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CP Rail Trail - Shelburne, Ontario
Shelburne, Ontario, Canada
Easy: 45 miles, 1-3 hours
This is a great run along a good trail. There are several nice spots to stop. Some trials that feed off this route
Light House Park Perimeter and Core Trail
Light House Park Perimeter and Core Trail
West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Moderate: 3.5 miles, 1-3 hours
A quick loop guide to getting the most out of this small park.

SixGlaciers8.jpg Photo
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SixGlaciers5.jpg Photo
SixGlaciers1.JPG Photo
Plain of the Six Glaciers Hike, Canada
by transmorphist on Sep 12, 2007
Eldon, Alberta, Canada
Hiking | 9.1 miles
We hiked from Lake Louise to the Tea House.
The Fortress - Headwall Lakes & Chester Lake Circuit
by scottadams on Aug 23, 2008
Peter Lougheed Provincial Park - Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada
Hiking | 11.5 miles
The Fortress is an intimidating summit when viewed from Highway 40 in Kananaskis. From the east it's nothing but huge vertical rock faces. Fortunately you can pretty much walk right up the backside with only one section of easy scrambling right at the end. We only planned to hike to the Headwall Lakes that day and had no intention of climbing The Fortress. The terrain is just so appealing that it continually drew...
Devil's Punchbowl Falls Photo
Devil's Punchbowl 11 Photo
Devil's Punchbowl 12 Photo
Devil's Punchbowl 01 Photo
Bruce Trail - Devil's Punchbowl Falls to Felker's Falls
by boothash on Aug 01, 2010
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Hiking | 6.0 miles
Medium length hike along the Niagra Escarpment/Bruce Trail from Devil's Punchbowl Falls to Felker's Falls and back. Both Falls are impressive even with little water when I checked them out would be spectacular during periods of higher water.The start/end of the trail from Devil's Punchbowl Falls parking lot is rather steep.  You can make your way up the canyon towards the bottom of the falls themselves if the water isn't too high.,_Ontario%29,_Ontario%29
Mount Bourgeau
by scottadams on Jul 17, 2010
Banff, Alberta, Canada
Hiking | 15.3 miles
One of Banff's premier hikes. It's a long trail but not terribly difficult. The trailhead is clearly marked with plenty of parking. Expect to spend at least 7 hours on trail. From the trailhead follow the clearly marked trail to Bourgeau Lake. It can be tempting to stop here but push on along the trail branching to the right. Near the end of the lake the trail will begin to quickly gain altitude...
Day 3: Lake Louise (Morning) Photo
Day 3: Lake Agnes Trail (View Down) Photo
Day 3: Mirror Lake and the Beehive Photo
Day 3: West View from Lake Agnes Photo
Lake Louise Hike
by subindie on Feb 19, 2008
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
Hiking | 7.9 miles
PA178466.JPG Photo
PA178474.JPG Photo
PA178488.JPG Photo
PA178491.JPG Photo
Mount Rundle, Banff National Park
by bcorrie on Oct 17, 2008
Banff, Alberta, Canada
Hiking | 4.3 miles
Party of Six Photo
Looking toward Paradise Valley Photo
Taking a break at the top Photo
Looking back at the trail we came up Photo
Sentinel Pass
by laoatwork on Aug 25, 2006
Eldon, Alberta, Canada
Hiking | 7.0 miles
This was a great trail but required a minimal of 6 persons to hike otherwise 2000 canadian dollars fine.  Click here to see our blog about our trail.
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Fullerton Loop Trail
by Mindmeld on Apr 04, 2010
Cheneka, Alberta, Canada
Hiking | 4.2 miles
per Elbow Valley Summer Trails Guide: You have a choice of getting a workout climbing the ridge edge, or taking the more gradual route up the valley behind. On top of the ridge, there are views to Moose Mountain, west down the valley and south across the Elbow River.
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Crypt Lake Trail, Waterton Lakes NP
by xc_nomad on Sep 18, 2009
Twin Butte, Alberta, Canada
Hiking | 12.2 miles
The most famous hike in Watertons Lake NP. You have to reach the trailhead by ferry boat, so you are limited in your time cause there is only one one boat in the morning to get you over the see and another in the evening to get you back. In the high season there are two boats in the morning or in the evening to get all the hikers across to this...
Lake O'Hara Hike.png Photo
IMG_7735.JPG Photo
IMG_7730.JPG Photo
IMG_7725.JPG Photo
Lake O'Hara
by joshseal on May 07, 2012
British Columbia, Canada
Hiking | 4.9 miles
We arrived at the car park around 10:15am to catch the yellow school buses into the area. We had booked the 10:30 bus. Make sure you are there on time as they leave promptly. There were people waiting who didn't have a booking and even though there was plenty of space on the bus, they were not let on. View of hike using Google EarthYou arrive first at the camp site and then...
