we decided it was time for KJ to take a rest while ew biked the Witch Hole Pond Loop of the Carriage Roads. Coming out of the visitors center is a pretty wicked ascent that I think Mommy was going to shoot me over, but none-the-less, the remainder of the roads were realtively smooth with...
Acadia 739. Photo
Acadia 740. Photo
Acadia 744. Photo
Acadia 747. Photo
Acadia - Jordan Pond Nature Trail
by gr8outdoors on May 15, 2008
Seal Harbor, Maine, United States
0.9 miles
While J decided at 8:45am that it would be time to take a nap, K and Daddy took a short trek around the Jordan Pond Nature Trail. With the self-guided booklet in hand, we learned about Wetlands, Woodpeckers, Granite Formation, The Bubbles, the differences between the Hardwoods and Softwoods forests, and a whole bunch more!
Seacroft Inn, Bar Harbor Photo
Beehive Mountain, Acadia National Park Photo
Beehive Mountain Trail Photo
Beehive Mountain Trail Photo
Beehive Mountain Acadia NP
by mcouperide on Aug 05, 2009
Bar Harbor, Maine, United States
1.5 miles
Took the M Coupe up to Maine through Portland to Bar Harbour. Stayed at nice B&B Seacroft Inn. Heard about the Beehive from a couple sitting next to us at dinner at a restaurant in town. Decided to check it out. First, Acadia National Park is spectacular. The Beehive is a small mountain or a very large outcropping of rock. You climb the near-vertical rock face (with assistance of rock steps and steel ladder rungs imbedded...
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Acadia 355. Photo
Adacia - Day Mountain Summit Carriage Road Trek
by gr8outdoors on May 12, 2008
Seal Harbor, Maine, United States
8.0 miles
Starting off at the picturesque Jordan Pond Gatehouse we started the 8 mile loop that would bring us to the Summit of Day Mountain (called more like a hill by the locals). With over 300 feet of elevation the "Hill" was a little bit more than that on a Mountain Bike with two tag alongs and a day pack loaded wth Snacks. While the ascent was met with beautiful vistas...

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