MoraineLake2.jpg Photo
MoraineLake4.jpg Photo
MoraineLake5.jpg Photo
MoraineLake1.jpg Photo
Moraine Lake, Canada
by transmorphist on Sep 13, 2007
Eldon, Alberta, Canada
Kayaking / Canoeing | 2.0 miles
Moraine Lake provides canoes for sightseers.
profile. Photo
IMG_1843. Photo
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IMG_1860-62. Photo
Grotto Creek Trail & Beyond
by soistheman on Jun 03, 2008
Canmore, Alberta, Canada
Hiking | 4.9 miles
Phisical: EasyTechnical: EasyThis is very easy and present hike. Everyone can enjoy. There is not much hills which challenge you. You don't have to have hiking boots and other stuff. You can still hike with sneakers. However bring extra socks because your shoes probably will get wet. This trail can be long. It is as long as 10km. If you decide to go as far as I did, you can. If you...
Starting Point Photo
American Falls Photo
Rainbow Bridge Photo
Under the Rainbow Bridge Photo
Niagara Falls to Niagara-on-the-Lake
by macsbikes on May 05, 2010
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Road biking | 16.5 miles
This is a fantastic route that encompasses both natural beauty, history, and culture.  It is a very easy ride as it is down hill most of the way.  The Niagara Parkway Recreation Trail is the main path used for 90% of the journey which makes for a safe and comfortable ride.  There are many opportunities to stop along the way to explore the natural landscape, learn about famous battles, taste some ice wine or indulge in the...
Vi-Co Down and Out on the Way Home Photo
The Start Photo
Barrier Lake from Parking Lot Photo
First Retrieve for Vi-Co in Barrier Lake Photo
Barrier Lake
by nfreiheit on Jul 10, 2011
Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada
Hiking | 9.3 miles
My good friend, Jasmine, my good buddy, Vi-Co, and I set out for Kananaskis Country to do an easy hike that would include water access at some point. I forgot my trail book and my printouts at home for the hike we had planned to do, but we knew all wouldn't be lost, or we wouldn't be lost, because of the helpful advice givers we'd find at the K-country Info Centre located just after you head south...
wilcox Photo
wilcox Photo
wilcox Photo
wilcox Photo
Wilcox Pass
by konadawg on Oct 09, 2011
Saskatchewan River Crossing, Alberta, Canada
Hiking | 7.1 miles
Wilcox PassAltitude: 2375 m (7792 ft)Location: 52:14:48-117:13:18 52.2467-117.2217 11U 484864 5788501 NAD27: 11U 484863 5788283(16 km N of Castleguard meadows). (1 km E of Wilcox Peak). Prominence (depth) is 509m below Wilcox PeakDescription: Wilcox Pass is a high open pass east of the Icefields Parkway. It is a popular hike with great views of the Columbia Icefield across the valley. There are a lot...
IMG_0898.JPG (Coulterville, Ontario, Canada) Photo
IMG_0902.JPG (Coulterville, Ontario, Canada) Photo
IMG_0904.JPG (Coulterville, Ontario, Canada) Photo
IMG_0907.JPG (Coulterville, Ontario, Canada) Photo
Caledon Hills, Forks of the Credit, Bruce Trail Photo Hike
by philipc on Oct 25, 2009
Caledon, Ontario, Canada
Hiking | 5.6 miles
Leisure 9k photo hike in Caledon Hills, Forks of the Credit, Bruce Trail Haven’t been hiking in the Bruce Trail for almost 20 years.  Spent a day hiking the Caledon Hills, Forks of the Credit section to capture some photos of the fall foliage.  Today is the 2nd weekend after Thanksgiving.  This time of the year is usually a little bit too late for the fall photos and should have missed the most...
Descent; steep and rocky (Lions Bay, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Descent; SW towards Bowen Island (Lions Bay, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Descent; hikers on bridge over stream (Lions Bay, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Ascent; lunch break (Lions Bay, British Columbia, Canada) Photo
Hike up to the ridge of The Lions
by EFletcher on Oct 13, 2006
Brunswick Beach, British Columbia, Canada
Hiking | 4.1 miles
Pretty easy hike up along old logging roads, then a well-marked trail. We left things a bit late to get much further along the ridge -- and ended up doing the last 40 minutes of the descent in the dark. But it was a beautiful sunny day with great views and quite a few other hikers along the route.
P1060577.JPG.jpg (Burlington, Ontario, Canada) Photo
P1060574.JPG.jpg (Burlington, Ontario, Canada) Photo
P1060578.JPG.jpg (Burlington, Ontario, Canada) Photo
P1060576.JPG.jpg (Burlington, Ontario, Canada) Photo
Bronte Creek MTB
by smayl on Oct 18, 2009
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Mountain biking | 10.3 miles
Great endurance and pretty much flat terrain... The whole ride is beside the Bronte Creek and it's very pleasant. The second part (north of Dundas) is more technical, but it's not necessary to go on tricks since many of them are for sure deadly if you don't know what you are doing! Btw, for more of my stuff drop by at some of my other places

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